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Playlist Feb. 21, 2016

Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson “gordon” from Air-Fix on EmuBands

Colleen Raney “Colliery Boy” from Here This is Home (2013) on Little Sea Records

Téada “Jigs / Slip Jig: The Jig of the Dead / I Have a House of My Own with a Chimney Built on the Top of It / Paddy Breen’s / The Bird’s Call” from In Spite of the Storm (2013) on Gael Linn

FullSet “Fear a Bhata” from Notes Between the Lines (2015) on FullSet Records

Set break


Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar (2008) on Copperfish

Daimh “O Fair A-Nall Am Botal” from The Hebridean Sessions (2015) on Independent

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas “Braigh Lochiall” from Abundance (2014) on Culburnie

James Graham “Air an Traigh” from Greisean Greine (2007) on Skipinnish

Set break

Kammen & Swan “Son Ar Sistr” from Wild Wood (2002) on Evil Twin

ColinDoesStuff “Si Beag, Si Mhor” from YouTube on YouTube

The Original Dubliners “whiskey In the Jar” from The Best of the Original Dubliners (2003) on EMI

Ed Miller “The Effects of Whisky” from Lowlander (2002) on Wellfield

Robin Laing “More Than Just a Dram” from The Angels Share (1997) on Greentrax Recordings

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Old Blind Dogs “Gaelic Song” from Four on the Floor on Compass

Old Blind Dogs “Portobello (Portobello / Missy Brady’s / Hughie Shortie’s Reel / Kent Road)” from Wherever Yet May Be (2010) on Compass Records

Old Blind Dogs “Bedlam Boys” from Four on the Floor on Compass

Set break

Doimninc Mac Giolla Bhride & Griogair Labhruidh “Donall na Greine / Domhnall an Dannsair” from Guailibh a’ Cheile on Dunach Records

Set break

Andrea Beaton “radio edit” from Little Black Book (2011) on Andrea Beaton

Skipper’s Alley “Buachaillín Deas Óg Mé” from Skipper’s Alley (2015) on Independent

Oirialla “Through the Heather” from Oirialla on Lug

Solas “Sixteen Come Next Sunday” from All These Years (2016) on Independent

Set break

Eileen Ivers “Kitty’s Wedding” from Beyond the Bog Road on eOne Music

Breabach “Muriwai” from Astar on Breabach Records

Hevia “Tanzila” from Al Otro Lado (2000) on EMI

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A Valentine’s Day opportunity to play some of the amazing array of Celtic Love Song.
The endearing, the lost love, the tragic love, the reunited love. A rich treasury.



Kim Robertson-My Love is like a Red Red Rose-Searching for Lambs-Gourd
Chantan-The Collier Laddie-Primary Colours-Culburnie
Steve Baughman-Softly and Tenderly-Farewell to Orkney-Celtic Guitar


Cara Dillon-Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor-Hill of Thieves-Proper
Danu-Road to Cashel-All Things Considered-Shanachie
Dougie MacLean-Gin I was a Baron’s Heir- Traditional Love SongsDanu-Bridget Donaghue-All Tings Considered-Shanachie
Danu-Bidget Donoghue-All Things Considered-Shanachie


Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane
Niamh Parsons-Once I loved with dear affection-Traditional Love Songs-Compilation
Alasdair Fraser-Sally Mo gradh-Dawn Dance-Culburnie
Dougie MacLean-This Love will Carry-Singing Land-Dunkeld


Jim Malcolm-Highland Mary-Acquaintance-Beltane
The Voice Squad-A Fond Kiss-Good People All-Shanchie
Rod Patterson-A Red Red Rose-Songs from the Bottom Drawer-Green Linnet
James Malcolm-The Lovely Lass of Inverness-Beltane


Anuna-Never Give all the Heart-Tears of Stone-RCA
Dick Gaughan-The Snows they melt the soonest-Handfull of Earth-Green Linnet
Kate Rusby-I am Stretched out on Your Grave-Hourglass-Pure Records
Deaf Sheperd-Weepers I Shall Wear-Synergy-CD Trax


Maddy Prior-Man is for the Woman Made-Hang up Sorrows and Care
Paul Kamm and Elenor MacDonald-Calling on Love-Calling on LOve-Free Wheel Records
Deanta-Where are you-Whisper of a Secret
Malinky-I Dreamed Last Night of my True Love


Cedric Smith-Carrighfergus-Elemental
Archie Fisher-A River Like You-A Silent Song-Redhouse
Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts-Ned on the Hill -Compass
The Cast-A Red Red Rose-Greengold-Green Trax

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Playlist Feb. 7


Jenna Moynihan “Kendall Tavern / Dancing in Allihies” from Woven (2015) on Independent

The Alt “Finn Waterside” from The Alt (2014) on Under the Arch

Dallahan “Maggie’s Jigs” from When the Day Is On the Turn (2015) on Dallahan

Skipper’s Alley “Buachaillín Deas Óg Mé” from Skipper’s Alley (2015) on Independent

Socks in the Frying Pan “Spaceships and Frying Pans: The Pride of Petravore / The Lads of Laois / The Sailor On the Rock” from Return of the Giant Sock Monsters from Outer Space (2015) on Socks in the Frying Pan

Set break

Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid “Chunna Mise Mo Leannan” from Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid (2008) on Watercolour Music Ltd

Duncan Chisholm “An Ribhinn Donn” from Affric (2012) on Copperfish Records

Cruinn “Thig Mi Gad Iarraidh” from Storas (2014) on Cruinn

Daimh “Bog an Lochan” from The Hebridean Sessions (2015) on Independent

Set break

Jenna Moynihan “Dolina Mackay” from Woven (2015) on Independent

Old Blind Dogs “Scotland Yet” from Wherever Yet May Be (2010) on Compass Records

Old Blind Dogs “Psychopomps (Fouller’s Rant / Psychopomps)” from Wherever Yet May Be (2010) on Compass Records

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Clannad “Siuil a Run (Irish Love Song)” from Dulaman (1976) on Shanachie

The Gloaming “The Girl Who Broke My Heart” from The Gloaming (2013) on Brassland

Kila “Ón Taobh Tuathail Amach” from Tóg É Go Bóg É (1997) on Kila Records

Michael McGoldrick “Mackerel and Tatties: Becks Verandah / Perth Reel / Mackerel and Tatties / Salton de San Martin” from Aurora (2010) on Compass Records

Set break

Genticorum “Le 25 de mai (Live)” from Enregistré (Live) (2013) on Roues et Archets

Vishtèn “Trois blizzards” from Terre rouge (2015) on Les Auditions du Corfus

Coig “Nach Muladach Muladach Duine Leis Fhèin” from Five (2014) on Còig

Cassie and Maggie “Kenzie’s” from Sterling Road (2014) on Hearth PR

Set break

Llan de Cubel “Muneira de Batriban – Muneira de Rengos” from Deva on Fono Astur

Gatos del Fornu “La Fontona” from Gatos del Fornu on Fono Astur

Corquieu “Bargaz” from Salia (2005) on Tierra Discos

Hevia “Busindre reel” from Tierra de Nadie (1999) on EMI



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