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Included are a few traditional songs as a homage to the sheep shearing beginning in rural areas of Northern California.

Around the world this summer necessity gives rise to  songs of work, shearing, sheep and shepherdesses.



Rory Cambell-Tangsdale-The Piper’s Whim-Lochshore

Orla-Na Buachaili Alainn-The Water is Wide-Manhatten Records

John Williams-The Humors of Klilcloger-Steam-Green Linnet


Kate Rusby-The Duke and the Tinker-Sleepless-Compass

Hanz Araki-Eamonn na Choi/The Blacksmith-6 of One

Lissa Schneckenberger-The Irish Girl-Fiddle and Vocals-Footprint

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill-Cat in the Corner/John Naughton’s Jig-The Lonesome Touch-Green Linnet


Cala Sciaky-Click Click that’s How the Shears go-Spin the Weaver’s Song-Green Linnet

Jim Malcolm-The Shearing-The First Cold Day-Beltane

Carla Sciaky-Band of Shearer’s-Spin the Weaver’s Song-Green Linnet

Dougie MacLean-Ca the Yowes-Tribute-Dunkeld

Jim Malcolm-Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane


Cathie Ryan-Slan Abhail-Shanchie

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-The Black Ship-Laebrack-Green Trax

Christa Burch-Love of the Land-Love of the Land-Christa Burch

Three Mile Stone-Gypsy Princess-Three Mile Stone


Cassie and Maggie-The King’s Shilling-Sterling Road-

Hanneke Cassel-Natasha McCoy’s Reel-Dot the Dragon’s Eye-Cassel Records

Hanz Araki-One Morning in May-6 of One

Eamonn Coyne-Mazurka/Set of Jigs(Through the Round Window)-compass

Three Mile Stone-Heather on the Moor-Three Mile Stone


Matt and Shannon Heaton-Bay of Biscay-Lover’s Well

John Doyle-The Glad Eye-Wayward Son-Compass

The Alt-Lovely Nancy-The Alt-Under the Arch

Hanz Araki-Harp and Shamrock-Little Fires-Wild Wood


Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press Gang

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Smugglers-Laebrack-Green Trax

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Solstice Playlist


09:04:24 David Brewer “Solstice Fire” from Living Tradition on David Brewer

09:08:00 Set break

09:10:49 Maddy Prior & Tim Hart “False Knight on the Road” from Summer Solstice (2006) on Shanachie Entertainment

09:13:50 Litha “Archway” from Dancing of the Light (2011) on Rough Trade

09:18:22 Steeleye Span “Rosebud in June” from Below the Salt (2009) on Chrysalis UK

09:22:00 Set break

09:22:00 PSA

09:24:45 David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky “Dave MacDondald’s” from The Fire on Independent

09:28:10 Men of Worth “A’ Suathadh / Out On the Ocean” from Culmore on Mahog Music

09:31:32 Vishtèn “Esprit Du Bon Vin” from 11:11 on Vishtèn Music

09:34:56 De Temps Antan “Roma au lac Bell” from Les habits de papier on L-A be

09:39:00 Set break

09:41:10 Kammen & Swan “Shetland Set” from Wild Wood (2002) on Evil Twin

09:46:47 Caladh Nua “Song: Seoladh Na nGamhna (feat. James Blennerhassett)” from Honest to Goodness (2014) on Caladh Nua

09:50:21 Cruinn “Oran an t-Slaightear” from Storas (2014) on Cruinn

09:53:24 Danu “Reels: Chicago Set” from Buan (2015) on Danu

09:57:00 Set break

09:59:00 Station ID

09:59:00 PSA

10:02:16 Robin Laing “More Than Just a Dram” from The Angels Share (1997) on Greentrax Recordings

10:06:30 The Teetotalers “Green Fields of Woodford, The Nightingale, The Castle” from THE BURREN BACKROOM SERIES (2015) on WGBH

10:12:12 Deep End of the Ford “The cries of Sualtaim’s head (Scread Ceann Sualtaim)” from An Táin on LMMusic

10:18:01 Andrea Beaton “Smirnoff” from Branches on Andrea Beaton

10:25:00 Dominig Bouchaud & Yann Honoré “Marv eo mestrez (feat. Anne Auffret)” from Marv eo mestrez (feat. Anne Auffret) on Coop Breizh

10:28:00 Jean Baron & Christian Anneix “Laridé de Pontivy Baud” from Envor – Hommage à Théo Le Maguet on Keltia Musique

10:32:42 Tri Yann “I rim bo ro” from Bretagne Muzik e Breizh on Coop Breizh

10:36:44 Anne Auffret & Florian Baron “Setu: Dansez le plinn” from Bretagne Muzik e Breizh on Coop Breizh

10:39:44 Rozaroun “Gavotte pourlet” from Le Fest-Noz d’Eog on Coop Breizh

10:42:44 Annie Ebrel-Noluen Le Buhe “An Dezertour (Dastum Kreizh Breizh)” from Fest-Noz on Ouest France

10:45:44 Plantec “Kalon (Scottish)” from Plantec on Aztec musique

10:48:59 Denez Prigent “An Teodou Fall – Gossip” from An Enchanting Garden (2015) on Coop Breizh

10:51:59 Ar Re Yaouank “M-a-l (An-dro)” from Les titres essentiels Bretagne on Aztec musique

10:58:21 Denez Prigent “An Trucher Hag an Ankou (The Cheater and the Death)” from An Enchanting Garden (2015) on Coop Breizh



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Kim Robertson-Mist Covered Mountains of Home-Highland Heart-Gourd

Jacqui McShee-Jardin D’Amour-Passe Avant-Park

Jody’s Heaven-Maire’s Waltz-Foxglove


Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy Macissac-Oran ant-saigher-Seinn

Martin Hayes-Bonny Crossing the Alps-Under the Moon-GLCD

Colleen Raney-Belfast Mountains-Cuan-Cuan Music

Reel Time-Sile-Live it Up-Green Linnet


Julie Fowlis-Mo Bhean Chomar-As My Heart is-Machair

John Doyle-The Hungry Rock-Evening Comes Early-Shanachie

Runa-Fionnghuala-Stretched on Your Grave-Runa Music

Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy Macissac-Yellow


Capercaille-Nighean Dubh Nughean Donn-At the Heart of it all-Compass

Cillian Valleley-Kevin Crawford-Man from Moyasta-On Common Ground-Baly-o

Cassie and Maggie-The King’s Shilling-Hearth

Troy McGillvray-Pressed for Time-Live at the Music Room-Trolley


Karen Matheson-Laoidh Fhearchair Eoghainn-Down River-Compass

Manus Lunny-Nil si In Gra-Fire in the Glen-Shanachie

Michael Rooney and June McCormack-Sonny’s Return-Draiocht

John Doyle and Nuala Kennedy-Cha Tig mor Bhean Dhachaigh-The Alt-Under the Arch


Jim Malcom-Jeannie Reid’s Hoose-Tam O’Shanter-Other Tales-Beltane Records

Martin Hayes-The Buck’s of Oranmore-The Lonesome Touch-Green Linnet

Old Blind Dogs-Lads O’ the Fair-The Gab O Mey-Green Linnet

John McSherry and Donald O’Conner-Commonality Set-Compass


Alistair Ogilivy-Girl from the North Country-Leaves Sae Green-CDTRAX

Kathryn Tickell-Raincheck-The Gathering-Park

Ed Miller-Heather on the Moor-Lowlander-Wellfield

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