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Daimh appears in a hosue concert in Fort Bragg California October 1st

Powerhouse group Daimh will appear in a house concert in Fort Bragg, CA October 1st.  Only 8 tickets left!  Email oakandthorn@kzyx.org for more information.

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Alasdair Fraser-Funky 105-Dawn Dance-Culburnie

Julie Fowlis-The Choice-Every Story-Machair

Franco Morone-Respiro di Una Vecchia Forrestra-Stranlandia


Meav-Newry Boat Song-Silver Sea-Valley Entertainment

Cythara-Julia Delaney-Brital Hornpipe-Plucked and Hammered-KRL

Dougie MacLean-Ca’ the Yowes-Tribute-Dunkeld

Grada-Out in Otaki-Endevor-Compass


Archie Fisher-Lord of the May-A Silent Song-Redhouse Records

Rebecca Lomnicky and David Brewer-The Light House-The Fire-Lomiskey and Brewer

Malinky-The False Lover Won Back-3 Ravens-Green Trax

William Coulter-Misfortune/The Kesh Jig-Celtic Crossing-Gourd


Daimh-Dhannsamaid le A Lean-The Hebridean Sessions

Shannon Heaton-Dennis Watson’s-The Blue Dress

Cherish the Ladies-Coal Quay Market-The Back Door-Green Linnet

Vishten-Esprit Du Bon Vin-Musique Trad Acadienne-Musication


Capercaille-Nighean Dubh Nighean Donn-At the Heart of it All-Vertical

Liz Carrol and John Doyle-The Island of Woods-In Play-Compass

Archie Fisher-Waltz Into Winter-A Silent Song-Red House

Peter Ostroushko-Trip to Donegal-Coming Down from Red Lodge


Robbie O’Connel-There were Roses-2oth Green Linnet Anniversary

Dervish-Beauties of Autumn-Spirit-Compass

The House Band-Pharaoh-20th Green Linnet Anniversary

Jim Malclom-Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane


Connie Dover-Fear an Bhata-If Ever I Return-Taylor Park

Cherish the Ladies-The Cameronian Set-Out and About-Green Linnet

Anam-The Next Market Day-First Footing

Peter Ostroushko-Trip to Donegal-Coming Down from Red Lodge

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Playlist – Fair special

Today’s themes is the Fair, in honor of the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show, taking place in Boonville this weekend.

Rebecca Lomnicky “The Ewie Wi’ the Crooked Horn” from The Call (2006) on Independent

The Bothy Band “Do you love an apple” from 1975 (1975) on Compass Records Group

Craobh Rua “The Hornless Cow Reel -John Naughtons -The Galway Rambler.” from No Matter How Cold & Wet You Are on Lochshore

Battlefield Band “Lads o’ the Fair” from Home Is Where the Van Is (2008) on Temple Records

Set break

Malinky “The Term Time” from Far Better Days (2015) on Malinky Music

Sharon Shannon “Hogs and Heifers” from Libertango (2004) on Compass Records

Old Blind Dogs “The Barnyards O’Delgaty” from Tall Tails (1994) on Lochshore

Set break

Joe Aitken “The Lispin’ Leghorn” from Festival Favorites (2010) on Independent

Ian Melrose “The Hen’s March O’er the Midden” from Between the Sighs on Inaku-tik

Jim Malcolm “The Shepherd’s Wife” from Acquaintance (2007) on Beltane

Daimh “Bog an Lochan” from The Hebridean Sessions (2015) on Independent

Set break

Mary Jane Lamond “Crodh Air A’ Bhruaich” from Lan Duil (1999) on turtlemusik

David Brewer “Feisty Blonde Cow” from Living Tradition (2004) on David Brewer

Rachel Walker “Puirt a Beul” from Air Chall : Lost (2010) on Skipinnish Records

Troy MacGillivray “Crodh Chailein (Colin’s Cattle)” from Eleven (2010) on Independent

Set break

The Paul McKenna Band “The Lambs on the Green Hills” from Stem The Tide (2011) on Mad River

Beginish “A Night at the Fair/Bill the Weaver’s/Sios Chun Tra Na” from beginish on Inis

Ed Miller “The Shearin’s No’ for You” from The Edinburgh Rambler (1997) on Greentrax Recordings

Davy Spillane Kevin Glackin “Cul Fada Reel/The Ravelled Hank of Yarn” from Forgotten Days (2001) on Independent

Andy M. Stewart “To the Weavers Gin Ye Go” from Songs of Robert Burns (1991) on Green Linnet

Set break

Capercaillie “Fear a’ Bhàta (My Boatman)” from The Blood is Strong (1988) on Survival Records

Lúnasa “Boy in the Boat” from Se (2006) on Compass Records

Battlefield Band “The Weary Whaling Ground” from Threads (1995) on Temple Records

Battlefield Band “In and Out the Harbour / The Top Tier / Sleepy Maggie / Molly Rankin” from Threads (1995) on Temple Records

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Labor Day Special!

A selection of songs from the long, rich tradition of the Labour movement in the British Isles.

09:04:00 The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem “The Work of the Weavers” from The Best of on Columbia Legacy

09:06:00 Set break

09:08:02 The Chieftains “The Job of Journeywork” from Chieftains 8 (1978) on columbia

09:13:49 The Dubliners “Poor Paddy On the Railway” from The Best of the Original Dubliners on EMI

09:16:41 Battlefield Band “Working Away / The Toastie Jig” from New Spring (2008) on Temple Records

09:20:00 Set break

09:21:00 Maddy Prior “Honest Work” from Flesh and Blood (1998) on Park Records

09:23:33 Liz Carroll & John Doyle “A Pound a Week Rise” from Double Play (2009) on Compass

09:27:56 Sean Keane “Tunnel Tigers” from Turn a Phrase (1996) on Kells

09:31:31 Bodega “crooked jack” from Bodega (2006) on Greentrax Recordings

09:36:00 Set break

09:39:23 2Duos “Midlothian Mining Song” from Until the Cows Come Home (2009) on artes-records

09:43:04 The House Band “The Pit Stands Idle” from Groundwork (1993) on Green Linnet

09:47:32 Ceolbeg “The Collier’s Way” from An Unfair Dance (1993) on Greentrax Recordings

09:52:42 FullSet “The Heathery Cruach” from Notes At Liberty (2011) on FullSet Records

09:57:17 Ed Miller “The Prince of Darkness” from Lowlander (2002) on Wellfield

10:02:00 Set break

10:03:00 Station ID

10:04:00 PSA

10:07:40 Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny “monday morning” from At It Again (2006) on Green Linnet

10:12:10 The Paul McKenna Band “Mickey Dam” from ELEMENTS (2013) on Compass

10:15:37 Stan Rogers “The White Collar Holler” from Between the Breaks…Live! [IMPORT] (1979) on Fogarty’s Cove

10:23:00 Set break

10:28:16 Chumbawamba “Poverty Knock” from English Rebel Songs 1381-1914 (2008) on PM Press

10:31:30 Hamish Imlach “If it Wisnae For The Union” from STUC Centenary Album on Greentrax

10:35:25 Andy Irvine “Never Tire of the Road” from Rain on the Roof (1996) on Andy Irvine

10:40:10 Brian McNeill “Sell Your Labour Not Your Soul” from If It Wisnae For the Union (1996) on Greentrax

10:43:00 Set break

10:44:17 Battlefield Band “I Am the Common Man” from Anthem for the Common Man (2008) on Temple Records

10:47:17 The House Band “Pharaoh” from Green Linnet Records: The Twentieth Anniversary Collection Vol. II (2006) on Green Linnet

10:50:28 Paul Mounsey “Work song” from City of Walls (2003) on Iona Records

10:54:00 Set break

10:54:17 The Clancy Brothers & Robbie O’Connell “The Final Trawl” from Older But No Wiser on Vanguard Records

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Daimh appears in a hosue concert in Fort Bragg California October 1st

Powerhouse group Daimh will appear in a house concert in Fort Bragg, CA October 1st.  For more information, email oakandthorn@kzyx.org

Dàimh are based in Lochaber in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland; an area as much renowned for its scenic beauty as for its rich musical and cultural heritage. A long‐established favourite at folk festivals in Scotland, Ireland and across Europe, twice nominated for Folk Band of the Year at the Scots Traditional Music Awards, Dàimh are also regulars on BBC television.


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