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Remembrance Day

Tomorrow, November 11, is Veteran’s Day in the US, Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth countries, formerly known as Armistice Day to commemorate the end of hostilities in “The Great War” (WWI). Today’s show features music on the theme of soldiery, from light-hearted songs to grim takes on death. The Scottish experience of WWI was intense; although Scots made up only about 10% of the British forces, they suffered nearly 20% of the casualties. A significant fraction of the eligible male population went overseas and a large fraction of those never returned. Inevitably, this experience found expression in poetry and song.

9:03 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:08 AM Dick Hensold & Patsy O’Brien “Braes of Balquidder” on Independent

9:12 AM Dick Hensold & Patsy O’Brien “Jigs” on Independent


9:17 AM The ClancyBrothers & Tommy Makem “The Minstrel Boy” from Irish Songs Of Drinking and Rebellion on Black & Partner Licenses LLC

9:20 AM Conor Lamb, Brendan Mulholland & Deirdre Galway “The Wounded Hussar” from Music in the Glen on 773743 Records DK

9:22 AM Usher’s Island “Felix the Soldier” from Usher’s Island on Vertical Records

9:25 AM Jake James “For All That You Do” from Firewood on 909217 Records DK


A set from the amazing 2008 double-CD release with poetry, songs, and tunes from what came to be known as World War I.

9:34 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Your King and Country Need You” from Far, Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings

9:35 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Keep Right on to the End of the Road” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:38 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “I’ll Make a Man of You” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:39 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Fred Karnos Army” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:39 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Raining” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:40 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “If the Sergeant Steals Your Rum” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:41 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Oh It’s a Lovely War” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:42 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Forward Joe Soaps” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:44 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “The Old Battalion” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:46 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “When This Bloody War Is Over” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited


A short respite from the grimness!

9:51 AM Breabach “The Last March” from Astar on Breabach Records

9:55 AM Còig “Mary and the Soldier” from Five on Còig


Another set of WWI music.

10:06 AM Iain Anderson “In Flanders Fields” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

10:08 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “The Flowers of the Forest” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

10:09 AM The Corries “The Green Fields of France” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

10:15 AM Iain Anderson “Cha Till MacCruimen” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited


Battle of the Somme:

10:20 AM The Tannahill Weavers “Sunset Over the Somme” from Òrach (The Golden Anniversary) on Compass Records

10:24 AM Julie Fowlis “Air an Somme” from Allt on Machair Records Ltd

10:28 AM Ar Skloferien “Battle Of The Somme Set Medley” from Keltia on Keltia Musique

10:32 AM Mànran “An Eala Bhàn” from Mànran on Mànran Records


Finishing up with more modern takes. For a truly heartbreaking story, look up “The Iolaire.”

10:42 AM Steeleye Span “Fighting For Strangers” from Spanning The Years on Parlophone UK

10:46 AM Skipinnish “The Iolaire” from The Seventh Wave on Skipinnish Records

10:52 AM The Imagined Village “My Son John” from Empire & Love on ECC Records

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Labour Day Special

9:00 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:03 AM Various artists – Paddy Keenan, Tommy Peoples, Teada and more “The Factory Girl/Man of the House” from Live from the Katharine Cornell Theater – Traditional Irish Music on kct concerts

9:07 AM The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem “The Work of the Weavers” from The Best Of on Legacy International

9:08 AM The Chieftains “The Job Of Journeywork” from The Chieftains 8 on Columbia

9:13 AM The Dubliners “Paddy On The Railway” from The Very Best Of on Parlophone UK

9:21 AM Pete Coutts “Casting the Peat” from Northern Sky on Fit Like Records

9:24 AM Sean Keane “Tunnel Tigers” from Turn a Phrase on Kells

9:28 AM The House Band “An Erminig Hag an Greskenn/The Anti-Social Worker” from The House Band on Topic

9:31 AM The Tannahill Weavers “The Great Ships” from Epona on Green Linnet

9:38 AM Solas “A Miner’s Life” from The Hour Before Dawn on Shanachie

9:43 AM Mozaik “Pony Boy / Never Tire of the Road” from Live from the Powerhouse on Compass Records

9:51 AM Brian McNeill “Sell Your Labour Not Your Soul” from If It Wisnae For the Union on Greentrax

9:54 AM The House Band “Pharaoh” from Green Linnet Records: The Twentieth Anniversary Collection Vol. II on Green Linnet

10:05 AM Paddy Ryan “The Man That Watered the Workers’ Beer” from Voice & Vision on Topic

10:07 AM Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny “Monday Morning” from At It Again on Green Linnet

10:12 AM Stan Rogers “The White Collar Holler” from Between the Breaks…Live! on Borealis Records

10:14 AM The Dubliners “The Sick Note” from Milestones on Sanctuary

10:20 AM Solas “Labour Song” from Shamrock City on THL Records

10:26 AM Sean McKeon “Maurice Scanlon’s / The Miners of Wicklow (feat. John Blake)” from To the City on Sean McKeon

10:29 AM D Steele “The Colliers Way” from Celtic Collections, Vol. 7 – Songs Of East Lothian And The Forth on Greentrax Recordings

10:35 AM Ceolbeg “Working Shifts” from Cairn Water on Greentrax Recordings

10:41 AM Maddy Prior “Honest Work” from Flesh and Blood on Park Records

10:44 AM Bodega “Crooked Jack” from Bodega on Greentrax Recordings

10:49 AM Paul Mounsey “Work Song” from City of Walls on Iona

10:53 AM The Imagined Village “The Hand Weaver And The Factory Maid” from Empire & Love on ECC Records

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Playlist 18 August 2019

9:03 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:06 AM Mickie & Elizabeth “Kitty Gone a Milking/Music In the Glen” from Fiona’s Folly on Lark Music

9:08 AM Three Mile Stone “Heather on the Moor” from Three Mile Stone (Marla Fibish, Erin Shrader and Richard Mandel) on Three Mile Stone

9:11 AM Lisa Lynne and the Elfin Love Tribe “Road to the Realm” from Instrumental Songs of Good Cheer on Lavender Sky Music

9:17 AM Syncopaths “Loughrask” from Five Gears on Syncopaths

9:34 AM Loreena McKennitt “The Star Of County Down” from The Wind That Shakes The Barley on Quinlan Road

9:37 AM Mary Jane Lamond “Yellow Coat” from Seinn on Trade Root Music

9:44 AM Daimh “O Fair A-Nall Am Botal” from The Hebridean Sessions on Dàimh

9:49 AM Nuala Kennedy “My Brown Haired Boy / Young Tom Ennis” from Behave the Bravest on Under the Arch Records

9:54 AM Syncopaths “The Very Last Straw” from Five Gears on Syncopaths

10:06 AM Liz Carroll & Jake Charron “Jarl Squad” from Half Day Road on Liz Carroll

10:09 AM Malinky “Sleepytoon” from Handsel on Greentrax Recordings Limited

10:13 AM Mairi Rankin “3 Peaks” from The Cabin Sessions on Mairi Rankin

10:21 AM Various Artists “Òran Bagraidh” from Oran Bagraidh on Knockengorroch Off Site Records

10:25 AM Lúnasa “Pontivy” from Cas on Lúnasa Records

10:31 AM Runa “The Banks of Newfoundland” from Ten: The Errant Night on Runa

10:36 AM Còig “Odds & Ends” from Ashlar on Còig Music

10:43 AM String Sisters “The Crow’s Visit” from Between Wind and Water on String Sisters

10:49 AM Skipinnish “Coire Bhreacan” from Steer by the Stars on Skipinnish Records

10:53 AM Duncan Chisholm “Dizzy Blue” from Sandwood on Copperfish Records

10:57 AM Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona Mackenzie “Chan Ann Ach Thu / Mo Chraobh Ubhla Dhubh” from TÌR – Highland Life & Lore on Anam Communications

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9:04 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:07 AM The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem “Rosin the Bow” from Come Fill Your Glass with Us (Remastered) on Tradition Everest

9:10 AM The Chieftains “Lord Mayo” from The Chieftains 4 on Claddagh Records Limited

9:13 AM The Original Dubliners “Whiskey on a Sunday” from The Best of the Original Dubliners on EMI

9:15 AM Planxty “Junior Crehan’s Favourite – Corney Is Coming” from Planxty on Shanachie

9:20 AM Clannad “Mhorag’s Na Horo Gheallaidh” from Fuaim on Tara Music Company Limited

9:21 AM Altan “Con Cassidy’s And Neil Gow’s Highlands/Moll And Tiarna/McSweeney’s Reels” from Horse With A Heart on Green Linnet

9:26 AM Boys of the Lough “An Spailpin Fanach, The One-Horned Buck” from Farewell and Remember Me on Shanachie

9:29 AM The Bothy Band “The Salamanca/The Banshee/The Sailor’s Bonnet” from 1975: The First Album on Green Linnet

9:35 AM Capercaillie “Alasolair Mhic Cholla Ghasda – Alasolair, Son Of Gallant Coll” from Sidewaulk on Green Linnet

9:38 AM Battlefield Band “Major Malley’s March & Reel / Malcolm Currie” from Home Is Where the Van Is on Temple Records

9:40 AM Silly Wizard “The Queen Of Argyll” from Kiss the Tears Away on Shanachie

9:44 AM The Tannahill Weavers “The Geese In the Bog/Jig of Slurs” from Best of the Tannahill Weavers on Green Linnet

9:53 AM Connla “Wayfaring Stranger” from The Next Chapter on Connla

9:57 AM Réalta “Tabhair Dom Do Lámh (Ó Catháin)” from Clear Skies on Réalta Records

10:06 AM Open the Door for Three “The Golden Glove” from The Penny Wager on Open the Door for Three

10:11 AM Téada “Reels: James Murray’s / Porthole of the Kelp / The Watchmaker / The Spinning Wheel” from In Spite of the Storm on Gael Linn

10:16 AM Sarah MacInnis “O Ìosa, Bi ‘n Còmhnaidh Air M’aire Gach Uair (Live) [feat. Mary Elizabeth MacInnis]” from Celtic Colours Live, Vol. 5 on Celtic Colours

10:19 AM Mairi Rankin “Isle Inspired” from The Cabin Sessions on Mairi Rankin

10:22 AM Fàrsan “Gun Togainn Air Hùgan” from Fàrsan on Fàrsan

10:28 AM Còig “Bad Day at the Beach” from Five on Còig

10:36 AM Daimh “‘S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan” from The Rough Bounds on Goat Island Music

10:41 AM Lauren MacColl “Tomnahurich” from The Seer on Feis Rois

10:45 AM Skipinnish “Last of the Hunters” from Steer by the Stars on Skipinnish Records

10:52 AM Duncan Chisholm “Haze Across the Sun” from Sandwood on Copperfish Records

10:58 AM Liz Carroll & Jake Charron “Save the Ham / Who Has the Conn?” from Half Day Road on Liz Carroll

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9:05 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:08 AM Paul Anderson “Farewell to St Kilda” from Beauties of the North on Independent

9:10 AM Daoirí Farrell “Theres the Day” from A Lifetime of Happiness on Daoirí Recordings

9:16 AM Molly’s Revenge “An Dro Ritual” from The Lucky Set on Molri Music

9:20 AM Mary Ann Kennedy “Camanachd Ghlaschu” from Glaschu: Home Town Love Song on ARC

9:28 AM Còig “O Luaidh” from Ashlar on Còig Music

9:31 AM Flook “Sharig / The Pipers of Roguery / The Huntsman” from Ancora on Flatfish Records

9:36 AM Brendan Gleeson,Dervish “The Rocky Road To Dublin” from The Great Irish Songbook on Rounder

9:39 AM Runa “Kelly Man Reels” from Ten: The Errant Night on Runa

9:46 AM Josie Duncan/Gwyneth Glyn/Lorcan Mac Mathuna “Mouthmusic” from Oran Bagraidh on Knockengorroch Off Site Records

9:49 AM West of Mabou “The First Pint” from The Bridge on West of Mabou

9:52 AM Skipinnish “Coire Bhreacan” from Steer by the Stars on Skipinnish Records

10:04 AM Tim Hart & Maddy Prior “Bold Fisherman” from Heydays on Sanctuary

10:06 AM The Bothy Band “The Morning Star” from Out of the Wind, Into the Sun on Mulligan Records

10:11 AM Bodega “Balaich an lasgaich (The Fishery Boys)” from Under The Counter on Greentrax Recordings

10:15 AM Liz Carroll “Miss Cathy Chilcott / Fiddle Heaven / Fish On” from On the Offbeat on Liz Carroll

10:22 AM Còig “The Capable Wife” from Ashlar on Còig Music

10:26 AM Eric Wright “Jig to Reel” from The Cabin Sessions on Mairi Rankin

10:28 AM Fàrsan “Fear Drabastach” from Fàrsan on Fàrsan

10:38 AM Fara “The Port Polka / Rognvald Ritch, the Little / The Shore” from Times from Times Fall on Fara Music

10:43 AM Gillebrìde Macmillan “Baile nam bàrd” from Baile nam bàrd on Gillebride MacMillan

10:46 AM Imar “Deep Blue” from Avalanche on Big Mann Records

10:53 AM Jenna Moynihan, Màiri Chaimbeul “Steaph’s Red Shoes / O Gur Duine Truagh Mi” from One Two on Jenna Moynihan

10:57 AM Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona Mackenzie “Cha Bhi Mi Buan” from TÌR – Highland Life & Lore on Anam Communications

10:58 AM Breabach “Frenzy of the Meeting” from Frenzy of the Meeting on Breabach Records

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Lunar Show

9:03 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:06 AM The Dubliners “The Rising Of The Moon (Album Version)” from Best of the Original Dubliners on Legacy/CBS/Sony

9:09 AM Martin Hayes “The Graf Spey/The Boys Of Balisodare” from Under The Moon on Green Linnet

9:13 AM The Clancy Brothers “Tipperary Far Away” from The Rising of the Moon – Irish Songs of Rebellion on Tradition

9:14 AM Craobh Rua “The Newport Lass – Maid In the Meadow – the Mooncoin.” from The More That’s Said the Less the Better on Lochshore

9:20 AM Men of Worth “Gealach Bhuidhe an Abachaidh (Harvest Moon)” from Harvest Moon on Mahog Music

9:24 AM Liz Carroll & John Doyle “Hunter’s Moon / Getting There / The Morris Minor (Waltz & Reels)” from In Play on Compass Records

9:31 AM Andy M. Stewart “The Man In The Moon” from The Man In The Moon on Green Linnet

9:35 AM Blazin’ Fiddles “Dancing on the Moon” from the Old Style on Blazin Records

9:41 AM Julie Fowlis “Cearcall Mun Ghealaich” from alterum on Machair Records Ltd

9:45 AM Blazin’ Fiddles “Murdo” from Magnificent Seven on Blazin Records

9:50 AM Karan Casey & Friends “The Loony Moon” from Seal Maiden: A Celtic Musical on Music for Little People

9:53 AM Back of The Moon “Lumsden’s Rant” from Luminosity on Foot Stompin’ Records

10:03 AM Atlantic Folk Trio “La Luna sobre Crisol” from Adventure on Culburnie

10:06 AM The Full English “Man in the Moon” from The Full English on Topic

10:11 AM Carlos Núñez “The Moonlight Piper” from Brotherhood of Stars on RCA Victor

10:14 AM Le Vent du Nord, De Temps Antan “500 Hommes – Moonbeams” from Notre album solo on La Compagnie Du Nord

10:21 AM Cassie & Maggie MacDonald “Marching for Miles” from Fresh Heirs on MacSis Music

10:28 AM Kirsty Law “Howling at the Moon” from Shift on Toun Records

10:30 AM Afro Celt Sound System “Dark Moon, High Tide” from Gangs Of New York on Universal Music Ireland Ltd.

10:32 AM Afro Celt Sound System “Whirl-Y-Reel 2” from Volume 1 – Sound Magic (Real World Gold) on Real World Records

10:38 AM Battlefield Band “Bad Moon Rising / The Rising Moon Reel” from After Hours on Temple Records

10:41 AM Molly’s Revenge “Huckle-Duckle” from The Lucky Set on Molri Music

10:44 AM Josie Duncan/Gwyneth Glyn/Lorcan Mac Mathuna “Mouthmusic” from Oran Bagraidh on Knockengorroch Off Site Records

10:48 AM West of Mabou “The First Pint” from The Bridge on West of Mabou

10:51 AM Skipinnish “Coire Bhreacan” from Steer by the Stars on Skipinnish Records

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9:05 AM Patrick Ball “Blow, Northerne Wynd” from The Wood of Morois on Patrick Ball

9:09 AM Shira Kammen “Chi Mi Na Morbheanna” from Wild Wood on Magnatune

9:12 AM Jake James “Bird in the Tree” from Firewood on 909217 Records DK

9:18 AM The Tannahill Weavers “Craigieburn Wood” from Epona on Green Linnet

9:25 AM Molly’s Revenge “An Dro Ritual” from The Lucky Set on Molri Music

9:29 AM Mary Ann Kennedy “Camanachd Ghlaschu” from Glaschu: Home Town Love Song on ARC

9:33 AM Paul Anderson “The Mar Gathering” from The High Summit on Paul Anderson

9:37 AM Daoirí Farrell “A Pint of Plain” from A Lifetime of Happiness on Daoirí Recordings

9:42 AM Còig “The Capable Wife” from Ashlar on Còig Music

9:45 AM Flook “Sharig / The Pipers of Roguery / The Huntsman” from Ancora on Flatfish Records

9:50 AM Brendan Gleeson,Dervish “The Rocky Road To Dublin” from The Great Irish Songbook on Rounder

9:53 AM Runa “Runa Alumni Set” from Ten: The Errant Night on Runa

10:06 AM Alasdair Fraser “The Referendum” from Abundance on Culburnie Records

10:09 AM Old Blind Dogs “Parcel o’ Rogues” from Robert Burns: Hits and Highlights on Lebosi Records

10:15 AM Danú “Independence Hornpipe/Colonel Fraser” from Danu on Independent

10:19 AM Oak, Ash, and Thorn “To Anacreon in Heaven” from Two Album CD on Tosspot

10:21 AM Calasaig “The Fourth of July – Making For the Shore” from Making For the Shore on Lazymist Records

10:26 AM Tim Hart & Maddy Prior “Bold Fisherman” from Heydays on Sanctuary

10:29 AM The Bothy Band “The Morning Star/Fisherman’s Lilt/Drunken Landlady” from Out of the Wind, Into the Sun on Mulligan Records

10:34 AM Bodega “Balaich an lasgaich (The Fishery Boys)” from Under The Counter on Greentrax Recordings

10:38 AM Liz Carroll “Miss Cathy Chilcott / Fiddle Heaven / Fish On” from On the Offbeat on Liz Carroll

10:45 AM Genticorum “La Rose Blanche” from Avant l’Orage on Independent

10:49 AM De Temps Antan “Mépriseuse de garçon” from Ce monde ici bas on L-A be

10:52 AM Le Vent Du Nord “Evolution tranquille” from Territoires on Borealis Records

10:56 AM Le Vent Du Nord “Chaousaro” from Territoires on Borealis Records

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