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Maire Breatnach-The Swans at Coole-Fiddler’s Green-Blix St

Jacqui McShee-JardinD’Amour-Passe Avant-PRKCD

Liz Carroll-Lament of the First Generation-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet


Jim Malcolm-Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane

Kevin Crawford-The Dear Irish Boy-Carrying the Tune-Brooklyn 1

Arcady-The Rocks of Bawn-A Celtic Tapestry-Shanachie

The Press Gang-Naomi’s-The Press Gang-TPG


Solas-Adieu Lovely Nancy-Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers-Shanachie

Theo Paige-John Kelley’s /The Lilac Reel-Theo Paige-Antar Records

The Outside Track-Get me Through December-Light up the Dark-Alba

Connla-Blue Lagoon-River Waiting-Connla


The High Kings-Marie’s Wedding-High Kings

Johnny Hardie and Gavin Marwick-Goa Way-KRL

Gillian Frame-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-Cheeryoos

Open House-The Okarina/The Tattoo-Hoof and Mouth


The Outside Track-Canadee-I-O-Light up the Dark-Alba

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-Bold Doherty/Bill Harte’s Jig-Noctambule

Reeltime-Hayes and Hayes-Live it Up

McKasson and McDonald-Brooke Leigh-Harbour


Outside Track-Drilling-Light up the Dark-Alba

Ron Kavana-Johnny Go Easy-Home Fire-Green Linnet

Calum Stewart-Looking at a Rainbow-Celtic Cafe-Putamayo

Lissa Schneckenburger-The Irish Girl-Fiddle and Vocals


T with the Maggies-Wedding Dress-T with the Maggies

Malinky-Follow the Heron-3 Ravens-Green Trax

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks-Rachel Hair

Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin-6/8 Marches-Birl-Esque-Alba


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Aidan O’Rourke-Alyth-Sirius-Vertical

Altan-An Mhaighdean Mhara-Compass

Shelly Phillips-The Wood Between the Worlds-The Wood Between the Worlds-Gourd


Julie Fowlis-A Chatrion’ Og-Uam-Machair

Tony McManus-Port na bPucal/The Crooked Road-Porqoui Quebec?

Niamh Parsons-Poor Irish Stranger-The Old Simplicity-Green Linnet

Kim Robertson-Glenburnie Rant-Highland Heart


Jim Malcolm-The Train from Perth to Lochearn-The First Cold day

Catriona McKay-Eira-White Nights-McKay/Stout Music

Cathie Ryan-We Dreamed Our Dreams-The Music of What Happens-Shanchie

Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill-The Lobster-The Gloaming-Real World


Daimh-Donald Macleod Reels-The Rough Bounds-Daimh

Nuala Kennedy-His Bonnet so Blue-Behave the Bravest-Under the Arch

The Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press gang

The Paul McKenna band-Indiana-Elements-Compass


JohnDoyle, Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O’Leary-Lovely Nancy-The Alt-Under the Arch

Altan-Fermangh Highland-Island Angel-Green Linnet

Ed Miller-My Bonnie Border Lass-Lowlander-Wellfield

Genticorum-D’Espagne-Avant L’Orage-Genticorum


The Chieftains and Rankin Family-An Innis Aigh-Celtic Tides-Putamayo

MaryJane Lammond and Wendy MacIssac-Oran an t-Saighdier-Seinn-Factor

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-The Cloone/March Reel-Noctambule-Noctambule

Danny Carnahan and Robin Petrie-Glenlogie-Journeys of the Heart-Celtoid Records


Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks

John Doyle-Blue Diamond Mines-Evening Comes Early-Shanachie

Open the Door for Three-The Gift of Falling-Open the Door for Three

Osian-The Carrying Stream-The Carrying  Stream




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Alasdair Fraser-Common Ground-Dawn Dance-Culburnie

Maighread ni Dhomhnaill-An Cailin Gaelach-No Dowry-Shanachie

Rachel Hair-Carol and Coins-Sparks-Rachel Hair


Colleen Raney-I Live not Where I Love-Lark-Raney

Open the Door for Three-Snug in the Blanket-Open the Door for Three-ODT

Aleander, Sefton, Parks–Bywater-Bywater

Niall and Cillian Valleley-The Humours of Tullcrine-Valleley


Niamh Parsons-No Half Measures-The Old Simplicity-Green Linnet

The McGuffins-Toss the Feathers-The Old Simplicity-Green Linnet

The Voice Squad-The Sheep Stealers-Good People All-Shanachie

Ian Carr and Karen Tweed-Eilidh-Fyace-Compass


Steve Tilson-Blue Heron’s Eye-Solorubato-Tilson

Hanneke Cassel-De Oppresso Liber-Trip to Walden Pond-Hanneke

Teresa Horgan and Matt Griffin-Brightest Sky Blue-Brightest Sky Blue-H&G

Cassie and Maggie-The Sally Garden Set-The Willow Collection-C&M


Capercaille-Ailein Duinn-At the Heart of it All-Compass

Joe McKenna-The Stone in the Field-The Irish Low Whistle-Shanachie

Mary Jane Lammond-Air a Ghile Tha Mo Run-Seinn-Factor

Jerry Holland-Boo Baby’s Lullaby-Fiddler’s Choice-Odyssey


Andre Marchand and Grey Larsen-Qui me passera le Bois-The Orange Tree

The Paul McKenna Band-Darcy and Erins-Stem the Tide-Mad River

Connla-Sail On-The Next Chapter-Connla

Andrew Finn Magill-Horizons-Branches-Magill


Jim Reid-Daft Donal-Yont the Tay-Green Trax

Connla-Blue Lagoon-River Waiting-Connla music

Niamh Parsons-The Briar and the Rose-Loosen Up-Green Linnet

Grada-Five Jumps-Natural Angle-Compass


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Duncan Chisholm-Chi Mi’ a Geambradh-Door of Saints-Copper Fish

Cherish the Ladies-The Green Fields of America-woman of the Hopuse-Rounder

Deborah Henson-Conant-The Nightingale-Harpestry-Imaginary Road


Cara Dillon-Jimmy Mo’ Mille Stor-Hill of Thieves-Proper

Danu-Road to Cashel-All Things Considered-Shanachie

Dougie MacLean-Scythe Song-Riof-Dunkeld

Steve Baughman-Farewell to Orkney-Farewell to Orkney-Baughman


Jim Malcolm-Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane

Burt Jansch-Daybreak-A Rare Conundrum-EMW

Open the Door for Three-The Gift of Falling-Open the Door for Three


Susan McKeown-Bride on Brigid’s-BLackthorn-Reveal Records

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks-Rachel Hair

Kris Drever-Green Grows the Laurel-Blackwater

McKasson and mc Donald-Brooke Leigh-Harbour-McKasson and McDonald


Colleen Raney-Queen of Argyll-Lark-Raney

Liz Carrol and john Doyle- Lamment for Tommy Makem/ The Slippery Slope-Double Play-Compass

The Poozies-Another Train-Celtic Compass-Compass

Sue Richards- The Celt-The Mystic and the Muse-Dorian Records


Genticorum-The Brandy Culotte-La Bibournoise-Musication

Gillian Frame-Rothe’s Colliery-Pendulum-Cherryoos

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Carole and Coins-Sparks-Rachel Hair

Niamh Parsons and The Voice Squad-Rambling Irishman-Voices of Celtic Women-Shanachie


Cathy Ryan-Ned on the Hill-Celtic Love Songs-Shanachie

Gilliam Frame-Pendulum/Grace’s-Pendulum-Cherryoos

Open the Door for Three-Beeswing-Open the Door for Three-ODT

John McCusker-Air for Jakes-Magic Mystery-Temple Records





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Duncan Cholm-Mo run geal Og-Canaic-Copperfish

Mary Black-Lay Down Your Burden-The Holy Ground-Gift Horse

Ossian-The Carrying Stream-The Carrying Stream-Green Trax


Old Blind Dogs-Earl O’ Marches Daughter-Room with a View-OBD

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Eira-White Nights-MSM

Connemara-Dublin Lady-Siren Song

Kathryn Tickell-St. Kilda Wedding-The Gathering-Park Records


Susan McKeown-The Hare’s Lament-Lowlands-Green Linnet

Orion-Polska from Sweden-Blue Room-Keltia Musique

Cassie and Maggie-Buan A’ Choirce-Sterling Road-C&M

Michael Black-Mo Mhadu Beag-Michael Black


Runa-Seinn O Ho Ro-Somewhere Along the Road-Runa Music

The Outside Track-Trouble in the Fields-Light Up the Dark-Alba

Jim Malcolm-Glenlogie-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane

Kevin Crawford-Joy of My Life-The Drunken Gaugers-Brooklyn Boys 1


Lissa Schneckenberger-Lovely Jamie-Song-Footprint

Sharon Shannon-Mouth of the Tobique-Each Little Thing-Compass

Sean DoyleCarmin Faire-The Light and the Half Light-Compass

Mike and Mary Rafferty-Augmore/Rafferty’s-The Dangerous Reel-Original


Maddy Prior-The Grey Funnel Line-Memento-The Best of Maddy Prior-Park Records

Kim Robertson-Merrily Kiss the Quaker’s Wife-Treasures of the Celtic Harp

Niamh ni Charra-Cailleach an Airgid-Happy Out

Aidan O’Rourke-Mangersta Beach-Sirius-Vertical


Old Blind Dogs-Lads O’ the Fair-The Gab o May-OBD

Cythara-PJ Cunningham’s Odd dance-Plucked and Hammered

The Paul McKenna Group-The Lea Rig-Between Two World’s-Mad River

Jenna Moynihan-Woven-Hearth PR



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Rory Campbell-Tangadale-The Piper’s Whim-KRL

Orla-Cad E’ Sin Don TE SIN- The Water is Wide-Manhattan Records

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-A Sweetish Tune-Noctambule-Noctambule


John Spillane-Seacbthin-Celtic Voices-Green Linnet

Robin Williamson-The Old Frieze Britches-Celtic Harp and Dance Tunes-CD Trax

Jenny Sturgeon-Linton-From the Skein-Tamarach Records

Claire Mann and Aaron Jones-McElvoques-Secret Orders-Trad Music


Julie Fowlis-Sleep Well my Beloved-Gach sqeul-Every Story-Machair

Hanneke-Cassel-Trip to Walden Pond-Trip to Walden Pond-Cassel Records

Aaron Jones with Claire Mann-Fortune’s Wheel-Secret Orders-Trad Music

Greg Larsen-The Gathering-The Gathering-Sugar Hill


Aoife Clancy-Reconcilliation-Silvery Moon-Appleseed

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas-Farley Bridge-Abundance-Culburnie

Susan McKeown-Bridge on Brigid’s Eve-Blackthorn

Open the Door for Three-An Bhean Dubh-The Joyful Hour-Open the Door for 3


Old Blind -Earl O’ March’s Daughter-Room with a View-OBD Music

Daimh-Bottle for Brigg-Tuneship-Alba

de Temps Antan-Adieu Donc Cher Coeur-Ce Monde Ici Bas-L-Alba

Old Blind Dogs-Newe-Room with a View-OBD


Capercaille-Puirt a Beul/Snug in a Blanket-Crosswinds-Green Linnet

McKasson and McDonald-Let the Cold Wind Blow-Harbour-McKasson & McDonald

Connla-Wayfaring Stranger-The Next Chapter-Connla

McKasson and McDonald-Brook Leigh-Harbour-McKasson &McDonald


Nomos-Rinn na Mara-I Won’t be afraid anymore-Solid Records

Deanta-Waltz of the White Lilies-Whisper of a Secret-Green Linnet

Karen Casey- and John Doyle-Sailing off to the Yankee Land-Exile’s Return-Compass

Anna Murrey-Finbarr Saunder’s-Into Indigo-Lockshore



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Alasdair Fraser-Calum Squaire-Return to Kintail-Culburnie

John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O’Leary-The Letter Song-The Alt-Alt Music

Steve Baughman-Leitrim Queen-Farewell to Orkney


Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh-Isle of Malachy-Daybreak-Compass

Carlene Anglim-Canadian Waltz-Mellow Frenzy-Lochshore

Daoiri Farrell-Valley of Knockanure-The Born Irishman-Daoiri

Rachel Walker and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks-Rachel Hair


Rachel Walker-Ruithn na Gaoith-Fon Reul-Sholus-Skippinish

Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin-The Sound of Sleat-Birl-Esque-Alba

Archie Fisher-All That I ask-Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into-Snow Goose

Open the Door for Three-Open the Door for Three-Open the Door for Three


Reel Time-Sile-Reeltime-Green Linnet

Martin Hayes-The Lobster-The Gloaming 3-Reel World

Jim Malcolm-An Hour in the Gloaming-The First Cold Day-Beltane

McKasson and McDonald-Brooke-Brooke Leigh-Harbour-McKasson McDonald


De Temps de Anton-Adieu Marquerite-Les Habits de Papier-Musication

Ensemble Gaililei-The Celt-The Mystic and the Muse-Dorian

The Voice Squad-The Coventry Carol-Good People All-Shanachie

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-The Cloone/March Reels-Noctambule


McKasson and McDonald-Let the Cold Wind Blow-Harbour-McKasson & McDonald

The Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-Crossing the Shannon

Runa-Saints and Sinners-Ten-Runa

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Polkas-Rachel Hair


The House Band-William Taylor-Another Setting-Green Linnet

Connemara-Dublin Lady-Siren Song-Blix Records

Nuala Kennedy-Muneira a Polka/The Broken Lantern-Behave the Bravest-Under the Arch

Martin Hayes-Sheehan’s Jigs-The Gloaming 3-Real World Recordings





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