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Celtic Connections 2018 started for us with two very different bands playing in the Strathclyde Suite.  The opening quartet, consisting of two Irishmen from bluegrass backgrounds, Paddy Kiernan and Niall Hughes, and two Iranian brothers, Shahab and Shayan Coohe, set a high bar for the evening.  Blending multiple genres, they interwove banjo, bass, santoor, tar, and tombak into gorgeous, complex tunes that mesmerize.  The combination of music and musicians having a great time was a perfect beginning.  The audience rose in a standing ovation at the end, demanding more that the band admitted they didn’t have prepared.  Luckily for all, they have a new CD, Tapestry, for all their new fans.

Nava at Celtic Connections 2018


via Creative Scotland’s website, and also via the Secret North’s website.

The Secret North, we were told, was not a band, but a project that combined six musicians who had never worked together and were from different traditions, who got together for five days over the summer to compose new music that shared and crossed boundaries.  I think they managed that goal very well.  Their sound was a lot of Celtic, some Nordic, jazz, a little discordia, and poetry.

The project has a world class line-up: Donald Grant – Fiddle; Ailie Robertson – Harp, Sondre Meisfjord – Double Bass, Karen Tweed – Accordion, Jarlath Henderson – Whistle, Pipes, and Marit Fält – Mandola.



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