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Niamh Dunne, guitarist/accordionist Seán Óg Graham and bassist Conor McCreanor

Niamh Dunne, guitarist/accordionist Seán Óg Graham and bassist Conor McCreanor

Watching Niamh Dunne light up the stage is almost as good as listening to her beautiful singing and fiddling.  She entered the stage smiling, joking, inviting the audience to be her friend, and how could anyone refuse that offer?

Niamh’s set was a mix of trad and contemporary, paired in a way that made perfect sense.  She began with a traditional Irish rebel song to honor recently departed Dolores O’Riordan and worked her way over to cover “The Highwayman,” then back to traditional tunes, another protest song, finishing with “Games People Play.”


Liz Carroll at Celtic Connections 2018

Liz Carroll at Celtic Connections 2018

Every show I’ve seen with Liz Carroll has always been exceptional.  Her mastery of the fiddle is jaw-dropping.  During her too-brief set, she lulled the audience with a beautiful tune written for her brother about hanging tinsel on the Christmas tree, thrilled us with blazing fast reels, and charmed us with her jokes.

Liz is a very funny woman, and her sense of humor sometimes inspires a tune or six.  One of these tunes was written for a bird that sings outside her window all summer long, twisting the ending of its song regularly and driving her crazy.  That, of course, inspired a tune!  What a complicated, wonderful piece of music.  (And I really want to know what kind of bird that was.)  An encounter with a piglet brought forth a delightful tune where her bowing create squealing pig sounds.  No, really.  It was incredible.

She is also a sneaky woman, and that doesn’t count her “sneaky hornpipe.”  As a surprise, harpist Catriona McKay joined her on stage for a blistering set that was worth the ticket price right there.



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