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Liz Carrol-The Drunken Sailor-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet

Cara Dillon-She Moved through the Fair-Hill of Thieves-Proper

Shannon Heaton-The Shady Spot-Blue Skies Above-ESL CD


Malinky-Road to Drumleman-Flower and Iron-Green Trax

Tony McManus-Donald Og-The Maker’s Mark-Compass

Cassie and Maggie-The King’s Shilling-Sterling Road-Hearth PR

Goitse-Ladie’s Choice-Transformed-Goitse


Jim Malcolm-The Echo Mocks the Corncake-The Corncake-Beltane

Kathryn Tickell and the Side-Dark Skies Waltz-The Side-Resilient

Natalie Merchant-The Lowlands of Holland-Tears of Stone-RCA

John Doyle-The Old Bush-Wayward Son-Compass


Four Shillings Short-On Ragland Road-The Secret of Water Sound-Four Shillings Short

Julie Fowlis-Wind and Rain-Uam-Machair

Aine Minoque-An Fainne or-Twilight Realm-Little Miller Records

Dougie MacLean-Banks and Braes-Riof-Dunkeld


Mary Black-Leaboy’s Lassie-By the Time it gets Dark-Gift Horse

Franco Morone-Geordie and John Barleycorn-Road to Lisdoonvarna-Rough Trade

Litha-Icarus-Dancing of the Light-Rough Trade

Colleen Raney-Queen of Argyll-Lark-Colleen Raney


Kris Drever-Patrick Spence-Blackwater-Compass

Boston College Irish Fiddle Festival-The Exile of Erin-My Love Lives in America-Green Linnet

Niamh ni Charra-Cailleach an Airid-Happy Out-Imeartas -Records

John McSherry-Donald O’Connor-Rose in the Gap-


Ed Miller-Heather on the Moor-Lowlander-Wellfield

Troy Macgillivray-Pressed for Time-Live at the Music Room-Troy MacGilvray

Mick Mcauley-Serenade-Serenade-Compass

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09:04:00 Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas “Farley Bridge” from Abundance (2014) on Culburnie

09:08:00 Set break

09:11:03 Doris Rougvie “Lassie of Fashion” from My Joy of You (2007) on Red Barn

09:15:42 Ross Ainslie & Jarlath Henderson “road” from Partners In Crime (2008) on Vertical

09:19:43 Malinky “The Broomfield Hill” from Flower & Iron on Greentrax Recordings

09:23:00 Set break

09:26:52 Arthur Johnstone “Doon Through The Years” from Doon Through the Years (feat. The Stars Band) on Fairpley

09:29:19 Blazin’ Fiddles “Mama, Come Let’s Dance” from Six (2013) on Blazin Records

09:33:16 Dick Gaughan “Both Sides the Tweed” from If it Wisnae for the Union on Greentrax Recordings

09:36:56 The Finlay Macdonald Band “Lord Lovat’s Welcome To Castle Downie / Ud The Duduk” from ReEcho (2007) on Greentrax Recordings

09:41:00 Set break

09:48:00 Alan Kelly Gang “Birdmaker” from Small Towns and Famous Nights (2011) on Black Box Music

09:53:08 Éamonn Coyne & Kris Drever “Farewell to Stromness” from Storymap (2013) on Compass Records

09:57:26 Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh “An Spealadoir” from Daybreak: Fáinne an Lae (2006) on Compass Records

10:00:14 Danu “MaCahill’s Reel / Dohery’s / Reel Gan Ainm” from The Road Less Traveled (2003) on Shanachie

10:03:00 Station ID

10:03:00 Set break

10:08:15 Calum Alex MacMillan “S’e tir mo ruin-sa Ghaidhealtachd” from Taladh Nan Cuartan (2005) on Skipinish

10:10:45 Julie Fowlis “Siud Thu ‘Ille Ruaidh Ghallain (There You Go, Handsome Red-Haired Youth)” from Gach Sgeul / Every Story (2014) on Machair Records

10:14:12 Cliar “Gaol nam Fear Dubh” from Grinn Grinn (2005) on MacMeanmna

10:17:14 Cruinn “Oran an t-Slaightear” from Storas (2014) on Cruinn

10:20:00 Set break

10:26:17 Kathryn Tickell & The Side “Early Air / Tullochgorum” from Kathryn Tickell & The Side (2014) on Resilient Records

10:31:27 Le Vent du Nord “Le Cavilier Et La Belle” from La Part du Feu (2009) on Borealis Records

10:35:38 Llan de Cubel “Pasucáis D”Amieva / Pasucáis de Xuan Martín / Muñera de Casu” from Llan de Cubel: IV (1996) on Iona Records

10:40:00 Set break

10:45:10 Breabach “Bha Mise Raoir air an Airigh” from Ùrlar (2013) on Breabach Records

10:49:48 Mànran “Oran na Cloiche” from Mànran (2011) on Manran Records

10:52:54 Martyn Bennett “swallowtail” from Grit (Real World Gold) (1996) on Real World Records



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Wendy Stewart-Love and Loss-Standing Wave-Green Trax

Jim Malcolm-Logan Braes-Acquaintance-Beltane

Eileen Ivers-Humors of Ballyloughin-Traditional Irish Music-Green Linnet


Steve Tilson-Night Visiting Song-Solorubato-Fellside

Syncopaths-Will You Marry Me-Five Gears-Musiquarium

Karan Casey and John Doyle-False Lover John-Exiles Return-Compass

Steve Baughman-Trip to Ballyshannon-Farewell to Orkney-Steve Baughman


Colleen Raney-Cragie Hill-Here This is Home-Little Sea Records

Manus Lunny-Nil si l nGra-Fire in the Glen-Shanachie

Shannon Heaton-Grandfather’s Thoughts-The Blue Dress

Voice Squad-The Parting Glass-The Voice Squad-Shanachie


Andre Marchand and Grey Larsen-Acadien Mouth Music-The Orange Tree-Sugar Hill

Mark Dunlop-The Three Huntsman-Islands on the Moon-Green Trax

Malinky-Cows and Cotton Grass-Flower and Iron-Mad River

Noel McLoughlin-School Day’s Over-Irish Music-ARC Music


Connie Dover-Fear an Bhata-If Ever I Return-Taylor Park

Robin Laing-The Union Canal-Edinburgh Skyline-Green Trax

Lunasa-Two of a Kind-Se’-Compass

Dougie MacLean-Stepping Stone-Riof-Dunkeld


Cathie Ryan-Mother will you let me go to the Fair?-The Music of What Happens-Shanachie

Andre’ Marchand and Grey Larsen-Who will Help me through the Woods?-The Orange Tree

Malinky-The Broomfield Hill-Flowers and Iron-Mad River

Old Blind Dogs-Gaelic Song-Four on the Floor-Compass


Billy McCoimskey-Keogh’s/Maggie Lynns-Compass

Dervish-Swallow’s Tail- Spirit-Compass

Open House-Okarina and the Tattoo-Hoof and Mouth-Green Linnit

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2014 Look-back

Today’s show featured almost entirely new music released in 2014.  Some great stuff!


Chris Caswell “Boyhood of Henry Morgan/The Pooka” from The Well at the World’s End on Gargoyle Recordings

Set break

Chris Caswell “Northwest Passage” from The Well at the World’s End on Gargoyle Recordings

The New England Harp Ensemble “The Butterfly” from …And Another County Heard From… on Independent

Runa “The False Knight Upon the Road” from Current Affairs on Runamusic

Set break

Dave Curley “One April Morning” from A Brand New Day on Independent

Crossharbour “Afterhours” from Crossharbour on Higlet Recordings

The Alt “Lovely Nancy” from The Alt on Under the Arch

Daire Bracken & Lorcan Mac Mathuna “The Lion and Fox (Séadnadh Mór)” from Preabmeadar on Independent

Set break

Salt House “She’s Like the Swallow” from Lay Your Dark Low on Make Believe Records

Burning Bridget Cleary “Bunch of Green Rushes/Poor Man’s Fortune” from Everything Is Alright on Burning Bridget Cleary

Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar “The cockfight” from the call on Fellside Recordings Ltd

Kathryn Tickell & The Side “Sideslip” from Kathryn Tickell & The Side on Resilient Records

Set break

Station ID


Lisa Lynne and the Elfin Love Tribe “Song of Good Cheer” from Instrumental Songs of Good Cheer on Lavender Sky Music

Kevin Crawford “The Clare Connection” from Carrying the Tune on BallyO Records

Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford “The Periwig” from On Common Ground on BallyO Records

Goitse “One Day for Recreation” from TransFormed on Own

Set break

Cassie and Maggie “Buain a’choirce” from Sterling Road on Hearth PR

Wendy MacIsaac “Magnificent 7” from Off the Floor on Trade Root Music Group

Genticorum “Deline” from Enregistré Live on Les Productions du Moulin Inc.

Coig “the Oracle” from Five on Independent

Set break

Jim Malcolm “The Merchant’s Son” from The Corncrake on Independent

Julie Fowlis “Danns’ a Luideagan Odhar (Dance Dun-Coloured Slattern)” from Gach Sgeul / Every Story on Machair Records

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas “On the Wings of a Skorrie” from Abundance on Culburnie

Station ID

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