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I chose some songs this morning to reflect on the Memorial Day remembrances. Irish and (especially) Scottish music is sadly rich in material on this theme, a result of their terrible suffering in the European wars and their poetic response to such tragedies.

10:57 AM Ceolbeg “The Sleeping Tune” from An Unfair Dance on Greentrax Recordings

10:51 AM Skipinnish “The Iolaire” from The Seventh Wave on Skipinnish Records
This song commemorates the loss of a ship carrying troops returning to the island of Lewis from the WWI battlefields of Europe, only to founder on rocks in the night just before reaching the harbor. Most of the soldiers died, within sight of home. The song at the end is “Eilean Fraoch” (Heather Island), the unofficial anthem of Lewis.

10:47 AM Steeleye Span “Fighting For Strangers” from Rocket Cottage on Chrysalis Records Ltd

10:34 AM Natalie MacMaster and Mac Morin “Minnie & Alex’s Favourites: March of the Cameron Men / O’er the Moor Among the Heather / The Fir Tree / Willie Fraser’s Strathspey” from Celtic Colours Live, Vol. 6 on Celtic Colours International Festival

10:31 AM Sarah MacInnis “O Ìosa, Bi ‘n Còmhnaidh Air M’aire Gach Uair (Live) [feat. Mary Elizabeth MacInnis]” from Celtic Colours Live, Vol. 5 on Celtic Colours

10:27 AM Ben Miller, Anita MacDonald & Zakk Cormier “Gur Milis Mòrag” from South Haven on Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald

10:19 AM The Outside Track “Dark Reels” from Rise Up on Lorimer

10:14 AM Gudrun Walther & Jürgen Treyz “Lowlands Of Holland” from Duo on Walther & Treyz Records

10:11 AM Eric Wright “Isle Inspired” from The Cabin Sessions on Mairi Rankin

10:06 AM Open the Door for Three “Carrig River” from The Joyful Hour on Open the Door for Three

9:55 AM Ímar “Setanta” from Avalanche on Big Mann Records

9:50 AM Mànran “An Eala Bhàn” from Mànran on Mànran Records

9:47 AM The Tannahill Weavers “Sunset Over the Somme” from Òrach (The Golden Anniversary) on Compass Records

9:42 AM Julie Fowlis “Air an Somme” from Allt on Machair Records Ltd

9:36 AM Jake James “For All That You Do” from Firewood on 909217 Records DK

9:33 AM Ciaran O’Kane “Belfast Lass” from Round & Round on Ciaran O’Kane

9:30 AM Conor Lamb, Brendan Mulholland & Deirdre Galway “The Wounded Hussar” from Music in the Glen on 773743 Records DK

9:26 AM The Askew Sisters “I Wish the Wars Were All Over” from In the Air or the Earth on Rootbeat Records

9:19 AM Iain Anderson “Cha Till MacCruimen” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:14 AM The Tannahill Weavers “The Ghost of Mick McDonnell” from Òrach (The Golden Anniversary) on Compass Records

9:11 AM Arthur Cormack “Oran An T-Saighdear (The Soldier’s Song)” from Ruith Na Gaoith on Temple Records

9:10 AM The Clancy Brothers “The Minstrel Boy” from Gold Masters: The Clancy Brothers, Vol. 1 on Gold Masters

9:06 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

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Robin Bullock-Jack O’Diamonds/Merrily Kissed the Quaker-Between Earth and Sky

Runa-An Buachaillin Ban-Ten-Runa

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Jurby Jigs-Sparks-Rachel Hair


Cherish the Ladies-Fair and Tender Ladies-Rounder

Lunasa-Unapproved Road-La Nua-Lunasa Records

Michael Black-Mo Mhadu Beag-Michael Black-Compass

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill-Lane to the Glen-Welcome Here Again-Green Linnet


Runa-Saints and Sinners-Ten-Runa

Johnny Hardie and Gavin Marwick-The Snuff Wife-Blue Lamp

Lissa Schneckenburger-Young Charlotte-Song-Footprint

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-The Black Ship-Laebrack-Green Trax


Nuala Kennedy-Lovely Armoy-Behave the Bravest-Under the Arch

Brendan Power-The Drunken Landlady-The New Irish Harmonica-Green Linnet

Adam Holmes and Gillian Frame-Silver Tassie-Pendulum

Wendy Stewart-Border Set-Standing Wave-Green Trax


Skinner andT’witch-England’s Spring-The Fool’s Journey

Grainne Murphy-The New Mown Meadow/The Maids of Mount Kisco-Murphy

Anne Marie O’Malley-Weight of the World -The Landing-The Landing Step-Compass

Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin-6/8 Marches-Birl-Esque-Alba


Malinky-The Broomfield Hill-Flower and Irom-Mad River

Kathryn Tickell-In Dispraise of Whiskey-Debateable Lands-Park Records

Aoife Clancy-Accross the Blue Mountains-Silvery Moon-Appleseed

Terry McManus-Irene Moldrum’s Welcome-Pourqoui Quebec?


Julie Fowlis-Response to Failte na Mo-thir-Alternum

Matt and Shannon-Brad’s Honey Bees-Lover’s Well

Liz Knowles-The Silver Hand-Making Time-Knowles

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Finally managed to pull together a whole show on the Mother theme. Some unusual selections and rarely-heard tunes.


10:56 AM Le Vent du Nord “Le cœur de ma mère” from Tromper Le Temps on Borealis Records

10:50 AM Genticorum “Ma mechant mere/Ridees” from La Galarneau on Roues et Archets

10:42 AM Marc Boudreau “Mom and Dad’s Favorite” from Steppin’ It Up on Independent

10:40 AM Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill “A Mháithrín Dhíleas” from No Dowry on Shanachie

10:37 AM Mary Jane Lamond “Keeping Up With Calum” from Seinn on Trade Root Music

10:33 AM Kathleen MacInnes “Teanga Binn Mo Mhàthair” from Cille Bhrìde on Kathleen MacInnes

10:25 AM Solas “Mom’s Jig / Bill Nicholson’s 67th” from Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers on Shanachie

10:20 AM Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde & Griogair Labhruidh “A bhean adai thall” from Guallibh A’ Cheile on Independent

10:18 AM John McSherry “An Bhean Chaointe” from Soma on Compass Records

10:14 AM Clannad “Bhean A Ti” from Clannad In Concert on Shanachie

10:04 AM Patrick Ball “The Matchmaker” from Storyteller on Celestial Harmonies

9:56 AM Natalie MacMaster “Mother Nature” from Yours Truly on MacMaster Music Inc.

9:53 AM P McKenna “Mother Nature” from Elements on Compass Records

9:49 AM Gillian Frame “Jubilee Jig / Mom’s Jig / Mckenna’s ” from Pendulum on Cheerygroove

9:43 AM Cathie Ryan “A Mhaithrin, A’Leigfea ‘Un An Aonaigh Me? (Mother, will You Let Me Go To The Fair)” from The Music Of What Happens on Shanachie

9:38 AM Katz “Mother Farquhar” from Ceolbeg Collected

9:34 AM Julie Fowlis “A Ghaoil, Leig Dhachaigh Gum Mhàthair Mi” from Gach Sgeul / Every Story on Machair Records Ltd

9:23 AM Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill “Paul Ha’penny/The Garden Of Butterflies/The Broken Pledge/The Mother And Child Reel…” from The Lonesome Touch on Green Linnet

9:16 AM Altan “Mother’s Delight (Medley)” from The Blue Idol on Venture

9:12 AM T With The Maggies “Mother Song” from T With the Maggies on Compass Records

9:09 AM Jerry Holland “For My Mother Dear” from Fiddler’s Choice on Odyssey

9:07 AM The Clancy Brothers “I’ll Tell My Ma” from The Parting Glass on Orange Leisure

9:03 AM Burning Bridget Cleary “Mother’s Day / Up in the Garret / 30th Anniversary” from Pressed for Time on Burning Bridget Cleary

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Calan Bridge and Cillian Vallely-Humours of Tullycrine-Crow Valley Music

Runa-Amhran Mhuighinse-Somewhere Along the Road-Runa

Hanneke Cassel-These 30 Years-Trip to Walden Pond-Cassel


John Doyle and Nuala Kennedy-One Morning in May-The Alt-Under the Arch

Cythara-Women of Ireland/Morrison’s Jig/Over the Hills and far Away-Plucked and Hammered-KRL

Battlefield Band-The Last Trip Home-Gentle Giants-Green Track

Outside Track-Dark Reels-Rise Up-Rise Up-Alba


Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh-Isle of Malachy-Daybreak-Compass

Anna Murrey-O Co Thogas-Three Things-Lochshore

Dick Hensold-First Leaves of Spring-Music for the Northumbrian Small Pipes

Vishten-Ma mie J’ai Fait unReve-Musique-Musique Acaienne


Fhiona Ni Chonaola-Casadh-an tSugain-Celtic Dreamland-Putumayo

John Doyle and Nuala Kennedy-Geese in the Bog-The Alt

Old Blind Dogs-Bedlam Boys-Four on the Floor-Compass

Jim and Susie Malcolm-Fiddle and Bow-Spring will Follow On-Beltane


Capercaille-Seinnean cluinam fear ur-Roses and Tears-Vertical Records

Connla-mattinee at Charlies-The Next Chapter-Connla

Paula McKenna Band-Cold Missouri Waters-Elements-Compass

Ian Hardie and Andy Thorburn-Glenkinchie’s Compliments to Lors and Lady MacFarland of Bearsden-The Spider’s Web-Green Trax


Le Vent du Nord-Rossette-Dansles Aires-Musication

Innishear-Waulkin O’ the Fauld-Rainbands-Amerisound

Jim Malcolm-Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane

Laural Martin-Mullingar Lea/Dash to Portabello-The Groves


Cassie and Maggie-The King’s Shilling-Sterling Road-Hearth

Liz Carrol-See it There-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet

Ed Miller-More Than Just a Dram-Lowlander-Wellfield

Al Petteway-Faire Wind-Caledon Wood-Maggie’s Music





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