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Rudiger Opperman-Jardin des Roses-HarpestrY-Imaginary Road

Cara Dillon-Hill of Thieves-Hill of Thieves-Proper

John Whelan-Father Frank-Celtic Fire-Narada


Cherish the Ladies-Green Fields of America-Woman of the House-Rounder

John Doyle-Old Bush/Expect the Unexpected-Wayward Son-Compass

Andy Stewart-Donegal Rain-Donegal Rain-Green Linnet

Wendy Stewart-Reel Set-Standing Wave-Green Trax


Old Blind Dogs-St. Kilda-Whatever Yet May Be-Compass

Comas-Bold Donnelly-Winnie Hayes-Charge-Mad River

Colleen Raney-Lord Franklin-Cuan Music

Micheal O’Dohnaill-Sweeny’s Buttermilk-Celtic Xmas-Windham Hill


Susan McKeown-Caledonia-Sweet Liberty-Compass

Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press gang-Press Gang

Jim Malcolm-An Hour in the Gloaming-First Cold Day-Beltane

Grada-L’Evers-The Landing Step-Compass


The Maggies-Cuach Mo Londubh Bui-T with the Maggies-TWM

Julie Fowlis/Eddie Reader-Wind and Rain-Uam-Machair

The Paul McKenna Band-The Banks of New Foundland-Stem the Tide-Mad River


Genticorum-Grand Voyager-Nagez Ramuers-Musication

John Doyle and Karen Casey-Sailing off to the Yankee Lands-Exile’s Return-Compass

String Sisters-The Fly and the Dodger-String Sisters-Live

Ed Miller-Heather on the Moor-Lowlander-Wellfield


House Band-Factory Girl-October Song-Green Linnet

Mick McAuley and Winifred Horan-Serenade-Serenade-Compass

Duncan Chisholm-Leire’s Welcome to Cozac-Door of Saints-Copperfish



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Starting off with an hour of brand-new music from 2013 releases.


Lisa Lynne and the Elfin Love Tribe “Into The Forest” from Instrumental Songs of Good Cheer on Lavender Sky Music

Seumas Gagne “Oran Do Bhaile Ard” from Baile Ard on Seumas Gagne

Solas “Girls On the Line” from Shamrock City on THL Records

Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra “Cruiscin Lan” from Affinity on Beo Records

Burning Bridget Cleary “The Black Rogue / McIntyre’s Fancy / The Twin’s Delight” from Pressed for Time on Burning Bridget Cleary

Set break

Clannad “Crann Úll” from Christ Church Cathedral on ARC Music

Steve Baughman “Trip To Ballyshannon” from Farewell To Orkney on http://www.celticguitar.com

The Paul McKenna Band “Mickey Dam” from ELEMENTS on Compass Records

Molly’s Revenge “Mighty Reels” from Trio on Molri Music

Set break

The Celtic Fiddle Festival “Trip to Durrow / The Abbey Reel / The Maid Behind the Bar (Live)” from Live in Brittany on Loftus Music

Cruinn “Ceann Traigh Ghruinneart” from Cruinn on Independent

Chrissy Crowley “Parmar’s” from Last Night’s Fun on Independent

Set break

Station ID


Catriona McKay & Chris Stout “Trow’s Jig” from White Nights on McKay Stout Music

Set break

Catriona McKay & Chris Stout “White Nights” from White Nights on McKay Stout Music

Set break

Stan Rogers “NORTHWEST PASSAGE” from Northwest Passage on Borealis Records

Stan Rogers “The Mary Ellen Carter” from Between The Breaks…Live! on Borealis Records

Kevin Burke and Mícheál O’Domhnaill “Lucy’s Fling / S’iomadh Rud a Chunnaic Mi / Some Say the Devil Is Dead” from Portland on Green Linnet

Relativity “Gile Mear” from Relativity on Green Linnet

Set break

Syncopaths “Hey, Donal” from Five Gears on Syncopaths

Syncopaths “Congress Reel/Brenda Stubbert’s/Tam Lin” from Rough Around the Edges on Syncopaths

Colleen Raney & Colm MacCárthaigh “Bound for Caledonia” from Cuan on Colleen Raney

Mànran “MSR” from The Test on Manran Records

Set break

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Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Michael’s Wood-White Nights

Muireann nic Amhaoibh-Isle of Malachy-Day Break-Compass

Solas-A Tune for Roan-The Turning Tide-Compass


John Doyle and Karen Casey-Sally Grier-Exile’s Return-Compass

Alasdair Fraser-Chapel Keithack/Belmont-Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle-Culburnie

MaryJane Lammond and Wendy Macisaac-Air a Ghille Tha Mor Run-Seinn-Factor

Peter Janson-Next Market Day/Thrush’s Nest-A Long Road-EWM


Susan McKeown-Shamrock Green-Sweet Liberty

Old Blind Dogs-Culifhionn-Fit-Green Linnet

James Malcom-Caledonia-Robert Burns Collection

Lissa Schneckenburger-Aofe’s/Coleman’s March-Fiddle & Vocals-Footprint


Dougie MacLean-Ca’ the Yowes-Tribute-Dunkeld

Dervish-Beauties of Autumn-Spirit-Compass

Old Blind Dogs-Gaelic Song -Four on the Floor   

Lissa Schneckenburger-A Fair Maid by the Sea Shore-Song-Footprint


T with the Maggies-Wedding Dress-The Maggies-TWM

Anna Murrey-6/8th March-Three Things-Lochshore

Niamh ni Charra-Cailleach an Airgid-Happy Out

Ed Miller-Aye Waukin O’-Lowlander-Wellfield 


Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy Macisaac-Yellow Coat-Seinn-Factor

John Doyle-The Arabic-Shadow and Light-Compass

Joe and Antoinette McKenna-Man of the House-Best of the McKennas-Shanachie

Colleen Raney-Queen of Argyle-Lark-Raney


Billy McComisky-Keogh’s/Maggie Lynn’s-Outside the Box-Compass

Kris Drever-Patrick Spense-Black Water-Compass

Ron Cody-Snow on the Hills-The Talking Rake




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Playlist August 4, 2013

Sleep-deprived after too much fun last night at the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse with David Brewer & Rebecca Lomnicky. They are appearing at the Willits Community Theater today at 2 PM, should be a cracker of a show!

Rebecca Lomnicky “The Pipe Set” from The Call on Independent

Set break

Seumas Gagne “Uibhist Mo Ghraidh” from Baile Ard on Seumas Gagne

Lisa Lynne and the Elfin Love Tribe “King Of The Fairies” from Instrumental Songs of Good Cheer on Lavender Sky Music

Christa Burch “Giant” from Love of the Land on CBSV

David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky “The Lights Below Creston” from Inspired on Molri Music

Set break

Cruinn “Caite a Bheil i ann am Muile” from Cruinn on Independent

Duncan Chisholm “We’re a Case (The Bunch of Us)” from Affric on Copperfish Records

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller “The King’s Shilling” from Shadow’s Tall on Greentrax Recordings Limited

Molly’s Revenge “Mighty Reels” from Trio on Molri Music

Set break

Clannad “Thios Chois Na Tra Domh” from Christ Church Cathedral on ARC Music

At First Light “The Magnificent Six” from Idir on At First Light records

Set break

Colleen Raney & Colm MacCárthaigh “Night Visit” from Cuan on Colleen Raney

Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford “Urchill A’chreagain” from On Common Ground on BallyO Records

Set break

Kornog “Baleadenn: Tour” from Kornog on Green Linnet

Kornog “Baleadenn: Kejaj” from Kornog on Green Linnet

Kornog “Baleadenn: Laride-Gavotte / Laride-Gavotte” from Kornog on Green Linnet

Gwalarn “Ar soudarded’zo gwisket e ruz” from Fest Vraz on Keltia Musique

Celtic Fiddle Festival “Gavottes “Swing”” from Live in Brittany on Loftus

Cabestan “Tempete pour sortir…” from Fest Vraz on Keltia Musique

Set break


Litha “Herr Oluf” from Dancing of the Light on artes records

The Outside Track “Petit Sarny” from Flash Company on Lorimer Records

Carreg Lafar “Ysbryd y Werin/Mae’r Ddaear yn Glasu” from Goreuon Canu Gwerin Newydd (The Best of New Welsh Folk Music) on Sain SCD 2146

Dafydd Iwan “Ryni Ar Mo o Hydd” from Gorau Gwerin: The Best of Welsh Folk Music on SAIN

Set break

Station ID

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