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Rory Campbell-Tangadale-The Piper’s Whim-KRL

Orla-Cad E’ Sin Don TE SIN- The Water is Wide-Manhattan Records

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-A Sweetish Tune-Noctambule-Noctambule


John Spillane-Seacbthin-Celtic Voices-Green Linnet

Robin Williamson-The Old Frieze Britches-Celtic Harp and Dance Tunes-CD Trax

Jenny Sturgeon-Linton-From the Skein-Tamarach Records

Claire Mann and Aaron Jones-McElvoques-Secret Orders-Trad Music


Julie Fowlis-Sleep Well my Beloved-Gach sqeul-Every Story-Machair

Hanneke-Cassel-Trip to Walden Pond-Trip to Walden Pond-Cassel Records

Aaron Jones with Claire Mann-Fortune’s Wheel-Secret Orders-Trad Music

Greg Larsen-The Gathering-The Gathering-Sugar Hill


Aoife Clancy-Reconcilliation-Silvery Moon-Appleseed

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas-Farley Bridge-Abundance-Culburnie

Susan McKeown-Bridge on Brigid’s Eve-Blackthorn

Open the Door for Three-An Bhean Dubh-The Joyful Hour-Open the Door for 3


Old Blind -Earl O’ March’s Daughter-Room with a View-OBD Music

Daimh-Bottle for Brigg-Tuneship-Alba

de Temps Antan-Adieu Donc Cher Coeur-Ce Monde Ici Bas-L-Alba

Old Blind Dogs-Newe-Room with a View-OBD


Capercaille-Puirt a Beul/Snug in a Blanket-Crosswinds-Green Linnet

McKasson and McDonald-Let the Cold Wind Blow-Harbour-McKasson & McDonald

Connla-Wayfaring Stranger-The Next Chapter-Connla

McKasson and McDonald-Brook Leigh-Harbour-McKasson &McDonald


Nomos-Rinn na Mara-I Won’t be afraid anymore-Solid Records

Deanta-Waltz of the White Lilies-Whisper of a Secret-Green Linnet

Karen Casey- and John Doyle-Sailing off to the Yankee Land-Exile’s Return-Compass

Anna Murrey-Finbarr Saunder’s-Into Indigo-Lockshore



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Lunar Show

9:03 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:06 AM The Dubliners “The Rising Of The Moon (Album Version)” from Best of the Original Dubliners on Legacy/CBS/Sony

9:09 AM Martin Hayes “The Graf Spey/The Boys Of Balisodare” from Under The Moon on Green Linnet

9:13 AM The Clancy Brothers “Tipperary Far Away” from The Rising of the Moon – Irish Songs of Rebellion on Tradition

9:14 AM Craobh Rua “The Newport Lass – Maid In the Meadow – the Mooncoin.” from The More That’s Said the Less the Better on Lochshore

9:20 AM Men of Worth “Gealach Bhuidhe an Abachaidh (Harvest Moon)” from Harvest Moon on Mahog Music

9:24 AM Liz Carroll & John Doyle “Hunter’s Moon / Getting There / The Morris Minor (Waltz & Reels)” from In Play on Compass Records

9:31 AM Andy M. Stewart “The Man In The Moon” from The Man In The Moon on Green Linnet

9:35 AM Blazin’ Fiddles “Dancing on the Moon” from the Old Style on Blazin Records

9:41 AM Julie Fowlis “Cearcall Mun Ghealaich” from alterum on Machair Records Ltd

9:45 AM Blazin’ Fiddles “Murdo” from Magnificent Seven on Blazin Records

9:50 AM Karan Casey & Friends “The Loony Moon” from Seal Maiden: A Celtic Musical on Music for Little People

9:53 AM Back of The Moon “Lumsden’s Rant” from Luminosity on Foot Stompin’ Records

10:03 AM Atlantic Folk Trio “La Luna sobre Crisol” from Adventure on Culburnie

10:06 AM The Full English “Man in the Moon” from The Full English on Topic

10:11 AM Carlos Núñez “The Moonlight Piper” from Brotherhood of Stars on RCA Victor

10:14 AM Le Vent du Nord, De Temps Antan “500 Hommes – Moonbeams” from Notre album solo on La Compagnie Du Nord

10:21 AM Cassie & Maggie MacDonald “Marching for Miles” from Fresh Heirs on MacSis Music

10:28 AM Kirsty Law “Howling at the Moon” from Shift on Toun Records

10:30 AM Afro Celt Sound System “Dark Moon, High Tide” from Gangs Of New York on Universal Music Ireland Ltd.

10:32 AM Afro Celt Sound System “Whirl-Y-Reel 2” from Volume 1 – Sound Magic (Real World Gold) on Real World Records

10:38 AM Battlefield Band “Bad Moon Rising / The Rising Moon Reel” from After Hours on Temple Records

10:41 AM Molly’s Revenge “Huckle-Duckle” from The Lucky Set on Molri Music

10:44 AM Josie Duncan/Gwyneth Glyn/Lorcan Mac Mathuna “Mouthmusic” from Oran Bagraidh on Knockengorroch Off Site Records

10:48 AM West of Mabou “The First Pint” from The Bridge on West of Mabou

10:51 AM Skipinnish “Coire Bhreacan” from Steer by the Stars on Skipinnish Records

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Alasdair Fraser-Calum Squaire-Return to Kintail-Culburnie

John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O’Leary-The Letter Song-The Alt-Alt Music

Steve Baughman-Leitrim Queen-Farewell to Orkney


Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh-Isle of Malachy-Daybreak-Compass

Carlene Anglim-Canadian Waltz-Mellow Frenzy-Lochshore

Daoiri Farrell-Valley of Knockanure-The Born Irishman-Daoiri

Rachel Walker and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks-Rachel Hair


Rachel Walker-Ruithn na Gaoith-Fon Reul-Sholus-Skippinish

Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin-The Sound of Sleat-Birl-Esque-Alba

Archie Fisher-All That I ask-Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into-Snow Goose

Open the Door for Three-Open the Door for Three-Open the Door for Three


Reel Time-Sile-Reeltime-Green Linnet

Martin Hayes-The Lobster-The Gloaming 3-Reel World

Jim Malcolm-An Hour in the Gloaming-The First Cold Day-Beltane

McKasson and McDonald-Brooke-Brooke Leigh-Harbour-McKasson McDonald


De Temps de Anton-Adieu Marquerite-Les Habits de Papier-Musication

Ensemble Gaililei-The Celt-The Mystic and the Muse-Dorian

The Voice Squad-The Coventry Carol-Good People All-Shanachie

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-The Cloone/March Reels-Noctambule


McKasson and McDonald-Let the Cold Wind Blow-Harbour-McKasson & McDonald

The Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-Crossing the Shannon

Runa-Saints and Sinners-Ten-Runa

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Polkas-Rachel Hair


The House Band-William Taylor-Another Setting-Green Linnet

Connemara-Dublin Lady-Siren Song-Blix Records

Nuala Kennedy-Muneira a Polka/The Broken Lantern-Behave the Bravest-Under the Arch

Martin Hayes-Sheehan’s Jigs-The Gloaming 3-Real World Recordings





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9:05 AM Patrick Ball “Blow, Northerne Wynd” from The Wood of Morois on Patrick Ball

9:09 AM Shira Kammen “Chi Mi Na Morbheanna” from Wild Wood on Magnatune

9:12 AM Jake James “Bird in the Tree” from Firewood on 909217 Records DK

9:18 AM The Tannahill Weavers “Craigieburn Wood” from Epona on Green Linnet

9:25 AM Molly’s Revenge “An Dro Ritual” from The Lucky Set on Molri Music

9:29 AM Mary Ann Kennedy “Camanachd Ghlaschu” from Glaschu: Home Town Love Song on ARC

9:33 AM Paul Anderson “The Mar Gathering” from The High Summit on Paul Anderson

9:37 AM Daoirí Farrell “A Pint of Plain” from A Lifetime of Happiness on Daoirí Recordings

9:42 AM Còig “The Capable Wife” from Ashlar on Còig Music

9:45 AM Flook “Sharig / The Pipers of Roguery / The Huntsman” from Ancora on Flatfish Records

9:50 AM Brendan Gleeson,Dervish “The Rocky Road To Dublin” from The Great Irish Songbook on Rounder

9:53 AM Runa “Runa Alumni Set” from Ten: The Errant Night on Runa

10:06 AM Alasdair Fraser “The Referendum” from Abundance on Culburnie Records

10:09 AM Old Blind Dogs “Parcel o’ Rogues” from Robert Burns: Hits and Highlights on Lebosi Records

10:15 AM Danú “Independence Hornpipe/Colonel Fraser” from Danu on Independent

10:19 AM Oak, Ash, and Thorn “To Anacreon in Heaven” from Two Album CD on Tosspot

10:21 AM Calasaig “The Fourth of July – Making For the Shore” from Making For the Shore on Lazymist Records

10:26 AM Tim Hart & Maddy Prior “Bold Fisherman” from Heydays on Sanctuary

10:29 AM The Bothy Band “The Morning Star/Fisherman’s Lilt/Drunken Landlady” from Out of the Wind, Into the Sun on Mulligan Records

10:34 AM Bodega “Balaich an lasgaich (The Fishery Boys)” from Under The Counter on Greentrax Recordings

10:38 AM Liz Carroll “Miss Cathy Chilcott / Fiddle Heaven / Fish On” from On the Offbeat on Liz Carroll

10:45 AM Genticorum “La Rose Blanche” from Avant l’Orage on Independent

10:49 AM De Temps Antan “Mépriseuse de garçon” from Ce monde ici bas on L-A be

10:52 AM Le Vent Du Nord “Evolution tranquille” from Territoires on Borealis Records

10:56 AM Le Vent Du Nord “Chaousaro” from Territoires on Borealis Records

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