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Eileen Ivers-Crossroads-Beyond the Bog-Ivers

Orla-Na-Buachailli Alainn-The Water is Wide-Manhatten Records

Rory Campbell-Tangsdale-The Piper’s Whim-Lochshore


Kate Rusby-The Duke and the Tinker-Sleepless-Compass

Three Mile Stone-La Valse des Pastourioux-Irish Music from San Francisco-TMS

Lissa Schneckenburger-The Irish Girl-Fiddle and Vocals-Footprint

Eileen Ivers-Coming Home-Beyond the Bog-Ivers


John Spillane-Seachtain-Celtic Voices-Green Linnet

Niamh Parsons-The Rambling Irishman-Voices of Celtic Women-Shanachie

Radiance-Miss Graham-The Fire-ASCA

Gillian Frame-Silver Tassie-Pendulum -Cheeryoos


Open the Door for Three-On a Beautiful Fresh Morning-The Penny Wager-OTDFT

Ellis Kennedy-Nead na Lochan-Gaelic Ireland-EUCD

Janet Harbison-Love’s Comfort-Harpestry-Imaginary Road

Jenny Sturgeon-Linton-From the Skein-Tamarach Records


Daimh-Tha Fadachd orm Fhin-The Rough Bounds

Carlene Anglim-Canadian Waltz-Meloow Frenzy-Lochshore

Cassie and Maggie-The Willow Lullaby-The Willow Collection

Micheil O Domhnaill-Sweeny’s Buttermilk-Celtic Sampler


Victory Sings-Jack Monroe-Chanties and Songs from the Northwest-Victory

Poozies-Another Train-Celtic Compass-Compass

Open the Door for Three-Open the Door for Three-Open the Door for Three-OTDFT

Deirbhile-Cailleach an Airgid-Starlight Falling


Planxty-Taimse Im Chodladh-A Celtic Tapestry-Shanachie

Eileen Ivers-Green Fields of America-Beyond the Bog-Ivers

Radiance-Lanai Jigs-The Fire-ASCA

Gillian Frame-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-Pendulum-Cheeryoos


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Duncan Chisholm “Camhanaich Air Machair” from Canaich (2010) on Copperfish

Julie Fowlis “Dh’èirich Mi Moch Madainn Cheòthar” from alterum (2017) on Machair

Duncan Chisholm “Islands on the Edge” from Sandwood (2018) on Copperfish

Allt “Port Dannsaidh Hiortach – Deora De’” from Allt (2018) on Machair

Set break

Kevin Burke “Lucy’s Fling Medley” from An Evening with Kevin Burke (2018) on Loftus Music

Open the Door for Three “The Golden Glove” from The Penny Wager (2015) on Open the Door for Three

Open the Door for Three “The Joyful Hour” from The Joyful Hour (2017) on Independent

Réalta “The Longford Weaver (Song)” from Clear Skies (2016) on Réalta Records

Set break

Jenny Sturgeon “The Honours” from From the Skein (2016) on Tamarach

Hannah Rarity “Alison Cross” from Neath the Gloaming Star (2018) on Hannah Rarity

Fara “7, 8, Nein / I’ll Do It Last Friday” from Times from Times Fall (2018) on Fara Music

Iona Fyfe “Pit Gair” from Away From My Window (2018) on Cairnie Records

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The Friel Sisters “Stor a Stor a Ghra” from Before the Sun (2018) on The Friel Sisters

Lúnasa “The Cadgers” from CAS (2018) on Lunasa Records

Altan “An Bealach Seo ‘Tá Romham” from The Gap of Dreams (2018) on Compass Records

Connla “Organised Chaos” from The Next Chapter (2018) on Independent

Set break

Gillebride MacMillan “Duan an Fhògarraich” from Freumhan Falaichte (2018) on Gillebride MacMillan

James Duncan Mackenzie “Stornoway Waltz” from Sròmos on James Mackenzie Music

Brian Ó hEadhra & Fiona Mackenzie “An Long Èireannach” from TÌR – Highland Life & Lore (2018) on Anam Communications

The Tannahill Weavers “Orach” from Orach (2018) on Compass Records Group

Set break


Genticorum “D’Espagne” from Avant l’Orage (2018) on Independent

The Fretless “The Killavil Fancy (Live)” from Live from the Art Farm (2018) on The Fretless

Farsan “Fear Drabastach” from Farsan (2018) on Independent

Ben Miller, Anita MacDonald & Zakk Cormier “The Fowler on the Moor” from South Haven (2018) on Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald


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Al Petteway-Erin Suas a Storin-Caledon Wood-Maggie’s Music

Colleen Raney-Dark Eyed Sailor-Lark-Raney

Alasdair Fraser- Calum Sqaire-Return to Kintail


Danu-Bridget Donaghue- All Things Considered-Shanachie

John Williams-The Humors of Kilcloger-Steam-Grenn Linnet

Caperxaille-Seinneam cliu nam fear ur-Roses and Tears-Compass

William Coulter-Rain Into Snow-The Road Home-Gourd


Karen Casey-The False Lady-Exiles Return-Compass

Open the Door for Three- Kitty got a Clinking-The Penny Wager

Daimh- Hiu Da Bho Nuair a Chaidh mi a Ghlaschu-Alba

Joe McKenna-Contentment is Wealth-The Irish Low Whistle-Shanachie


John Doyle-The Arabic-Shadows and Light-Compass

John Whelan-Paddy Fahey’s=Celtic Fire-Narada

Eliza Carthey-Sheath and Knife-Heat Light Sound-Topic

Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley-The Giant’s Party-Huldreland-CD Trax


Julie Fowler-Fear a Bhrochain- Alternum=Machair

Elididh Shaw and Ross Martn-6/8 March-Birl-Esque-Rhubana

Faustus-Og’s Eye Man-Broken Down Gentlemen-Faustus

David Wilkie-Farewell to Coigach-Cowboy Celtic-Red House


Dave Curley-The Pleasure will be Mine-A Brand New Day-DC

Celtic Voyage-Breton Dances-Celtic Voyage-Gourd

Cara Dillon-Hill of Thieves-Hill of Thieves-Proper

Kinnel-Dans Loudeac-Donald’s Dog-KRL


Solas-Ailillu na Gamhna-Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers-Shanachie

Open the Door for Three-The Rat in the Thatch-The Penny Wager-OTDFT

Niamh ni Chara-Cailleach An Airgid-Happy Out

Al Petteway-Sundog-Celtic Mist-Maggie’s Music

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Duncan Chisholm “Islands on the Edge” from Sandwood (2018) on Copperfish

Julie Fowlis “A Phiuthrag ’s a Phiuthar (feat. Mary Chapin Carpenter)” from alterum (2017) on Machair

The Tannahill Weavers “Orach” from Orach (2018) on Compass Records Group

Set break

Buddy MacDonald “Getting Dark Again” from Cape Breton By Request Vol. 1 on Independent

Troy MacGillivray “Old Clothes” from Live At the Music Room (2010) on Compass

J. P. Cormier “Now That the Work Is Done” from Now That the Work is Done on Independent

Glenn Graham “Triple Fiddle” from Decade on Bowbeat

Set break

Boys of the Lough “Mo Ghra’sa Mo Dhia” from twenty (2005) on Gilderoy Music

Andrea Beaton “radio edit” from Little Black Book (2011) on Andrea Beaton

Socks in the Frying Pan “When First I Came to Caledonia” from Without a Paddle (2016) on Socks in the Frying Pan

Natalie MacMaster “Volcanic Jig” from Yours Truly (2006) on Rounder Records

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Mary Jane Lamond “Oran A’ Phiognaig” from Gaelic Songs of Cape Breton (Òrain Ghàidhlig) on turtlemusik

Dawn & Margie Beaton “Down the Burn, Davie Lad” from Taste of Gaelic (2011) on Dawn & Margie Beaton

Lewis MacKinnon “Oran do’n Cheap Breatuinn” from Here (2006) on Independent

Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac “Yellow Coat” from Seinn (2012) on turtlemusik / Fontana North

Set break

Catherine-Ann MacPhee “Canan Nan Gaidheal” from Canan Nan Gaidheal on Greentrax Recordings Limited

Kathleen MacInnes “Thugainn a Bhlàrag” from Cille Bhrìde (2012) on Kathleen MacInnes

Breabach “Mogaisean” from Bann (2012) on Breabach Records

Karen Matheson “Ca Na Dh’fhag Thu m’fhichead Gini” from Urram on Wild Heart Management

Blazin’ Fiddles “Harris Dance” from The Key (2018) on Blazin’ Fiddles

Set break

Ben Miller, Anita MacDonald & Zakk Cormier “Alasdair Nan Stòp” from South Haven (2018) on Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald

Colin Grant “An dro” from Fun for the Whole Family (2010) on Colin Grant

Coig “Am Bothan a bh’ aig Fionnghalla” from Rove (2017) on Còig

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