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The second Pledge Drive show was as successful as the first – we received just over $2,00o in pledges.  Many, many thanks to all of you who called in, or pledged online, during this Drive – your sacrifice is deeply appreciated.  We are always humbled and gratified by the strong support this radio station receives, and are grateful to have such a wonderful community resource.
Our promotional “premiums” for this Drive included the Oak & Thorn hoodies and tees, and two new CDs:
“Idir” from the fantastic Irish group At First Light;

“Seinn” from Cape Breton Islanders Wendy MacIsaac and Mary Jane Lamond.

Both represent exciting new developments in Celtic music, with innovative arrangements of traditional tunes as well as new compositions in the ancient traditions.  We know you will enjoy listening to them many times over, and we thank the artists and their labels for making them available to us.

Artist – Tune – CD – Label


At First Light – The Magnificent Six – Idir – Compass

Susan McKeown – A Mháire Bhruinneall – Bushes and Briars – Alula

At First Light – Ar Thoir an Donn – Idir – Compass


Wendy MacIsaac & Mary Jane Lamond – Yellow Coat – Seinn – Trade Root Music

Wendy MacIsaac & Mary Jane Lamond – Taladh na Beinne Guirme – Seinn – Trade Root Music


Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – recorded live in Ukiah, spring 2010

Norrie MacIver – recorded live at the Glasgow Art Club, January 2012


Comas – Joe Toms / The Brocca / The Donegal Lass – Charge – independent

Paul McKenna Band – Terror Time – Stem the Tide – Greentrax

Comas – The Paige Boys / The Whistling Cat / Joan and John’s – Charge – independent


Dougie MacLean – The Osprey – Fiddle – Dunkeld Records

Dougie MacLean – All Together – Marching Mystery – Dunkeld


Blazin’ Fiddles – Donald, Willie, and his Dog – Fire On! –

Wendy MacIsaac & Mary Jane Lamond – If You were Mine – Seinn – Trade Root Music

At First Light – Pipers of Roguery – Idir – Compass


Cliar – Bruce’s Reels – Cliar – Macmeanmna

Duncan Chisholm – Waltz of the Grey River – Affric – Copperfish Records

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Opening weekend of the Fall Pledge Drive was a big success.  When I left at noon, the station had recorded over $31,000 in pledges!  That total included almost $2,000 raised during Oak & Thorn, a terrific listener response and one that left us feeling very grateful to live among such generous people.

Hope everybody enjoyed the comments and pitches from the musicians.  We’ll do it again next Sunday, with new music and new pitches, tune in and enjoy!

Artist – Tune – CD – Label


Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – Opening set, remarks, and Highlander’s Farewell set from concert at Cotton Auditorium, Fort Bragg, Saturday Oct. 13

9:20 – Pledge break


Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac – Oran an t-Saighdeir – Seinn – turtlemusik

Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac – Keeping up with Calum – Seinn – turtlemusik

9:35 – Pledge break


At First Light – Aird i Chuain – Idir – Compass

At First Light – Rolling in Rosemount – Idir – Compass

John McSherry pitch

9:52 – Pitch Break

Station ID


Ed Miller – I Wish They’d Do it Now – Live at the Cactus Cafe – Wellfield

Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny – The Humours of Whiskey – Dublin Lady – Green Linnet

The McCalmans – Let’s Recycle – The Greentrax Years – Greentrax

Genticorum – “Just call us now, and send lots of money” – recorded at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, January 2012

10:20 – pitch break


Bruce MacGregor & Christine Hanson – The Irish Lass/Miss Buchanan of Cambusmore/Mrs. A. MacGlashan – Kissin’ is the Best of A’ – Brechin All Records

Julie Fowlis – Hug Air a Bhonaid mhoir – Cuilidh – Shoeshine Records

Bruce MacGregor – The Highlander’s Revenge – 101 Reasons to Do Nothing – Macmeanmna

Bruce MacGregor pitch

10:42 – pitch break


Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac – If You Were Mine – Seinn – Trade Root Music

Cliar – Tune Set with Altan – Grinn Grinn – MacMeanmna

Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seoid – Chunne Mise Mo Leannan – Na Seoid – Watercolour Music

Mary Ann Kennedy pitch

10:58 – pitch break

Duncan Chisholm – Big Archie – Affric – Copperfish Records

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Fall KZYX Pledge Drive Premium

So many of you have asked about getting your own Oak and Thorn T-shirts and hoodies, that we’re offering them as premiums this fall pledge drive. The t-shirt is available at the $100 level.

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Catriona McKay and Chris Stour-Edges and Highwater-White Nights-MSM001CD

Muireann Nic Amhaoibh-Isle of Malachy

Duncan Chisholm-The House and Rose Valley-Affric-Copperfish


John Doyle and Karen Casey-Sally Grier-Exile’s Return-Compass

The Maggie’s-Ceol an phiobaine-T with the Maggies-TWM

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Where the Moorcocks Crow-Lover’s Well-Eat Records

Lissa Schneckenburger-Bottle of Brandy/Miss Sarah McFadden-Footprint


Grada-The Butcher Boy-Natural Angel-Compass

Franco Morone-Geordie/John Barleycorn-Road to Lisdoonvarna-Rough Trade

Miamh Parsons-Sally sits Weeping-Blackbirds & Thrushes-Green Linnet

De Temps Antan-Intrinifor/Le Reel a Marie-Pierre-Celtic Colors XIV


Matt & Shannon Heaton-Brad’s Honeybees

Kris Drever-Braw Sailin on the Sea-Black Water-Ciompass

The Maggie’s-Domhnach na Fola-T with the Maggies-TWM

Jim Malcolm-Parcel O Rouges-Acquaintance-Beltane


Tabache-The Quiet Place-Waves of Rush

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Bay of Biscay-Lover’s Well

Bua-The Pipe on the Hob/Wionnie Hayes-an Spealadoir-Mad River

Poozies-Sorrows Away-Infinite Blue-Compass


Genticorum-Bibournise-La Birbournise-Musicaction

Nomos-Weary Wanderer-Set You Free-Green Linnet

Eddie Reader-Ye Jacobites-Songs of Robert Burns-Compass


Nuala Kenedy-Hop Jigs-The New Shoes-Compass

Old Blind Dogs-Rolling Home-The Gab O Mey-Green Linnet

Solas-A Tune for Roan-The Turning Tide-Compass



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Oak and Thorn

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Today’s show began with a set of new & notable releases from Scotland and Ireland; then the rest of the first hour was devoted to musicians that are currently performing as part of the Celtic Colours International Festival taking place on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.  In the second hour we played segments of an interview conducted with Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas after a performance in Ukiah a couple of years ago, interspersed with selections of music to illustrate what they were talking about.  Then we ended the show with a long set featuring musicians on the bill for Dougie MacLean’s Perthshire Amber Festival, which I hope to attend someday!

Artist – Tune – CD – Label


New releases:

At First Light – The Magnificent Six – Idir – Compass

Alasdair Ogilvy – The Kirkwall Light – Leaves Sae Green – Greentrax

Comas – The Paige Boys/The Whistling Cat/Joan and John’s – Charge – Mad River Records

The Paul McKenna Band – Dreams of Darien – Stem the Tide – Mad River Records


Celtic Colours festival:

Troy MacGillivray – Sabra’s Stepdance – Live at the Music Room – Trolleymac Music

Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac – Oran an t-Saighdeir [The Soldier’s Song] – Seinn – turtlemusik

Chrissy Crowley – Officer MacGruff – The Departure – independent

Buddy MacDonald – Getting Dark Again – Getting Dark Again – Rocky Coast Music


More Celtic Colours:

Goiridh Domhnaillach (Jeff MacDonald) – Distance – Celtic Colours Volume XIV – Odyssey Records

Glenn Graham – The Twister – Decade – Bowbeat Music


Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas interview set:

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – Alien Ceilidh – In the Moment – Culburnie Records

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – The Pitnacree Ferryman – Highlander’s Farewell – Culburnie

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – Valley of the Moon Reel – In the Moment – Culburnie

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – Grand Etang/Hull’s Reel – Highlander’s Farewell – Culburnie


Perthshire Amber festival:

Bruce MacGregor & Christine Hanson – The Perthshire Hunt/Kissin’ is the Best of A’/Donald Morison – Kissin’ is the Best of A’ – Brechin All Records

Julie Fowlis – Pabay Mor (with Dougie MacLean) – Live at Perthshire Amber – Machair Records

Duncan Chisholm – Wlatz of the Grey River – Affric – Copperfish Records

The Outside Track – Flash Company – Flash Company – Lorimer Records

Blazin’ Fiddles – Donald, Willie, and his Dog – Fire On ! – independent

Julie Fowlis – Turas san Lochmor – Live at Perthshire Amber – Machair Records

Duncan Chisholm – Big Archie – Affric – Copperfish Records

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