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Pierre Bensusan-Heman Dubh-Nice Feeling-Zebra Acoustics

Cathie Ryan-Dark Moll of the Glen-Shanachie

Shelly Phillips-Rain-The Butterfly


Danny Carnahan and Robin Petrie-A Dram to Warm the Piper-Journey’s of the Heart

Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry-Trip to Ireland-At First Sight-Compass

Susan McKeown-Craigie Hill-Bushes and Briars-Alula Records

Aidan O’Rourke-Hinba-Sirius-Vertical Records


Battlefield Band-Battle of Waterloo-The World’s Room-Green Linnet

Joanie Madden-Roisin Dubh-Song of the Irish Whistle-Hearts

Tommy O’Sullivan and Paddy Keenan-The Maids of Culmore-The Long Grazing Acre-Compass


Malinky-Billy Taylor-Three Ravens-Green Trax

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill-Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie-Green Linnet

Karen Casey and John Doyle-Sailing off to the Yankee Land-Exile’s Return-Compass

Billy McComisky-Keogh’s / Maggie Lynns-Outside the Box


Jim Malcolm-Jeannie Reid’s Hoose-Tam O’Shanter and Other Tales-Beltane

Altan-A Fig for a Kiss/Turf Cutter-The Poison Glen-Compass

The Maggies-Biodh Orm Anocht-T with the Maggies-TWM

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Thady Casey’s / Reel of Rio-Blue Skies Above-ESL


Anam-Westlin Winds-Riptide-Green Linnet

Archie Fisher-The Final Trawl-Off the Map

Liz Carrol-The Ornery Upright/Sass is Back-Lake Effect-Green Linnet

Ed Miller-Heather on the Moor-Lowlander-Wellfield


John McSherry and Donald O’Conner-Tripswitch-Tripswitch-Compass

Maighread ni Dhomhaill-The Spanish Lady-Between the Two Lights

The Paul McKenna Band-P Stands for Paddy-Between Two Worlds-Mad River

Dervish-Swallow’s Tail-Spirit-Compass

Liz Carrol-A Day and an Age-Lake Effect-Green Linnet




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Rory Cambell-Tangsdale-The Piper’s Whim-Lochshore

Orla-Na Buachailli Alainn-The Water is Wide-Manhatten Records

John Williams-The Humors of Klilcloger-Steam-Green Linnet


Kate Rusby-The Duke and the Tinker-Sleepless-Compass

Hanz Araki-Eamonn na Choic/The Blacksmith-6 of One

T with the Maggies-Wedding Dress-T with the Maggies-TWMCD

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill-Carraroe/Out on the Ocean-Live in Seattle-Green Linnet


Jim Malcolm-Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane

Steve Baughman-Leitrim Queen-Farewell to Orkney-Celtic Guitar

Cathie Ryan-Slan Abhaile-Shanachie

Altan-The Cat that Ate the Candle-The First Ten Years-Green Linnet


Paul Kamm and Elenor Mac Donald-From Clare to Here-Calling on Love

Hanneke Cassel-Natasha McCoy’s Reel- Dot the Dragon’s Eyes-Cassel Records

Hanz Araki-One Morning in May-6 of One

Eamonn Coyne-Mazurka/Set of Jigs-Through the Round Window-Compass


Maighread ni Dhomhnaill-Amhran Pheadar Breathnach-No Dowry-Shanachie

Michael McGoldrick-The Bass Rock-Tues

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Bay of Biscay-Lover’s Well

John Doyle-The Glad Eye-Wayward Son-Eats Records


Faustus-Broken Down Gentlemen-Navigator Records

Sharon Shannon-Sandy River Belle-Out the Gap-Green Linnet

Cathy Ryan-The Burnt Ol’ Man-Music of What happens-Shanachie

Alasdair Fraser-Wooden Whale/Leaps and Bounds


John Doyle-The Arabic-Shadow & Light-Compass

Maighread ni Dhomhaill-Is Fada LiomUaim I-No Dowry-Shanachie

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Brad’s Honeybees-Lover’s Well

Niamh ni Charra-Rhubarb & Ginger- From Both Sides-Imeartas Records


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Alt-Celtic Show

Avoiding Irish and Scottish altogether, we visit some of the other Celtic cultures: North England, Cornwall, Wales, Brittany, Quebec, and Galicia.  Fun stuff!


Billy Pigg “Crookit Bawbee/Bill Charlton’s Fancy” from Billy Pigg Border Minstrel on Leader

Set break

Dalla “Can Dilly (Dilly Song)” from Rooz on Own Label – Dalla Records

Bucca “The Hole in the Harper’s Head” from The Hole in the Harper’s Head on Plant Life Records

Bucca “Ny Woer Hy” from The Hole in the Harper’s Head on Plant Life Records

Dalla “Tansys Golowan (Midsummer Bonfire)” from Rooz on Own Label – Dalla Records

Set break

Faustus “Blow the Windy Morning” from Broken Down Gentlemen on Navigator Records

Chumbawamba “The Diggers Song” from English Rebel Songs 1381-1914 on PM Press

The John Renbourn Group “Gypsy Dance, Jews Dance” from A Maid In Bedlam on Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

Maddy Prior & Tim Hart “Three Drunken Maidens” from Summer Solstice on Shanachie Entertainment

Set break

Ar Log “Y Gwr a’i Farch / Pant Corlan yr Wyn (The Gent and His Mare / Lamb’s Fold Valley)” from Ar Log I-III (1976-1981) on Sain SCD 2303

Julie Murphy & Dylan Fowler “Y Ddau Farch” from The Rough Guide to the Music of Wales on Rough Guide

Ogam “Jig Pultague/Gyrru’r Byd O’Mlaen/Neidiod Twm Bach/Taflwn yr Hosan” from Goreuon Canu Gwerin Newydd (The Best of New Welsh Folk Music) on Sain SCD 2146

Carreg Lafar “Ysbryd y Werin / Mae’r Ddaear Yn Glasu” from Celtic Wales on SAIN

Set break

Station ID


Denez Prigent “Plac’h Landelo” from Ar Gouriz Koar on Barclay

Talar “Kerdelaide ton simpl” from Talar on Cole

Denez Prigent “Ur vag a Vontroulez” from Ar Gouriz Koar on Barclay

Ar Re Yaouank “Ravine” from 3° Acte on Creon music

Set break

La Bottine Souriante “Le meunier et la jeune fille” from La traversée de l’Atlantique on Les Productions Mille-Pattes

Pennoù Skoulm “Loudia-Loudia II” from Trinkañ on Innacor

Annie Ebrel “Dans ar C’hi” from Nuit de la St-Patrick on Keltia Musique

Genticorum “Reel Circulaire” from Nagez Rameurs on SODEC Quebec

Set break

Luar Na Lubre “Os Teus Ollos” from Plenilunio on WM Spain

Felpeyu “Porcía” from Ya! on Tierra Discos

Gatos del Fornu “Cantar de Boda” from Gatos del Fornu on Fono Astur

Set break

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Steve Baughman-Leitrum Queen-Farewell to Orkney-Baughman

Meav-Newry Boat Song-Silver Sea-Valley Entertainment

Grey Larsen and Paddy League-Thrush in the Straw/Banks of Lough Gowna


Dougie MacLean–Scythe Song-Riof-Dunkeld

Maire ni Chathasaigh-Gander in the Pratie Hole-In the Highlands-Bridge

Steve Johnson-The Laboring Man’s Daughter-Lowlands

Muirean nic Amhlaoibh-Free and Easy-Daybreak-Compass


Cara Dillon-Donald of Glencoe-Rough Trade

Hanz Araki-Reels: Crock of Gold-/Palmer’s Gate-Little Fires-Wildwood

Anna Murrey-O Cogas Thogas-3 Things-KRL

Grada-En L’envers-The Landing Step-Compass


Lisa Jen and 9Bach-Babir Eirlys-Tincian-Real World

Steve Baughman-Wasilla Weed-Farewell to Orkney

Old Blind Dogs-Bedlam Boys-Four on the Floor-Compass

Billy McComsiskey-Keogh’s/Maggie’s-Outside the Box-Compass


Meav-Full Fathon Five-Silver Sea-

John McSherry and Donald O’Conner-Commonality Set-Compass

Hanz Araki-The Snows-Little Fires-Windwood

Niambh ni Charra-Rubarb abd Ginger-From Both Sides-Imeartas Records


Tim O’Brien-Mick Ryan’s Lamment- Two Jounerney’s-Green Linnet

Natalie Merchant-The Lowlands of Holland-Tears of Stone Chieftans-RCA

Liz Carrol-Lost in the Loop-Lost in the Loop–Green Linnet

Niambh ni Charra-Cailleach an Airgid-Happy Out-Immeartas Records


Old Blind Dogs-Culifionn-Fit-Green Linet

Ed Miller- Heather on the Moor-Lowlander-Wellfield

Anna Murrey-6/8th Time-Three Things




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In Memoriam

An old friend from college, Rick Gagne, just passed away. He was a musician with a natural talent for the pennywhistle, among other things, and formed a band with some other friends while we were all students at Dartmouth. The band became Dun Creagan and they recorded three CDs. Rick was a great guy, smart and funny and good-hearted, and we had some wild times together!

So today’s program is dedicated to Rick’s memory. It features all musicians who have passed away – part of the great Ceilidh Beyond, one hopes!

John Cunningham & Phil Cunningham “The Arran Boat” from Against the Storm on Shanachie

Set break

Dun Creagan “Jane Craggs/The Trip to Pakistan” from the ’80s LIVE on Independent

Dun Creagan “’Sann an Ile” from the ’80s LIVE on Independent

Dun Creagan “The Drunken Tinker/Stenson’s #2/Traver’s #1” from the ’80s LIVE on Independent

Set break

Tommy Makem “Ireland” from Ancient Pulsing on Red Biddy

Derek Bell “Carolan’s Quarrel with the Landlady” from A Celtic Evening on Clarity Sound & Light

The Chieftains “The Session” from Chieftains 8 on columbia

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem “Isn’t it Grand Boys” from Isn’t It Grand Boys on columbia

Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy “The Parting Song (Journey’s End)” from Two for the Early Dew on Shanachie Entertainment

Set break

Frankie Kennedy & Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh “The Cat That Ate the Candle / Over the Water to Bessie (Reels)” from Altan on Green Linnet

Relativity “Gile Mear” from Relativity on Green Linnet

John Cunningham “Fair Warning (Blair Atholl / The Cairin O’T / Lexy McAskill)” from Fair Warning on Green Linnet

Set break

Caswell Carnahan “Rathdrum Fair (From New Leaves On an Old Tree)” from New Leaves On an Old Tree / Borderlands on Post Trad Productions

Distant Oaks “Beannachadh Bràthain” from Gach Là Agus Oidhche: Music of Carmina Gadelica on Northern Wind Recordings

Distant Oaks “Maighdeannan an T-Samhraidh” from Gach Là Agus Oidhche: Music of Carmina Gadelica on Northern Wind Recordings

Station ID

Lou Killen “The Black Ball Line” from Sea Chanteys on KnockOut!

Jock Tamson’s Bairns “The Grave of the Unknown Clansman” from Rare on Greentrax

Jim Reid “Daft Donal” from Yont The Tay on Greentrax Recordings

Set break

Jerry Holland “The Auld Wife Around the Fire/Miss Katie Trotter/The Dismissal” from A Session with Jerry Holland on Independent

Stan Rogers “NORTHWEST PASSAGE” from Northwest Passage on Borealis Records

Jerry Holland “For Fiddletunes Friends” from Jerry Holland & Friends on Fiddlesticks Music

Stan Rogers “The Mary Ellen Carter” from Between the Breaks…Live! [IMPORT] on Fogarty’s Cove

Set break

Gordon Duncan “Lorient Mornings/Grande Nuit In Port Du Peche/Davy Webster” from Thunderstruck on Greentrax Recordings

Ceolbeg “Farewell Tae The Haven” from Not the Bunnyhop on Greentrax Recordings

Ceolbeg “The Sleeping Tune” from An Unfair Dance on Greentrax Recordings

Martyn Bennett “Joik” from Bothy Culture on Ryko/Rhino

Set break

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