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Hannah Rarity at Celtic Connections 2018

Hannah Rarity is one of the exciting new talents featured at Celtic Connections.  She won us over with her first song, a great rendition of the Child Ballad”Alison Cross.”  Not confining herself to traditional material, she shared her own work, and also worked in a cover of a song by indie pop-folk band The Weepies.  Her amazing vocal talents really showed on last song, Andy M. Stewart’s “Where Are You Tonight I Wonder.”  She took Stewart’s words and imbued them with a sadness that surpassed the original version – hard to believe if you weren’t there to see it.


Cathal McConnell at Celtic Connections 2018

There are things that never seem to change, and Cathal McConnell is one of them.  His humor, the lessons of each tune’s history, those are a part of Cathal that makes for a cozy evening of songs and wonderful flute and whistle tunes.  It’s no wonder that he’s a favorite of the crowd, who would call out to him for more songs or a specific tune.  A Cathal show is filled with excellent takeaway lines, such as: “I’ll just keep talking until I have something to say.”  His patter is on a par with his playing, which is incredible, and his singing.  He has a huge repertoire of songs, ranging from silly to “Young Donald,” a song “so sad it shouldn’t have been written in the first place.”

He’s a true gem of traditional music.


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