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Al Petteway-Erin Suas a Storin-Caledon Wood-Maggie’s Music
Colleen Raney-Dark Eyed Sailor-Lark-Colleen Raney
Fiddler’s Bid-Christchurch Catherdral-Naked and Bare-Green Trax


John Doyle and Karen Casey-False Lady-Exile’s Return-Compass
Outside Track-Wrong House-Light up the House-Lorimer Records
Capercaille-Seinnean cliu nam fear Ur-Roses and Tears-Compass
Tony McManus-Port na bPucal-Porqoiu Quebec?


Litha-Mondlicht-Dancing in the Light-Rough Trade
Cherish the Ladies-Cameronian Set-Out and About-Green Linnet
Jim Malclom-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-The Corncrake-Beltane
Old Blind Dogs-The Breton and Galician Set-Gab O’ Mey-Green Linnet


Matt and Shannon Heaton-Thady Casey’s-Blue Skies Above-ESL
Capercaille-Nighean Dubh Nighean Donn-At the Heart of it All-Compass
John McSherry and Donal O’Connor-Spanish 5’s-Tripswitch-Compass
High King’s-Marie’s Wedding-The High Kings


Mick McAuley-As I roved Out-Highs and Bellows-McAuley
Nimh ni Charra-Deoraocht an t-Saighdira-From Both Sides-Imeartas
Solas-Aililiu na Gamhna-Sunny Spells-Shanachie
Hanneke Cassel-Dot the Dragon’s Eyes-Dot the Dragon’e Eyes-Cassel


Fautus-Og’s Eye Man-Broken Down Gentlemen
Mick McAuley-The Ballycotton Jigs-Highs and Bellows-McAuley
By Water-Earth and Stone-By Water-Maggie’s Music
Johnny Hardie and Gavin Marwick-The Snuff Wife-Blue Lamp-KRL

Capercaille-Seinnean cliu nam Fear ur-The Ultimate Guide to Scottiish Folk-ARC
Fiddler’s Bid-Da shaaldls-Da Farden-Green Trax
Sean Doyle-Let Mr. Maquire Sit Down-The Light and the half Light-Compass
Cythara-Women of Ireland-Morrison’s Jig-Over the Hills-KRL

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Connla “Escaldárium” from River Waiting (2016) on Independent

Pete Coutts “Casting the Peat” from Northern Sky (2016) on Fit Like Records

Andrew Finn Magill “The Castle Hornpipe / Fountain’s Hornpipe” from Roots (2016) on Independent

Elias Alexander “Bywater” from Bywater (2016) on Fresh Haggis Music

Set break

Eileen Ivers “Farewell My Love and Remember Me” from Beyond the Bog Road (2016) on eOne Music

Jenna Moynihan “Kendall Tavern / Dancing in Allihies” from Woven (2015) on Independent

Runa “A Stór, A Stór, A Ghrá (Live)” from live (2016) on RUNA Music

Doolin’ “The Road to Gleanntán (with John Doyle)” from Doolin’ (2016) on Compass Records

Set break

Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh “Mo Nion O” from Imeall on Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh

Mick McAuley “Indifference (feat. Colm O Caoimh)” from Highs and Bellows (2016) on Mick McAuley

Fiona Hunter “The Laird O Drum” from Fiona Hunter (2013) on Rusty Squash Horn Records

Cillian Vallely “The Dead Rabbit: Clifton Road Jig / The Dead Rabbit” from The Raven’s Rock (2016) on Cillian Vallely

Set break

Station ID


Ar Log “Y Gwr a’i Farch / Pant Corlan yr Wyn (The Gent and His Mare / Lamb’s Fold Valley)” from Ar Log I-III (1976-1981) (2001) on Sain SCD 2303

Plethyn “Breuddwyd Glyndŵr” from Drws Agored (1991) on Sain SCD 4033

Aberjaber “Machynlleth / Pwt Ar y Bys / Llanofer Reel” from Gorau Gwerin – The Best of Welsh Folk Music (1992) on Sain SCD 2006

Carreg Lafar “Ysbryd y Werin/Mae’r Ddaear yn Glasu” from Goreuon Canu Gwerin Newydd (The Best of New Welsh Folk Music) (1997) on Sain SCD 2146

Set break


Faustus “Lovely Johnny” from Broken Down Gentlemen (2013) on Navigator Records

The Imagined Village “Death And The Maiden Retold” from The Imagined Village on Real World Records

Set break

Annie Ebrel “Dans ar C’hi” from Nuit de la St-Patrick on Keltia Musique

Pennoù Skoulm “Loudia-Loudia II” from Trinkañ (2009) on Innacor

Denez Prigent “Evit Netra (Une Chanson Pour Rien)” from Irvi (2000) on Barclay

Set break

Hevia “Busindre reel” from Tierra de Nadie (1999) on EMI

Carlos Nunez “Aires de Pontevedra” from The Burren Backroom on Independent

Corquieu “Muneires de Valdes” from Suana (2009) on Tierra Discos

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Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham have just started their 30th anniversary tour!

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham “My Lily / The Sweetness of Mary / Hughie Jim Paul’s Reel” from Another Gem (2001) on Compass Records

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham “Charlie Hunter’s Jig / The Mouse In the Cupboard / The Rosewood” from The Best of Aly & Phil (2005) on Compass Records

Set break

We attended a wonderful house concert last night, featuring Irene Watt from Aberdeen, so this set features music from that region.

Irene Watt “Fisherman’s Lassie” from Tide of Change on Independent

Jonny Hardie “J O Forbes of Corse” from Lucky Jonny (2005) on Birnam CD

Ian F. Benzie “The Laird o’ Drum” from So Far (1995) on KRL

Pete Coutts “In & Oot” from Northern Sky (2016) on Fit Like Records

Joe Aitken “Barnyards o’Delgaty” from Festival Favorites (2010) on Independent

Old Blind Dogs “J&B Reel – The Bonawe Highlanders” from New Tricks (1992) on KLUB Records

Set break

Orkney and Shetland music

Ivan Drever “Had She Been Aye” from Every Breaking Heart (1992) on Attic Records

Fara “Jeremy and Regina’s/Bright Grey” from Fara (2014) on Independent

Fara “Three Fishers” from Fara (2014) on Independent

Catriona MacKay & Chris Stout “Spondrift/Souch o’ da Laebrack” from Laebrack on Greentrax Recordings

Set break

Station ID

New Music from Ireland and America

The Outside Track “Wrong House” from Light up the Dark (2015) on Lorimer

Connla “Moon and Stars” from River Waiting (2016) on Independent

Skipper’s Alley “Francie Manus Byrne’s” from Skipper’s Alley (2015) on Independent

Doolin’ “The Galway Girl” from Doolin’ (2016) on Compass Records

Set break

Irish Americana

Socks in the Frying Pan “Shady grove” from Socks in the Frying Pan (2012) on Socks in the Frying Pan

The Chieftains “Katie Dear” from Down the Old Plank Road: The Nashville Sessions on RCA Victor

Runa “The Hunter Set” from Current Affairs (2014) on Runamusic

The Chieftains “The Cheatin’ Waltz / Bandit of Love” from Further Down the Old Plank Road on RCA Victor

Set break

Scottish Americana

Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid “Sios Dhan an Abhainn” [Down to the River to Pray] from Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid (2008) on Watercolour Music Ltd

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham “Waiting for the Federals” from The Best of Aly & Phil (2005) on Compass Records

Norrie Tago MacIver “Am bi an Cearcall seo gun Bhristeadh” [Will the Circle Be Unbroken] from The Road Dance (2014) on Tago Records

Molly’s Revenge “Deer Sally Brown” from Trio (2013) on Molri Music



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