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The year draws to a close having brought many new artists to Oak and Thorn, such a great pleasure. This show contains the old and new and, of course, two renditions of the original version of Auld Lang Syne one by Rod Patterson and one by the Cast. Beautiful.



Liz Carrol-Lament of the First Generation-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet

Colleen Raney-Dark Eyed Sailor-Lark

Steve Baughman-Dushenbe Gathering-A Drop of the Pure-Tall Tree


John Doyle and Karen Casey-The Shipyard Slips-Exile’s Return-Compass

Duncan Chisholm-El Caballo Blanco-Door of Saints-Copperfish

Colleen Raney/Colm MacCorthaigh-Belfast Mountains-Cuan

Johnny Connally-Marcelle and Marcel-Bridgetown-Green Linnet


Mary Jane Lammond/Wendy Macisaac-Air a Ghille-Tha Mo Run-Seinn

Cherish the Ladies-The Cameronian Set-Out and About-Green Linnet

William Coulter-Rose in the Heather/Tom Billy’s Jig-Celtic Crossing-Gourd

Jim Malcolm-The Lovely Lass of Inverness-Robert Burns Vol. 5


Idir-Aird Ui Chuain-At First Light-Compass

Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press Gang

Kate Rusby-Old Man Time-Hourglass-Compass

Deanta-Waltz of the Lillies-Whisper of a Secret-Green Linnet


Patrick Ball-The Chanter’s Tune-Wood of Movois-White Strand

Colleen Raney/Colm MacCarthaigh-Lord Franklin-Cuan

Patrick Street-The Winding Stairs-Made in Cork-Green Linnet

Rachel Walker-A Mhor A Ghaoil-Air Chall


Rod Patterson-Auld Lang Syne-Songs from the Bottom Drawer-Green Linnet

Aine Minoque-An Fainne Or-The Twilight Realm

Maddy Prior-The Leathern Bottel-Hang Up your Sorrows and Care-Park Records

Dervish-Swallow’s Tail-Spirit-Compass


Colleen Raney/Colm MacCarthaigh-Lads of the Fair

The Cast-Auld Lang Syne-The Winnowing-Culburnie

Idir-The Magnificent Six-At First Light-Compass

Duncan Chisholm-Craskie-Canaich-Copperfish

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The Christmas season provides a rich treasury of Celtic seasonal song and sadly so little time to play
such a full repertoire. Enjoy the show and a Merry Yule to you.



Doran-Enniscorthy Carol-The Night Before

The Poor Clares-The Moon Shines Bright-Songs for mid-Winter-Centaur

Skye Air-Back of the Moon-Celtic Compilation


Shelly Phillips-Cold Frosty Morning-The Butterfly-Gourd

Altan-A Snowy Path-Celtic Compilation

Kathy Mattea-Christ Child’s Lullaby-Best of Celtic Xmas

Doran-Christmas Eve Reel-The Night Before


Maighread ni Dhomhnaill/Donald Lunny-3rd Carol of Christmad Day-Celtic Xmas-Windham Hill

Nightnoise-Snow on the High Ground-Celtic Xmas-Windham Hill

Steve Schuch & The Night Heron Consort-Sou Gen-A Celtic Christmas Soujourn

Lisa Lynne-Circle of Joy-Celtic Xmas iii-Windham Hill


Maighread ni Dhomhnaill & Voice Squad-The Wexford Lullaby-Celtic Xmas Soujourn

Patrick Ball-St. Basil’s Hymn-Xmas Rose-Fortuna

Fiona Mackenzie-Duan Nollaig-A Gaelic Xmas-Green Trax

Cherish the Ladies-The Holly and the Berry-On Xmas Nite-Rouder


The Voice Squad-Down in Yon Forrest-Good People All-Shanachie

Artisan-The Grampound Wassail-The Holly and the Ivy-Celtic Xams Vol.1

Aine Minoque-The Dove’s Party-Celtic Xmas II Windham Hill

Fiona McKenzie-Beautiful Star of Joy-A Gaelic Xmas-Green Trax


Felicia Dale-Q’uant Je Voi Yever Retourner-When I see Winter Return-Waterbug

Rod Cameron-Scott’s Nativity

William Pint and Felecia Dale-The Woodcutter’s Song-When I see Winter Return-Waterbug

Loreena McKennit-Snow


John McCutcheon-Christmas in the Trenches

Tommy Sands-A Christmas Childhood-To shorten the Winter-Green Linnet

Cherish the Ladies-The Distressed Soldier/Angles we have heard on high

Eileen Ivers-The Time is approaching-An Irish Xmas-Musical Bridge


Cherish the Ladies-On Christmas Nite

Eileen Ivers-The Holly Tree-An Irish Xmas-Musical Bridge

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January 19 at the Matheson Theater for the Performing Arts:

Legends of the Celtic Harp – an amazing evening of music and storytelling by Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne, and Aryeh Frankfurter!LCHSmall

March 1st – Story Road at the Matheson Theater for the Performing arts

story road

March 22 at the Caspar Community Center

Photo-by_Riley-Smith-3428Cape Breton Gaelic singer Mary Jane Lamond and traditional fiddler Wendy MacIsaac and their band!

Come out and support live Celtic music on the Mendocino Coast!  All concerts are benefits for KZYX&Z.

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Congratulations to the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Award winners!
Duncan Chisholm “An Ribhinn Donn” from Affric on Copperfish Records

The Paul McKenna Band “Terror Time” from Stem The Tide on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:12 Set break

Deoch ‘n’ Dorus “Gordon’s Jigs” from The Curer on Skipinnish Records

Julie Fowlis “Oganaich Uir a Rinn m’Fhagail” from Live At Perthshire Amber on Machair

Breabach “Glasgow of the Big Shops” from Bann on Breabach Records

9:21 Set break

“Bird Set” in honor of the 113th Audubon Christmas Bird Count, which began yesterday and continues into January. Mendocino Coast Audubon Society is hosting two counts, one in Fort Bragg on Saturday Dec. 22, one on the south coast (ELk to Point Arena) on Sat. Dec. 29. Anyone can help, contact me at oakandthorn@kzyx.org.

Shelley Phillips “The Wood Between the Worlds / The Thrush” from The Wood Between the Worlds on Gourd Music

Susan McKeown “The Wee Birds All Have Come and Gone – Fisherman’s (feat. Flook)” from Sweet Liberty on World Village

Dougie Maclean “The Osprey” from Fiddle on Dunkeld Records

The Outside Track “Blackbirds And Thrushes” from Curious Things Given Wings on Mad River Records

Altan “The Curlew / McDermott’s / Three Scones of Boxty” from Horse With a Heart on Green Linnet

9:51 Set break
Legends of the Celtic Harp, a wonderful performance featuring Patrick Ball, Lisa Lynne, and Aryeh Frankfurter, is coming to the Matheson Theater in Mendocino on Saturday Jan. 19, 2013. Tickets at BrownPaperTickets.com

Patrick Ball “Gwilan’s Harp” from Storyteller on Celestial Harmonies

10:00 Station ID

Kevin Carr “Paddy On the Pooka” from The King of the Pipers on Kevin Carr

Steve Baughman “Dans Keff Avec” from Life in Prism: Guitar Notes From the Inside on Steve Baughman

Colleen Raney “Broom Of The Cowdenknowes” from Lark on Colleen Raney

10:28 Set break

Sileas “Harvest Home/Apples in Winter” from File Under Christmas on Unknown

Horslips “Ny Kirree Fo Naghtey (The Sheep ‘neath the Snow)” from Drive the Cold Winter Away (Bonus Version) on Celtic Airs

Jethro Tull “Ring Our Solstice Bells” from Christmas Album on The Ian Anderson Group of Companies

10:40 Set break

Silly Wizard “The Queen of Argyll” from Kiss the Tears Away on Shanachie Entertainment

MacGregor, Brechin, OhEadhra “Chorus Jig/The Droving Lads/The Princes’ Welcome to Inverness” from Sonas on Brechin All Records

10:47 Set break

Mànran “Oran Na Cloiche” from Mànran on Manran Records

Martyn Bennett “4 Notes” from Bothy Culture on Ryko/Rhino

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Aidan O’Rourke-Alyth-Sirius-Vertical

Mureann nic Amhaoibh-Isle of Malachy-Day Break-Compass

Shelly Phillips and Friends-The Wood between the worlds-The Wood between the Worlds-Gourd music


Julie Fowlis-A Chatrion Og-Uam-Machair

Tony McManus-port na bPucal/The Crooked Road-Paddy Taylor-Pourqois Quebec?


Ellis Kennedy-Neadn a Lachan-Gaelic Ireland-ARC Music

Kim Robertson-Glenburnie Rant-Highland Heart-Gourd Music


Jim Malcom-The Shearing-The First Cold Day-Beltane

Doran-Leanbh Ghil Mbilis-A Christmas Celtic Soujourn-Rounder

The Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press gang

Ed Miller-Aye Waukin O’-Lowlander-Wellfield Records


Christa Burch-The Lowlands of Holland-Love of the Land-Christa Burch

Dermot Byrne-Pigeon on the Gate-Green Linnet

Kathleen MacInness-I Arose Early One Morning-Summer Dawn-Green Trax


Poozies-Sorrows Away-Infinite Blue-Compass

Ian Melrose-Locomotion Drift-Between the Sighs-inakustik

Natalie MacMaster-Get me through December-Best of Celtic Christmas-Narada

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Thady Casey’s/The Reel of Rio-Blue Skies Above

Eats Records


Karen Casey and John Doyle-Sailing off to the Yankee Land-Exile’s Return-Compass

Nuala Kennedy-Hop Jigs-New Shoes-Compass

Pauline Scalon-The Flower of Magherally O-Hush-Compass

Kathryn Tickell-Raincheck-The Gathering-Park Records


Kris Drever-Braw Sailin On the Sea-Black Water-Compass

Malinky-Cows and Cottongrass-Flower and Iron-Mad River

Kathy Ryan-We Dreamed Our Dreams-The Music of What Happens-Shanachie

Archie McAllister-Arther Gillies-Skippinish Records


Jeff Moore-P Stands for Paddy-The Dove’s Perch-Fleagull Records

Jerry Holland-Ashokan Farewell-Fiddlesticks Collection-Fiddlesticks Music

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-The Black Ship-Laebrack-Green Trax


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St Andrews Day Special


The Feast-Day of St Andrew, Scotland’s Patron Saint, was November 30.  I think it’s a shame it doesn’t get as much recognition and celebration as the much-better-known feast day for Ireland’s patron saint, so today’s show is dedicated to Scottish music!

Duncan Chisholm “Chasing Daylight” from Canaich on Copperfish

Andy M. Stewart “The Garberlunzieman” from Man In The Moon on Green Linnet

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas “Whitewater” from Highlander’s Farewell on Culburnie Records

Bodega “The Stamping Ground” from Under the Counter on Mad River Records

Set break

Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid “Chunna Mise Mo Leannan” from Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid on Watercolour Music Ltd

Bruce MacGregor “The Highlanders Revenge” from 101 Reasons to Do Nothing on MacMeanmna

James Graham “Air An Tràigh” from Greisean Greine on Skipinnish

Seudan “THE ROCK” from Seudan on Greentrax Recordings Limited

Set break

Ed Miller “The Rolling Hills of The Borders” from Never Frae my Mind on Wellfield Records

Battlefield Band “Blackhall Rocks” from Home Is Where the Van Is on Temple Records

Ed Miller “The Prince Of Darkness” from Lowlander on Wellfield Records

Set break

Station ID


Preview set for upcoming concerts:

Patrick Ball “Whispering from Another World” from The Fine Beauty of the Island on Patrick Ball

Colleen Raney & Colm MacCárthaigh “Annachie Gordon” from Cuan on Colleen Raney

Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac “Yellow Coat” from Seinn on turtlemusik / Fontana North

Set break


Back to Scotland!

Duncan Chisholm “Big Archie” from Affric on Copperfish Records

The Paul McKenna Band “THE MERMAID” from Stem The Tide on Greentrax Recordings Limited

Breabach “Donald’s Rant” from Bann on Breabach Records

Mànran “Oran Na Cloiche” from Mànran on Manran Records

Set break


Martyn Bennett “Shputnik In Glenshiel” from Bothy Culture on Ryko/Rhino

Paul Mounsey “ALBA” from Nahoo on Iona Records

Set break

Station ID




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