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Kim Robertson-I Vow to Thee my Country-Highland Heart-Gourd Music

The Cast/Mairi Campbell and Dave Francis-Smile or Cry-Green Gold-CDTrax

Steve Baughman-Great is thy Faithfulness-Farewell to Orkney


Cherish the Ladies-My Own Native Land-The Backdoor-Green Linnet

Duncan Chisholm-Farewell to Uist-Farrar-Copperfish

Cara Dillon-Spenser the Rover-Carra Dillon-Proper

Theo Paige-Shepard’s Delight-Theo Paige-Anston Records


Jim Malcolm-Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane

Sue Richards-The Celt-Mystic anfd the Muse-Dorian

Julie Fowlis-Tha Mo Ghaol Air Aird a Chuan-As is my Heart-Machair

Jeanne Leslie and Siobhan Miller-John Stewart-In a Bleeze-CDTrax


Kalyani-Light of the World (benefit promotion)

John Doyle-My Parents Reared me Tenderly-Evening Comes Early-Compass

John Williams-Frather’s Jig/Paddy’s Resource-John WilliamsGreen Linnet

Kate Rusby- The Fairest of all Yarrow-Sleepless-Compass


Maryjane Lammond and Wendy Macissac-Air-Ghille Tha Mo Run-Seinn-Factor

Jim Malcolm-Lochanside-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane

Solas-Paddy Taylor’s/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter-Scattered Showers-Shanachie

Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller-Three Sailors-In a Bleeze-CDTrax


Jim Reid-Daft Donald-Yont the Tay-Green Trax

Liz Carrol-Lost in the Loop-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet

Colleen Raney-Queen of Argyll-Lark

June Tabor and Martin Simpson-Heather Down the Moor-A Cut Above-Green Linnet


Teada-Tom O’Conners/Joy of my Life-Teada-Green Linnet

North Gregg-There was a Maid in her Father’s Garden-Summer at my feet

Dougie MacLean-The Osprey-Fiddle-Dunkeld

Cathie Ryan-An Seanduine Doite-The Music of What Happens-Shanachie



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Cherish the Ladies “The Wave and the Spade / The Woods of Old Limerick” from Country Crossroads on Big Mammy

Cherish the Ladies “Shoot When the Ducks are Flying / The Mullingar Lea / O’Connor Donn’s” from Country Crossroads on Big Mammy

Set break

David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky “The E♭ Set” from Inspired on Molri Music

Set break

Cruinn “Ho Ro Mo Bhata” from Ho Ro Mo Bhata on Independent

MacGregor, Brechin, OhEadhra “Sitting in the Stern of a Boat” from Sonas on Brechin All Records

Genticorum “Nagez Rameurs” from Nagez Rameurs on SODEC Quebec

Lúnasa “Boy In the Boat” from Se on Compass Records

Set break

Colleen Raney “Down By The Sea” from Lark on Colleen Raney

John McSherry “The Wave-Sweeper” from Soma on Compass

Runrig “Cearcal a Chuain” from The Highland Connection on Ridge Records Ltd

Battlefield Band “The Four Minute Warning (The Tide’s Out / James MacLellan’s Favourite / Dougie’s Decision / The Ferryman / Lady Doll Sinclair)” from Anthem for the Common Man on Temple Records

Set break

Station ID


Stan Rogers “The Field Behind The Plow” from Northwest Passage on Borealis Records

The Iron Horse “The Hen’s March: The Hen’s March, the Iron Horse Jig, the Tipsy Sailor, the Judge’s Dilemma” from Thro’ Water, Earth & Stone on KRL

Solas “Pastures Of Plenty” from The Words That Remain on Shanachie Entertainment

Set break


Patrick Ball “Son Ar Chistr” from The Wood of Morois on Patrick Ball

Kammen & Swan “Son Ar Sistr” from Wild Wood on Evil Twin

The Outside Track “Fishcakes and Brandy” from Flash Company on Lorimer Records

The Chieftains “Ev Chistr ‘Ta, Laou! (Cider Drinking Song)” from Celtic Wedding on RCA Victor

Set break


Mary Jane Lamond “Oran Sniomh (Spinning Song)” from Suas e! on turtlemusik

Seumas Gagne “Jenny Dang the Weaver / The Ale Is Dear” from Baile Ard on Seumas Gagne

Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny “Tae the Weaver’s Gin Ye Go” from At It Again on Green Linnet

Troy MacGillivray “Knittin’ & Drinkin’” from Eleven on Independent

Mary Jane Lamond “Oran Luaidh” from Storas on turtlemusik

Set break



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I came across a song called ‘Cold Missouri Waters’ written by James Keelaghan and sung by Paul McKenna about  the death of 13 fireman in North Montana in 1949.  it’s a tragic and beautiful piece and a tribute to the recent 19 fallen fireman in Arizona.




Bonnie Rideout-MacDonald Lord of the isles-Celtic Mist-Maggie’s Music

Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller-Who will sing me lullabies-CDTrax

John Munroe-The Outlaw-Plying my Trade


Natlaie Merchant-The Lowlands of Holland-The Chieftans/Tears of Stone

Robin Williamson-The Braes of Tullimet-Celtic Harp and Dance Tunes

Archie Fisher-Bonnie Border Lass-Windward Away

Nuala Kennedy-Hop Jigs-New Shoes


Ed Miller-The Spanish Lady-Never Frae my Mind-Wellfield

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill-The Old Bush/The Reel with the Burl-Lonesome Touch

Jeane Leslie and Siobhan Miller-Buttermilk Hill-Shadows Tall-CDTrax

Alan and John Kelly-The One that was lost-Four Mile House-Compass


Nuala Kennedy-Cait in Carrain a Bhile-New Shoes

House Band-William Taylor-Another Setting-

Steve Baughman-Trip to Ballyshannon-Farewell to Orkney

Julie Fowlis-Eddie Reader-Wind and Rain-Uam-Machair


Paul McKenna-Cold Missouri Waters-Elements-Compass

Matt and Shannon Heaton-The Shady Spot-Blue Skies Above

Litha-Archway-Dancing of the Light-Rough Trade

Jim Malcolm-Broom O the Cowdenknowes-Sparkling Flash-Beltane


Solas-Maid on the Shore-Sunny Spells-Shanachie

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Brad’s Honey Bees-Lover’s Well

June Tabor-Bella Rosa-Rosa Mundi

Patrick St-The Raheen Medly-Live


John Doyle and Karen Casey-Sailing off to the Yankee Lands-Exile’s Return-Compass

Genticorum-La Bibournoise-La Bibbournoise-MUsication

John Williams-Miss Hamilton-Stean-Green Linnet






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Oak, Ash, and Thorn “To Anacreon in Heaven” from Two Album CD on Tosspot

Set break

Steve Baughman “Trip to Ballyshannon” from Farewell To Orkney on http://www.celticguitar.com

Kammen & Swan “Chi Mi Na Morbheanna” from Wild Wood on Evil Twin

The Family Carr “The Wedding Reel/the Green Fields of America” from The Family Carr on The Family Carr

Colleen Raney & Colm MacCárthaigh “Lads Of The Fair” from Cuan on Colleen Raney

Set break

Patrick Ball “Son ar Chistr (traditional Breton)” from The Wood of Morois (Celtic Harp) on Celestial Harmonies

Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie “The Bailliff’s Daughter of Islington / The Mad Otter’s Holt” from Journeys of the Heart on Post Trad Productions

Lisa Lynne and the Elfin Love Tribe “Everflame” from Instrumental Songs of Good Cheer on Lavender Sky Music

Christa Burch “Loughrask” from Love of the Land on CBSV

Set break


David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky “The Panda” from Inspired on Molri Music

Bohola “The Shamrock Sod/The High-Cauled Cap” from bohola on Shanachie

Giant’s Dance “Pills of White Mercury” from Giant’s Dance on Giant’s Dance

Molly’s Revenge “Deer Sally Brown” from Trio on Molri Music

Set break

Station ID

Cherish the Ladies “The Boat To Bofin / The View Across the Valley / Martin Ainsboro’s” from Country Crossroads on Big Mammy

Cherish the Ladies “Dirty Old Town (feat. Nanci Griffith)” from Country Crossroads on Big Mammy

The Chieftains “Wabash CannonBall” from Another Country on RCA Victor

Solas “Tell God and the Devil” from Shamrock City on THL Records

Set break


Wake the Dead “Don’t Let Go/Martin Wynne’s Reel” from blue light cheap hotel on Independent

Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul “Craic With Jack” from Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul on KOCH RECORDS

Boiled In Lead “Spanish Lady” from From the Ladle to the Grave on Omnium

Wicked Tinkers “Radar Love” from Hammered on Thistle Pricks Productions

Set break

Black 47 “Fire Of Freedom” from Fire of Freedom on SBK

Keep it Reel “Freedom” from Keep It Reel on Independent

Brother “Granny & Rory MacLeod” from Black Stone Tramp on Rhubarb Records

Set break

Station ID


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