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Liz Carrol and John Doyle-Near and Long Ago-Double Play-Compass
Carla Sciaky-The Band of Shearers-Spin the Weavers-Green Linnet
Jenna Moynihan-Kendall Tavern-Woven-Hearth PR


Colleen Raney- The Boys of Ballaghbawn-Here This Home-Little Sea
Fiddler’s Bid-Jim Craig’s Set-Naked and Bare-Green Trax
The Outside Track-Get Through December-Light Up the darkLorimer Records
Tony McManus- The Maids of Mitceltown-The Maker’s Mark-Compass


Jim Malcol-Maggie’s Bairn-The First Cold Day-Beltane
Chantan-Slave’s Lament-Primary Colors-Culburnie
Woodson and McDonald-Drunk at Night Dry in the Morning-The Sunny Hills-Woodson and McDonald
Lissa Sheneckenbergur-The Irish Girl-Fiddles and Vocals-Fiddle and Vocals-Footprint


MaryJane Lammond and Wendy Macisaac-Air a Ghille Tha Mo Run-Seinn-Factor
Wendy Stewart-Reel Set-Standing Wave-Green Trax
Teresa Hogan and Mat Griffin-Fair Flowers of the Valley-Brightest Sky Blue-Hogan and Griffin
De Temps Antan-La Fee de dents-Les Habits de Papier-Musication


Julie Fowlis-Puirt-A-Beul-Every Story-Machair
Patrick Street-The Raheen Medly-Live- Green Linnet
By Water-Earth and Stone-By Water- Fresh Haggis Music
Woodson and McDonald-Quick Steps-The Sunny Hills-Woodson and McDonald


Capercaille-Fainne an Dochais-At the Heart of it All-Compass
Matt and Shannon Heaton-The Shady Spot-Blue Skies Above-Heaton
Susan McKeown-The Hare’s Lament-Lowlands-Green Linnet
Mike and Mary Rafferty-Down the Back Lane-The Dangerous Reel-Kell’s Music


Michael Black-The Willow Tree-Michael Black-Compass
Lunasa-Harp and Shamrock-Redwood-Green Linnet
Dougie MacLean-Broken Wings-The Essential Dougie MacLean
Capercaille-Puirt a Beul/Snug in a blanket-Crosswinds-Green Linnet

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New Year’s Day 2017

Spiral Bound “Cold Frosty Morning” from Dirty Overhauls (2000) on Folklore


Molly’s Revenge & Christa Burch “winter song” from Wintersong (2013) on Molri Music

Duncan Chisholm “Chi Mi’n Geamhraidh” from The Door of Saints on Copperfish

Aidan Brennan, Johnny Cunningham & Susan McKeown “A Mhisg a Chuir an Nollaig Oirnn (The Drunkenness That Christmas Brought Us) / Drunk Since Ever I Saw Your Face” from A Winter Talisman (2001) on Sheila-na-Gig Music

Set break

Maddy Prior & Tim Hart “Of All the Birds” from Summer Solstice (2006) on Shanachie Entertainment

Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford “the birds” from On Common Ground (2009) on BallyO Records

Shira Kammen “The Wren In the Furze” from The Castle of the Holly King (2003) on Magnatune

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas “On the Wings of a Skorrie” from Abundance (2014) on Culburnie

Set break

Christa Burch “The Hawk and the Crow” from Love of the Land (2009) on Christa Burch

Battlefield Band “The Golden Eagle / O’er the Moor to Maggie / The Highland Man Kissed His Grannie / Wissahickon Drive” from New Spring (2008) on Temple Records

The Paul McKenna Band “Greylag Geese” from Paths That Wind (2016) on Independent

Breabach “The Desperate Battle” from The Desperate Battle of the Birds (2010) on Breabach Records

Set break


Station ID


Runa “The False Knight Upon the Road (Live)” from live (2016) on RUNA Music

Runa “The Jewels of the Ocean / Michael Connell’s Reel (Live)” from live (2016) on RUNA Music

Daimh “Cuir aNall” from The Hebridean Sessions (2015) on Independent

Skipper’s Alley “Muireann’s” from Skipper’s Alley (2015) on Independent

Set break

Julie Fowlis “Lon-dubh (Blackbird) (Live)” from Live At Perthshire Amber (2011) on Machair

Cillian Vallely “The Leitrim Thrush: O’Reilly from Aithcarne / Willie Clancy’s Reel / The Leitrim Thrush” from The Raven’s Rock (2016) on Cillian Vallely

Salt House “She’s Like the Swallow” from Lay Your Dark Low (2013) on Make Believe Records

Fiddler’s Bid “Apo Fetlar Top” from All Dressed In Yellow (2009) on Hairst Blinks Music

Set break

Tri Yann An Naoned “An alarc’h (Bretagne)” from Tri Yann An Naoned (1998) on Universal Music Division Mercury

Dervish “Swallow’s Tail (Lilting Banshee / Mug of Brown Ale / Swallow’s Tail / Morning Dew)Compass” from SPIRIT (2004) on Compass

Jenny Sturgeon “raven” from From the Skein (2016) on Tamarach Records

Mànran “An Eala Bhan” from Mànran (2011) on Manran Records

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