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Kim Robertson-Morning Dew-Dance to your Shadow-Narada

Mureann nic Amhaoibh-Isle of Malachy-Day Break-Compass

Archie McAllister-Tune for Declan-Fiddler’s Rock-Skipinish Records


Julie Fowlis/Eddie Reader-Wind and Rain-Uam-Machair

Tony McManus-The Rolling Waves/Martine Wynes-The Maker’s Mark-Compass

Ellis Kennedy-Neadn a Lachan-Gaelic Ireland-ARC Music

The Paul McKenna Band-Stem the Tide-Mad River


Niamh ni Charra-Cailleach A Airgid-Happy Out-Imeartas Records

Altan-A Fig for Kiss-The Poison Glen

T with the Maggies-Wedding Dress-TWM

John McSherry & Donald O’Connor-Tripswitch-Tripswitch-Compass


Christa Burch-The Lowlands of Holland-Love of the Land

Brendan Power-Drah her Round the Road-The New Irish Harmonica-Green Linnet

Ed Miller/Karine Polwart-The Spanish Lady-Never Frae my Mind

Dermot Byrne-Pigeon on the Gate-Green Linnet


Jim Malcolm-Rantin Rovin Robin-Acquainatance-Belatane Records

Molly’s Revenge-Digerpolskan-Aged 1-0 Years-ASCAP Records

Brian O’Eadhra-Caidil Ri Mo Thaobv-Brechin All Records

Kathryn Tickell-Raincheck-The Gathering-Park Records


Nuala Kennedy-Hop Jigs-New Shoes-Compass

Pauline Scanlon-The Flower of Magherally O-Hush-Compass

Franco Morone-Jig on Planxty Irwin-Road to Lisdoonvarna-Acoustic Music Records

Seonaich MacMillan-Mo Mhac Gradhach-Taladh Nan Cuantan-Skippinish Records


Malinky-Cows and Cottongrass-Flower and Iron-Mad River

Cathy Jordan-Erin Gra mo Chroi-Fair Celts-Narada

Dervish-Touching Cloth-At the End of the Day-Kells Music

Ossian-The Carrying Stream-The Carrying Stream-CD Trax




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Playlist Feb. 19, 2012

Back in the studio after a month out, most of which was spent in Glasgow for the Celtic Connections festival (see reviews).  Today’s show features some of the live recordings made there, and some of the many CDs we brought back.  It will take weeks to get through it all!

Artist – Tune –  Recording – Label


Bruce MacGregor and Christine Hanson – The Irish Lass/Miss Buchanan of Cambusmore/Mrs. A. MacGlashan – Kissin’ is the Best of A’ – Brechin All Records

Cruinn – Cait a bheil i ann am Muile – recorded live at St Andrews in the Square, Glasgow, January 2012

Cruinn – Fhalbh Oirre Ho – recorded live at St Andrews in the Square, Glasgow, January 2012


Ailean Domhnallach & Griogair Labhruidh – Pipe Tune Set – recorded live at National Piping Centre, Glasgow


Norrie MacIver – Glaodh an Iar – recorded live at Glasgow Art Club, January 2012

Ailean Domhnallach & Griogair Labhruidh – Pipe Tune Set – recorded live at National Piping Centre, Glasgow

Alasdair Whyte – (Gaidhlig song) – recorded live at Glasgow Art Club, January 2012


Fidil with Solo Cissokho – The Ewe with the Crooked Horn – live at St Andrew’s

Fidil with Solo Cissokho – The Glory Reel – live at St Andrew’s


Chasin’ Hooley – Folsom Prison – Chasin’ Hooley – independent EP

Gerry O’Connor & Gilles le Bigot – Mal Bhan/The Destitution – In Concert – Lughnasa Music

Dual – Da bhfaigheann mo rogha de thriur acu/Dhannsamaid le Ailean/Cairistion’ Nigh’n Eoghainn – Dual – Machair Records

At First Light – El Garrotin – Idir – independent


Steven Clark – Coming Home – singer, songwriter – independent EP

Eilean mo Ghaoil – Corriegills – The Music of Arran – Brechin All Records

Joe Aitken – Kelty Clippie – Festival Favorites – independent

Blazin’ Fiddles – Donald, Willie, and his Dog – Fire On! – independent


Genticorum – Tout de Long du Voyage/Reel Inutile – Nagez Rameurs -Roues et Archets

Corquieu – Anaxela – Suana – Tierra Discos

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Burach-Born Tired-Born Tired

Eddie Reader-Aye Waukin-O-Peacetime

Maire Breatnach-The Swans at Coole-Fiddler’s Green


Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies-Crake in the Morn-Tenderhooks-Green Linnet

Orla-Na Buachilli Alainn-The Water is Wide

Paul McKenna Band-Darcy and Erin’s-Stem the Tide-Mad River

Christa Burch-Love of the Land-Love of the Land-CBSV


Jim Malcolm-Broom of the Cowden Knowes-Sparkling Flash-Beltane

Rebecca Lomnicky-Josefin’s Waltz-The Call

Niamh ni Charra-Cailleach an Airgid-Imeartas

Grada-Manaku Swing-The Landing Step-Compass


John Doyle-The Arabic-Shadow and Light-Compass

Franco Morone-Geordie/John Barycorn/Ye Jacobites by Name-Road to Lisdoonvarn-Rough Trade

Wendy Stewart-All Things are Quite Silent-Standing Wave-Green Trax


Lau-The Jigs-Lightweighs and Gentlemen

Annie Grace-Jack o Hazaldean-Take me out drinking tonight-CD Trax

Margaret Stewart-Feill nan Crann-Along the Road Less Traveled-CD Trax

Slide-Ol’ Man Lynch-Overneath


Ed Miller-Aye Waukin O-Lowlander-Wellfield

Joe McKenna-Rowesome’s/The Ballintore Fancy-Shanachie

Kathy Ryan-Ta se na La-Somewhere along the Road-Shanachie


Julie Fowlis-m’fhearann saidhbhir-Uam-Machair

Old Blind Dogs-Rolling Home-Gab O Mey

John Doyle-Jack Dolan-Wayward Son-Compass

Karen Tweed-Eilidh-Face-Compass





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Music is everywhere in Glasgow, from the streets to the Royal Concert Hall.  Music is the soul of this city.  If you weren’t already in love with melody and rhythm before you arrived, you will be, and if you’re like most of us, you want to participate.  The House of Song, hosted by the ever-gracious Doris Rougvie, is the perfect place for you.

Starting around 10PM most nights of the festival, you can find Doris and her sweet smiles and welcomes at the House of Song.  One fine evening, Paul McKenna was in residence; on another, Solo Cissokho shared a Senegalese song.  A host of singers of every level (and key) are there each night.  The songs range from traditional Scottish to Joni Mitchell.  If, like me, you can’t remember all the words to a song, chime in on the choruses.  Doris will make you feel at home, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself volunteering a song or two.  Don’t worry if you don’t speak English.  All languages are welcome.  Last I heard, at least forty-one different nationalities have sung at the House of Song.  Come on down, settle onto the comfy couches, and enjoy one of the friendliest venues at Celtic Connections.

— Catherine Keegan

Artist’s website: Doris Rougvie http://www.myspace.com/dorisrougvie

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The Strathclyde Suite was the official center of fun Wednesday night.  Gaelic singer Maggie MacInnes, backed by wisecracking Brian McAlpine (piano/accordion) and Anna Massie (guitar/fiddle), filled the first half with gorgeous song and gentle banter.  MacInnes, arguably the queen of the Gaelic heartbroken love song, was in fine voice, singing songs of dark-haired, handsome men and the women who love them…or would like to love them, if only she had a cow.

After announcing that the special note of the evening was D, Genticorum launched into their trademark sound, a combination of  joy and power, with Pascal Gemme’s feet tapping out the heartbeat.  How could anyone keep from smiling and bouncing?  The band immediately connected with the audience with humorous introductions to a “psychedelic country rock call and response song” (Les Menteries), and then  “The Showerhead Reels,” inspired by two different settings on a showerhead and marking Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand’s coming out of the closet as a fiddle player.  The happiness scale nearly pegged, Genticorum upped the ante with “Galope Doux Bedon,” composed for a cat named Sir Lulu of the Soft Tummy.  Guitarist Yann Falquet warned the crowd that there might be cases of spontaneous combustion due to an overabundance of happiness!  Every song and tune rates a mention, from the voyageur songs to the hypnotic “Reel Circulaire.”  It was a too-short evening of warmth, joy, and laughter.

— Catherine Keegan

Artists’ websites:
Genticorum genticorum.com
Maggie MacInnes www.maggiemacinnes.com
Anna Massie www.annamassie.com

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Oh, Glasgow Art Club, how I love you for your beautiful woodwork, your intimate setting, your arched collar ceiling, and your wonderful, hilarious staff; if only you sounded better.  The long gallery is not kind to the ears.  The piano, accordion and bagpipes are greedy for attention in any sound mix, and in that small space, they overwhelm fiddles and guitars.

That grumbled, this show was a work of love and quite a lot of fun.  These songs and tunes were collected by Alasdair Paul, who beamed throughout the performance.  The artists (Gillian Frame – fiddle, viola, vocals; Angus Lyon – piano, accordion; Ali Hutton – pipes. whistle, guitar; Ross Kennedy – song;
Deirdre Graham – Gaelic song; plus special guest Innes Watson – fiddle, guitar) did a bang up job, sound limitations not withstanding.  The sound crew worked some miracles, and by the end of the first half, all of the musicians’ talents could be appreciated on the Corriegills set.

The two vocalists for the evening, Ross Kennedy and Deirdre Graham, were an interesting contrast.  Kennedy has the classic bold folksinger voice, while Graham’s is delicate and sweet.  Her Oran na Dighe was a highlight of the evening.  The final set of the evening, Shiskine Barn Dance, followed by the Arran Boat Song done as a reel sent us out into the cold, cold Glasgow night smiling.

I do encourage anyone reading this to buy the CD, Eilean mo Ghaoil (on Brechin All Records).  Hearing the music again this morning made me want to see the show all over again.  The female vocalist on the CD is not the same as in the show, but her voice is just as sweet and lovely as Graham’s.

— Catherine Keegan

Artists’ Websites:
Eilean mo Ghaoil Facebook Page www.facebook.com/pages/Eilean-mo-Ghaoil-The-Music-of-Arran/249603828400187?sk=wall
Angus Lyon www.anguslyon.co.uk/
Innes Watson www.inneswatson.co.uk/

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