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09:04:00 John Renbourn “Three Pieces by O’Carolan” from The Hermit (1976) on Kicking Mule Records

09:08:00 Set break

09:12:00 The Full English “Arthur O’Bradley” from The Full English (2013) on Topic

09:16:03 The Fretless “Wing Commander” from The Fretless on Independent

09:19:16 Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar “The cockfight” from the call (2014) on Fellside Recordings Ltd

09:22:00 Set break

09:25:54 Danu “Muirisín Deas Set” from Buan (2015) on Danu

09:29:48 Altan “Maggie’s Pancakes / Píobaire an Chéide / The Friel Deal (Reels) [with Alison Brown, Stuart Duncan, Todd Phillips, Jim Higgins & Kenny Malone]” from The Widening Gyre (2015) on Compass Records

09:33:24 The Alt “Lovely Nancy” from The Alt (2014) on Under the Arch

09:37:59 Téada “Reels: James Murray’s / Porthole of the Kelp / The Watchmaker / The Spinning Wheel” from In Spite of the Storm (2013) on Gael Linn

09:42:00 Set break

09:46:30 Fiona Hunter “The Laird O Drum” from Fiona Hunter (2013) on Rusty Squash Horn Records

09:51:27 Daimh “Barra to Balloch” from Tuneship on Independent

09:54:57 Cruinn “Led er din sang” from Storas (2014) on Cruinn

09:59:00 Set break

10:00:00 Station ID

10:03:52 Patrick Ball “Whispering from Another World” from The Fine Beauty of the Island (2008) on Patrick Ball

10:12:00 Set break

10:15:06 Ed Miller “Wild Mountain thyme” from Live at the Cactus Cafe on Wellfield Music

10:18:47 Joe Aitken “Wee China Pig” from Festival Favorites (2010) on Independent

10:21:29 Andy M. Stewart “The Errant Apprentice” from The Man In the Moon (2006) on Green Linnet

10:25:00 Set break

10:25:15 Caladh Nua “Song: an Buachaillín Donn” from Honest to Goodness (2014) on Caladh Nua

10:29:17 FullSet “Up & About” from Notes After Dark (2013) on FullSet Records

10:34:28 Socks in the Frying Pan “Shady Grove” from Socks in the Frying Pan (2012) on Socks in the Frying Pan

10:39:21 Crossharbour “Voldemort’s” from Crossharbour (2014) on Higlet Recordings

10:45:00 Set break

10:50:10 The John Renbourn Group “John Barleycorn” from A Maid In Bedlam (1977) on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

10:53:48 The John Renbourn Group “Medley: the Battle of Augrham/5 In a Line” from A Maid In Bedlam (1977) on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

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Deborah Henson-Conant-The Nightingale-Imaginary Road

Cara Dillon-Spenser the Rover-Hill of Thieves-Proper

John Williams-Fraher’s Jig/Paddy’s Resource-Green Linnet


Maire Breantnach-Swans at Coole-Fiddler’s Green-Blix

The Alt-Lovely Nancy-Donegal Rain-Green Linnet

Wendy Stewart-Macleod of Mull-About Time 2-Green Trax

Andy Stewart-Donegal Rain-Green Linnet


Jim Malcolm-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-The Corncrake-Beltane

Grey Larsen-Oldenfjord-The Gathering-Sugar Hill

Julie Fowlis-Dance Dun Slattern-Every Story-Machair

Kevin Crawford and Cillian Vallely-Man from Moyasta-On Common Ground-Bally-o-Records


John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy & Eamon O’Leary-One Morning in May-The Alt-Under the Arch

Martin Hayes-The Old Bush/The Reel-The Lonesome Touch-Green Linnet

Wendy Stewart-The January Man-About Time 2-CD Trax

Grada-59th St.-Cloudy Day-Navigation-Compass


House Devils-Naomi Wise-Adieu to Old Ireland-Arc Music

Jerry Holland-Boo Baby’s Lullaby-Fiddler’s Choice-Odyssey Records

The Paul McKenna band-The Banks of New Foundland-Stem the Tide-Mad River

Chantan-The Collier Laddie-Auld Lang Syne-Culburnie


Genticorum-Turlutte hirsute-Nagez Rameurs-Musication-Mad River

Niamh ni Charra-Cailleach an Airgid-Happy Out-Imeartas Records

John Doyle and Liz Carrol-A Pound a Week Rise-Double Play-Compass

Julie Fowlis and Eddie Reader-Wind and Rain-Uam-Machair


Genticorum-Valse des Poales-Nagez Rameurs-Mad River

Steve Tilson-The Dowie Dens of Yarrow-Flying Fish

Aoife Clancy-The Blue Mountains-Silvery Moon-Appleseed

Alasdair Fraser-Chapel Keithack-Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle-Culburnie

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Paddy Keenan plays at a house concert in Fort Bragg on March 20

Paddy Keenan plays at a house concert in Fort Bragg on March 21

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09:04:00 Altan “Samhradh (Slow Reel) / Aniar Aduaidh (Jig) / The Donegal Jig [with Alison Brown, Natalie Haas, Todd Phillips & Jim Higgins]” from The Widening Gyre (2015) on Compass Records

09:14:11 Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford “Urchill A’chreagain” from On Common Ground (2009) on BallyO Records

09:18:58 Colm Phelan “Puirt a Beul (feat. Sarah Jane Murphy)” from full circle (2012) on Colm Phelan

09:21:15 Goitse “Slip Carefully: Rince Philib A’ Cheoil/ócam A’ Phríosúin/Tarrant’s” from Tall Tales & Misadventures on Goitse

09:24:27 Goitse “Tá Sé ‘na Lá” from Tall Tales & Misadventures on Goitse

09:27:00 Set break

09:33:01 Cassie and Maggie “The Dusty Meadow Variations” from Sterling Road (2014) on Hearth PR

09:38:07 Men of Worth “Soor Milk Cart / The Pony Trap” from Live in Encinitas on Mahog Music

09:43:17 Paddy Keenan & Tommy O’Sullivan “Dinny O’brien’s, The Garden of Daisies the Cork Hornpipe Harvest Home” from The Long Grazing Acre (2003) on Compass

09:47:00 Set break

09:50:39 The Alt “Lovely Nancy” from The Alt (2014) on Under the Arch

09:55:14 Caladh Nua “Reels: One Horned Buck / The Yellow Tinker / Touching Cloth” from Honest to Goodness on Caladh Nua

09:59:00 Station ID

10:01:07 Runa “Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves” from Jealousy on Runa

10:04:09 Danu “Jigs: Brown-Eyed Bridget” from Buan on Danu

10:08:31 The Full English “Arthur O’Bradley” from The Full English (2013) on Topic

10:12:00 Set break

10:20:56 Fiona Hunter “The Braes O’ Gleniffer” from Fiona Hunter (2013) on Rusty Squash Horn Records

10:25:11 Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas “Farley Bridge” from Abundance (2014) on Culburnie

10:29:14 Julie Fowlis “Puirt-À-Beul Set: Ribinnean Rìomhach (Beautiful Ribbons)” from Gach Sgeul / Every Story (2014) on Machair Records

10:34:25 Duncan Chisholm “The Erchless Scout” from Affric (2012) on Copperfish Records

10:40:00 Set break

10:40:54 Keith Murphy “Great Big Sea” from Suffer No Loss (2014) on Keith Murphy

10:44:14 Chris Norman Ensemble “Linkumdoddie” from The Caledonian Flute (2002) on Boxwood Media

10:48:48 Genticorum “Le 25 de mai (Live)” from Enregistré (Live) (2013) on Roues et Archets

10:53:38 Coig “the Oracle” from Five (2014) on Còig

10:58:00 Set break



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Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy MacIssac-Oran ant-saigher-Seinn-Factor

Cassie and Maggie-Jimmy’s-Sterling Road-Hearth PR

Whirligig-The Constant Lover’s-Spin-Prime


Julie Fowlis-Cadal Clarach Mo Luran-Every Story-Machair

Cythara-PJ Cunningham’s Odd Dance-Plucin’ and Hammered-KRL

Ellis Kennedy-Neadn a Lachan- Gaelic Ireland-ARC

Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy MacIssac-Yellow Coat-Seinn-Factor


John Doyle-The Cocks are Crowing-Wayward-Compass

Julie Fowlis-Dance Dun-Colored Slattern-Every Story

Tony McMaster-The Lochaber Dance/Chloe’s Passion-The Maker’s Mark-Compass

Cathy Jordan-Erin Gra mo Chroi-Faire Celts-Narada


JSD Band-Unknown Polka-Pastures of Plenty-Lochshore

Jim Malcom-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-The Corncrake-Beltane

Davy Spillane-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-EMI Records

Maggies-Wedding Dress-T with the Maggies-TWM


Malinky-Follow the Heron-3 Ravens-Green Trax

John Whelan-Tracks in the Snow-Come to Dance-Narada

Fautus-Thrashing Machine-Broken Down Gentlemen-Navigator

Kevin Crawford and Cillian Valley-Man from Mayasta-On Commonground-Bally-o Records


Cara Dillon-Hill of Thieves-Hill of Thieves-Proper

Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry-Ornette’s Trip to Belfast-At First Sight-Compass

The Cottar’s-Byker’s Hill-Forerunner-Rounder

Troy Macgillvray-Pressed for Time-Live at the Music Room-Trolley


Genticorum-La Gromdeuse Oppossum-La Bibournoise-Musication

Malinky-Pad the Road wi Me-Flower and Iron-Flower and Iron-Mad River

Liz Carrol and John Doyle-Lament for Tommy Makem-Double Play-Compass

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