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Duncan Chisholm “The Pilgrimage” from Sandwood (2018) on Copperfish


Gillian Frame “Lovely Molly (feat. Mike Vass, Euan Burton & Anna Massie)” from pendulum (2017) on Cheerygroove

Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin “Pipe Reels” from Birl-Esque (2017) on Rhubana

Kathleen MacInnes “Alasdair Oig ‘Ic ‘Ic Neacail / Latha Siubhal Beinne Dhomh” from Cille Bhrìde (2012) on Kathleen MacInnes

Set break

Julie Fowlis “A Phiuthrag ’s a Phiuthar (feat. Mary Chapin Carpenter)” from alterum (2017) on Machair Records Ltd

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas “Muineiras” from Ports of Call (2017) on Culburnie Records

Daimh “Turas Dhomsa Chun na Galldachd” from The Rough Bounds (2018) on Dàimh

Blazin’ Fiddles “Double Rise” from The Key (2018) on Blazin’ Fiddles

Set break

Ben Miller, Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald “O Cha Teid, Cha Teid Meise” from A Day at the Lake (2017) on Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald

Ben Miller, Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald “Steppin’ in the Garden” from A Day at the Lake (2017) on Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald


Genticorum “Avant l’Orage” from Avant l’Orage (2018) on Independent

Station ID

Altan “An Bealach Seo ‘Tá Romham” from The Gap of Dreams (2018) on Compass Records

The Friel Sisters “Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles / Billy Brocker’s / The Congress Reel (feat. Gearoid Ó Maonaigh)” from The Friel Sisters (2014) on The Friel Sisters

Open the Door for Three “The Golden Glove” from The Penny Wager (2015) on Open the Door for Three

Patrick Mangan “The Sunday Session” from Departures (2015) on Patrick Mangan

Set break

Réalta “The Longford Weaver (Song)” from Clear Skies (2016) on Réalta Records

Connla “Organized Chaos” from The Next Chapter (2018) on Independent

Lúnasa “The Water is Wise” from CAS (2018) on Lunasa Records

The String Sisters “Open to the Elements” from Between Wind and Water (2018) on String Sisters

Set break

The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc “The Hen Hunt” from Deliverance (2016) on Nfb Records

Skipinnish “alive” from The Seventh Wave (2017) on Skipinnish Records

Skipinnish “The Old Woman: The Soup Dragon / Jerry’s Pipe Jig / Mackenna’s Jig / The Old Woman’s Dance / Rory Gallacher’s” from The Seventh Wave (2017) on Skipinnish Records



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Burach-Born Tired-Green Trax

Deirbhile-Farewell Farewell-Starlight-Deirbhile

Connla-Cosmos-The Next Chapter-Connla



Cassie and Maggie-Jimmy’s -Sterling Road-Cassie and Maggie

Colleen Raney & Colm Maccarthaigh-Lord Franklin-Cuan-Cuan Music

Paul McKenna-Darcy and Erins-Stem the Tide-Mad River

Daimh-Turas DHomhsa chuan ma Galldached-The Rough Bounds-Daimh



Susan McKeown-The Hare’s Lament-Lowlands-Green Linnet

Open the Door for Three-Heavy is My Fate-The Joyful Hour-Open the Door

Daoiri Farrell-Valley of Knockanure-True Born Irishman-Daoiri Recordings

Rory Cambell and Malcolm Stitt-John Griffins-Field of Bells-KRL



Colleen Raney and Colm Maccarthaigh-Lads of the Fair-Cuan-Cuan Music

Goitse-Changing Lanes-Tall Tales and Misadventures-Goitse

Dave Curley and Mike Broderick- The Pleasure will be mine-A Brand New Day-Curley

Wendy Stewart-All Things are Quiet Silent-Standing Wave-Green Trax



Genticorum-Le Brandy Culotte-La Bibournoise-Musication

Nomos-Rin na Mara-I won’t be Afraid anymore-Green Linnet

Grada-A L’Envers-The Landing Step-Compass

Jim Malcolm-Highland Mary-Aquaintance



Jenny Sturgeon-Linton-From the Skein-Tamarach

Grainne Murphy-The New Mown Hay/Maids of Kisco-Short Stories

Canach-Twa Corbies-The Moons of Glenloy-Lochshore

Eilidh Shaw-The Sound of Sleet-Birl-Esque-Alba



Open the Door for Three-Beeswing-Pat Broaders, Liz knowles, Kieran O’Hare

Niamh ni Charra-Cailleach An Airgid-Happy Out-Imeartas

Derish-Swallow’s tail-Spirit-Compass

Duncan Chisholm-The Whire Bird-Sandwood-Copperfish








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April 1 playlist

Kind of an April-Fool show today: avoiding Irish and Scottish music, and venturing into non-Celtic music that nevertheless resonates in some way with this genre.

Saith Rhyfeddod “Hyd y Frwynwen/Rhuad Teirw’r Dyffryn” from Goreuon Canu Gwerin Newydd (The Best of New Welsh Folk Music) (1997) on Sain SCD 2146

Plethyn “Breuddwyd Glyndŵr” from Drws Agored (1991) on Sain SCD 4033

Ar Log “Y Gwr a’i Farch / Pant Corlan yr Wyn (The Gent and His Mare / Lamb’s Fold Valley)” from Ar Log I-III (1976-1981) (2001) on Sain SCD 2303

Carreg Lafar “Ysbryd y Werin/Mae’r Ddaear yn Glasu” from Goreuon Canu Gwerin Newydd (The Best of New Welsh Folk Music) (1997) on Sain SCD 2146

Set break


Gudrun Walther & Jürgen Treyz “Carlotta’s Jig” from duo (2017) on Walther & Treyz Records

Comas “Het Luiaardsgild/ Lazy Waltz” from CHARGE (2012) on Mad River

Tour De France “En Passant la Riviere/Carree de Vouvray” from Music of the French Provinces (2003) on Independent

Wolgemut “Bretonischer Tanz” from Shauspiluden on Wolgemut

Set break

Vasen “30-Års Jiggen” from Nordic Roots (2001) on NorthSide

Ranarim “High Mountains, Low Valleys” from Nordic Roots 3 (2001) on NorthSide

Marin/Marin “Vadmalsglitter” from Skuggspel (2013) on Dimma Sweden

Värttinä “the village awaits the new moon” from Nordic Roots 2 (1999) on NorthSide

Set break

Genticorum “La-bas dans la Prairie” from Avant l’Orage (2018) on Unknown

Station ID

Genticorum “Reel Lenoir” from Avant l’Orage (2018) on Unknown


Ben Miller, Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald “O Cha Teid, Cha Teid Meise” from A Day at the Lake (2017) on Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald

Ben Miller, Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald “Southwest of Shinness” from A Day at the Lake (2017) on Ben Miller & Anita MacDonald


Gwalarn “Ar soudarded’zo gwisket e ruz” from Fest Vraz (Musiques Bretonnes – The Sounds of Brittany – Celtic music Keltia Musique) on Keltia Musique

Rozaroun “Gavotte pourlet” from Le Fest-Noz d’Eog on Coop Breizh

Annie Ebrel “Dañs ar c’hi” from Nuit de la St-Patrick on Keltia Musique

Set break

Berrogüetto “A Forza das Mareas” from Viaxe por Urticaria on Fol Musica

Susana Seivane “Taramundi e Alén” from Susana Seivane (1999) on Green Linnet

Llan de Cubel “Llonxana” from Llan de Cubel: IV (1996) on Iona Records

Carlos Nunez “Aires de Pontevedra” from The Burren Backroom on Independent

Set break

Faustus “Death Goes a Walking” from Death and Other Animals (2016) on Westpark Music

Sam Kelly “Banish Misfortune” from The Lost Boys on TCR Music

The John Renbourn Group “John Barleycorn” from A Maid In Bedlam (1977) on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.


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