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Playlist 9-29-2013

Celtic Fiddle Festival “Disput/Kerreg Beg an Treiz” from Equinoxe on Loftus Music

Cruinn “Ho Ro Mo Bhata” from Cruinn on Independent

MacGregor, Brechin, OhEadhra “Sitting In The Stern Of A Boat” from Sonas on Brechin All Records

Capercaillie “Fear a’ Bhàta (My Boatman)” from The Blood is Strong on Survival Records

Battlefield Band “In and Out the Harbour / The Top Tier / Sleepy Maggie / Molly Rankin” from Threads on Temple Records

Set break

Boys of the Lough “The Curragh Races Polka/John Walsh’s No. 1/Dawley’s Polka” from Lonesome Blues and Dancing Shoes on Lough Records

Genticorum “Nagez Rameurs” from Nagez Rameurs on SODEC Quebec

Lúnasa “Boy In the Boat” from Se on Compass Records

Silly Wizard “The Loch Tay Boat Song” from Kiss the Tears Away on Shanachie Entertainment

Set break


The Clancy Brothers “The Bonnie Ship “The Diamond”” from Save the Land on AudioFidelity Records

Stan Rogers “Rolling Down To Old Maui” from Between The Breaks…Live! on Borealis Records

Bodega “GreenLand” from Bodega on Greentrax Recordings

Set break

Station ID


The Paul McKenna Band “Dreams of Darien” from Stem The Tide on Greentrax Recordings Limited

Red Hot Chilli Pipers “Flower Of Scotland” from Bagrock to the Masses on REL

Alasdair Fraser “Theme For Scotland” from Dawn Dance on Culburnie

Andy M. Stewart “Listen to the People” from Man In The Moon on Green Linnet

Set break


Bua “Lus Na Mbanrion / Cuckanandy / Rince Philib A’ Cheoil” from An Spealadóir on Mad River Records

Molly’s Revenge “The Pepper Set (feat. Aaron Jones)” from Aged 10 Years on Molri Music

Colleen Raney “The Granemore Hare” from Here This is Home on Independent

Mànran “MSR” from The Test on Manran Records

Set break

Buddy MacDonald & John Ferguson “Getting Dark Again” from Getting Dark Again on Rocky Coast Music

Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac “IF YOU WERE MINE” from Seinn on turtlemusik / Fontana North

Chrissy Crowley “Last Night’s Fun” from Last Night’s Fun on Independent

Set break

Set break


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John McCusker-Xesus and Felcia-Yella Hoose-Temple

Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh-Slan le Maigh-Daybreak-Compass

Stringed Migration-Paddy’s Rambles/Funky Reel-Stringed Migration-Waterbug


Shannon and Matt Heaton-Bay of Biscay-Lover’s Well-Eats Records

Frances Moron-The Blarney Pilgrim-Road to Lisdoonvarna-Roughtrade

Gillebride MacMillan-Oran nan Giomach-Air Forladh

Stringed Migration-Paddy Fahey-Stringed Migration-Waterbug


Orla-Aililiu na Gamhna-The Water is Wide

Shannon Heaton-44 Mill Street-The Blue Dress

Jim Malcolm-Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane

Archie McAllister-Arthur Giles-Fiddler’s Rock-Skippinish


Muireann Nic Amlaoibh-Free and Easy-Daybreak

Katie Mahon-Nil se’n La-After the Morning-Paradigm

Billy McComiskey-Keogh’s/Maggie Lynne’s-Outside the Box-Compass

John Doyle-Captain Glen-Wayward Son-Compass

Jerry Holland-Boo Baby’s Lullaby-Fiddler’s Choice-Odyssey


Colleen Raney and Colm MacCarthaigh-The Night Visit-Cuan

Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press Gang

Maddy Prior-Honest Work-Flesh and Blood-Park Records

Grada-Fifty-Ninth Street- Cloudy Day Navigation-Compass


Steve Tilson-Dowie Dens of Yarrow-ANd so it Goes-Flying Fish

Karen Tweed-Eilidh-Fyace-Compass

Kate Rusby-The Fairest of all Yarrow-Sleepless-Compass

Brendan Power-Countess Cathleen-Music from River Dance


Ed Miller-The Spanish Lady-Never Frae my Mind-Wellsfield

The House Band-The Tornado Two-Step-Groundwork-Green Linnet

Colleen Raney-Lads O’ the Fair-Cuan

Jeff Moore-King of the Piper’s -Dove’s Perch-Fleagull



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Duncan Chisholm-Mo run geal Og-Canaic-Copperfish

Mary Black-Holy Ground-Holy Ground-Gift Horse

William Coulter-Rain into Snow-The Road Home-Gourd


Ed Miller-The Spanish Lady-Never Frae my Mind-Wellfield

The Paul McKenna Band-Darcy and Erin-Stem the Tide-Mad River

Wendy Stewart-All Things are Quite Silent-Standing Wave

Pierre Bensusan-Newman Dubh-Nice Feeling-Zebra Acoustics


Colcannon-Ballydesmond Polkas-Some Foreign Land

Susan Mckeown-Sweet Liberty-Sweet Liberty

Duncan Chisholm-We’re a Case-Affric-Copperfish

Shay, Michael and Martin Black-The Great Storm is Over-What a Time-Tone Music


Jody’s Heaven-La Bruxa-Jody’s Heaven-Foxglove

Reel Time-The Last Rose of Summer-Reel Time-Green Linnet

Pierre Bensusan-Voyage to Iceland-Nice Feeling-Zebra

Jim Malcolm-An Hour in the Gloaming-The First Cold day


Matt and Shannon Heaton-Brad’s Honey Bees-Lover’s Well-Eats Records

Muireann nic Amlaoibh-The Emigrant’s Farewell-Daybreak-Compass

Reel Time-Swaggering Jig-Live it Up-Green Linnet

John Doyle with Solas-A Miner’s Life-The Hour Before Dawn-Shanachie


Niamh ni Charra-Rhubarb & Ginger-From Both Sides-Imeratas

Colleen Raney and Colm Maccarthaigh-Mary and the Soldier-Cuan

Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry-Ornette’s Trip to Belfast-Compass

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Bay of Biscay-Lover’s Well-Eats


Brendan Power-The Sailor’s Bonnnet/The Banshee-New Irish Harmonica-Green Linnet

John Doyle and Karen Casey-Madame I’m a Darling-Exile’s Return-Compass

Joanie Madden-Roisin Dubh-Song of the Irish Whistle-Hearts O’ Space



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Labour Day special

Paddy Keenan “The Factory Girl/Man of the House” from Live from the Katharine Cornell Theater – Traditional Irish Music on kct concerts

The Dubliners “Poor Paddy On the Railway” from The Best of the Original Dubliners on EMI

The Chieftains “The Job Of Journeywork” from Chieftains 8 on columbia

Sean Keane “Tunnel Tigers” from Turn a Phrase on Kells

Set break

Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny “MONDAY MORNING” from At It Again on Green Linnet

Relativity “The Monday Morning Reel / Cutting a Slide / Robert the Minnow / Hogties’ Reel” from Gathering Pace on Green Linnet

Stan Rogers “The White Collar Holler” from Between the Breaks…Live! [IMPORT] on Fogarty’s Cove

Battlefield Band “Working Away / The Toastie Jig” from New Spring on Temple Records

Set break

2Duos “Midlothian Mining Song” from Until the Cows Come Home on artes-records

Ed Miller “The Prince Of Darkness” from Lowlander on Wellfield

The House Band “The Pit Stands Idle” from Groundwork on Green Linnet

Bodega “Crooked Jack” from Bodega on Greentrax Recordings

Set break

The Clancy Brothers “I Wish I Was Back in Liverpool” from Show Me the Way on Audiofidelity LP

Louis Killen “The Fireship” from A Bonny Bunch on K. O. Productions

Louis Killen “Handsome Cabin Boy” from Sailors, Ships, and Chanteys on Independent

The Clancy Brothers “The Irish Rover” from The Clancy Brothers Greatest Hits on Vanguard Records

Set break

Chumbawamba “Idris Strike Song” from English Rebel Songs 1381-1914 on PM Press

Hamish Imlach “If it Wisnae For The Union” from STUC Centenary Album on Greentrax

Andy Irvine “Never Tire Of The Road” from Rain on the Roof on Andy Irvine

Brian McNeill “Sell Your Labour Not Your Soul” from If It Wisnae For the Union on Greentrax

Set break

Ed Miller “The Song of the Hammers” from Lowlander on Wellfield

Lilt “Launching the Boat / The Piper’s Despair” from OnWard on Lockhouse Records

The Tannahill Weavers “The Great Ships” from Epona on Green Linnet

Set break

The Paul McKenna Band “Mickey Dam” from ELEMENTS on Compass Records

The House Band “Pharaoh” from Green Linnet Records: The Twentieth Anniversary Collection Vol. II on Green Linnet

Paul Mounsey “WORK SONG” from City of Walls on Iona Records

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