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Tickets available locally at Harvest Market and Tangents (Fort Bragg), Out of This World (Mendocino), Arena Market and Cafe (Point Arena), Four-Eyed Frog (Gualala), Mazahar (Willits), Dig! Music (Ukiah), and in Boonville, Laughing Dog Books and All That Good Stuff.

Come out for an evening of wonderful music and support live music on the Mendocino Coast and our local public community radio station KZYX!

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The Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show is happening in Boonville, just a few miles from the KZYX studio, so today’s show features songs and tunes related to fairs, the harvest, apples, livestock, etc.   Also some Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, and a brand-new CD from Duncan Chisholm!

Artist – Tune – CD – Label


Sharon Shannon & Friends – Hogs & Heifers – Libertango – Compass

The Bothy Band – Do You Love an Apple – Bothy Band 1975 – Compass

Dervish – Apples in Winter – Harmony Hill – Kells Music

Battlefield Band – Lads o’ the Fair – Home is Where the Van Is – Temple Records


The Paul McKenna Band – The Lambs on the Green Hills – Stem the Tide – Greentrax

Rebecca Lomnicky – The Ewie iw’ the Crooked Horn – The Call – independent

The Poozies – The Shepherd’s Wife – Infinite Blue – Compass

Davy Spillane & Kevin Glackin – Cul Fada Reel/The Ravelled Hank of Yarn – Forgotten Days – Burrenstone Music


Tommy Makem – A Glass of Beer – Ancient Pulsing – Red Biddy Records

Oak Ash & Thorn – The Barley Mow – Two Album CD – Tosspot Records

Colcannon – The Ale is Dear/The Glass of Beer – Trad. – Oxford Road Records

The John Renbourn Group – John Barleycorn – A Maid in Bedlam – Shanachie


Joe Aitken – The Lispin’ Leghorn – Festival Favorites – independent

Ian Melrose – The Hen’s March O’er the Midden – Between the Sighs – Slow Motion Records

Ed Miller – The Wild Geese – Never Frae My Mind – Wellfield Records

The Tannahill Weavers – The Geese in the Bog/The Jig of Slurs – The Tannahill Weavers – Hedera Records


David Brewer – Feisty Blonde Cow – Living Tradition – independent

Rachel Walker – Puirt-a-Beul – Air Chall – Skipinnish Records

Troy MacGillivray – Crodh Chailein (Colin’s Cattle) – Eleven – Trolleymac Music

Mary Jane Lamond – Crodh Air a’Bhruaich – Lan Duil – Wicklow Records


Chris Norman Ensemble – The Darling set – The Caledonian Flute – Boxwood Media

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – Highlanders Farewell – Highlanders Farewell – Culburnie Records

Duncan Chisholm – Rubha nan Marbh – Affric – Copperfish Records

Duncan Chisholm – Waltz of the Grey River – Affric – Copperfish

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Shelly Phillips-The Wood Between the Worlds/Thrush-Gourd

Meav-Newry Boat Song-Silver Sea-Valley Entertainment

Ron Cody-Bob’s Bucket-The Talking Rake


Dougie MacLean-Scythe Song-Riof-Dunkeld

Anam-The Conundrum-Bright Fire-Linn

Steve Johnson-The Laboring Man’s Daughter-Lowlands


Carra Dillon-Jimmy Mo Mhile a stor-Hill of Thieves-Proper

Colcannon-Gravel Walk-Some Foreign Land-Colcannon

Anna Murrey-O Co Thogas-3 Things-KRL

Ian Carr/Karen Tweed-EWilidh-Fyace-Compass


Chris Norman-I Won’t do the Work-Man with the Wooden Flute-Dorian

Anam-S’Gann Gun Dirich Chaoidh-Linn

Billy McComiskey-The Grey Fox-Outside the Box-Compass


Old Blind Dogs-Bedlam Boys-Four on the Floor-Compass

Shelly Phillips and Friends-Kid on the Mountain/Morning Dew-Wood Between the Worlds-Gourd

John Doyle/Karen Casey-Madame I’m a Darling-Exile’s Return-Compass

Duncan Chisholm-The Desert Road-Canaich-Copperfish


Kathy Ryan-Slan Abhaile-Kathy Ryan-Shanachie

Robin Laing-The Wee Cooper o Fife-Whiskey for Breakfast-CD Trax

Liz Carrol-See it There-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet

Old Blind Dogs-Battle of Waterloo-The World’s Room-Green Linnet


Alasdair Fraser/Natalie Haas-Valley of the Moon Reel-Culburnie

Steve Johnson-The Factory Girl-The lowlands

Chris Norman-Thousand Pipers-Man with the Wooden Flute-Dorian

Liz Carrol-The Drunken Sailor-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet


Ron Cody-Snow on the Hills-The Talking Rake-Copperfish


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Labour Day

Artist – Tune – CD – Label

Paddy Keenan – Factory Girl/Man of the House – Live at the Katherine Cornell Theater – independent

The Dubliners – Poor Paddy on the Railway – The Best of The Original Dubliners – EMI

The Chieftains – The Job of Journeywork – Chieftains 8 – Columbia/Legacy

Sean Keane – Tunnel Tigers – Turn a Phrase – Kells Music


Ceolbeg – The Collier’s Way – An Unfair Dance – Greentrax

The House Band – E I Ah Could Hew – Groundwork – Green Linnet

The House Band – The Pit Stands Idle – Groundwork – Green Linnet

Bodega – Crooked Jack – Bodega – Greentrax


Chumbawamba – Idris Strike Song – English Rebel Songs 1381- 1984 – PM Press/Trade Root Music

Hamish Imlach – If it Wisnae For the Union – STUC Centenary Album – Greentrax

Andy Irvine – Never Tire of the Road – Rain on the Roof – independent

Brian MacNeill – Sell Your Labour, Not Your Soul – STUC Centenary Album – Greentrax


Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny – Monday Morning – At It Again – Green Linnet

Relativity – The Morning Morning Reel/Cutting a Slide/Robert the Minnow/Hogties’ Reel – Gathering Pace – Green Linnet

Battlefield Band – Working Away/The Toastie Jig – New Spring – Temple Records

Stan Rogers – The White Collar Holler – Between the Breaks… Live! – Fogarty’s Cove Records


Ed Miller – The Song of the Hammers – Lowlander – Wellfield Records

Lilt – Launching the Boat/Piper’s Despair – Onward – Lockhouse Records

Malinky – The Shipyard Apprentice – Flower & Iron – Mad River Records

The Tannahill Weavers – The Great Ships – Epona – Green Linnet


Maddy Prior – Honest Work – Flesh & Blood – Park Records

Battlefield Band – I Am the Common Man – Anthem for the Common Man – Temple Records

The House Band – Pharaoh – Twentieth Anniversary Collection – Green Linnet

Paul Mounsey – Work Song – City of Walls – Iona Records

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