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Liz Carrol/John Doyle-Nearby Long Ago-Double Play-Compass Records

Carla Sciaky-The Band of Shearers-Her Infinite Variety-Green Linnet

Grey Larsen-The Gathering-The Gathering-Sugar Hill


Arcady-The Banks of the Lee-Celtic Love Songs-Shanachie

Aidan O’Rourke-Mangersta Beach-Sirius-Verical

Kate Rusby-A Rose in April-Hourglass-Compass

Steve Baughman-Bonny Crossing the Alps-Drop of the Pure-Tall Tree


Brian McNeill-Scotus-The Baltic Tae Byzantium-Green Trax

Michael Black-Little Pack of Tailors-Michael Black-Compass

Liz Carrol/John Doyle-John Cahill’s Jig/Tommy Doyle-Double Play-Compass

Meav-The Newry Boat Song-Siver Sea


Jim Malcolm-Parcel O’ Rouges-Acquaintance-Beltane

Catriona McKay/Chris Stout-Laebrack-Laebrack-Green Trax

Cara Dillon-Johnny Lovely Johnny-Hill of Thieves-Proper

Liz Carrol/John Doyle-A Pound a Week Rise-Double Play-Compass


Jeff Moore-P Stand for Paddy-The Dove’s Perch-Fleagull Records

Daimh-Sporan Dhomhnaill-Diversion-Green Trax

Eilidh Shaw-Liz Carrolls-Heepirumbo-CD Trax

Rita Connolly-The Factory Girl-Rita Connolly-Tara


John Renborn-Estampie-Traveler’s Prayer-Shanachie

Susan McKeown-The Hare’s Lament-Lowlands-Green Linnet

Dochas-Castle Kelly/Mike’s Reel-The Crossing-Grr Records

Orla-Na Buachailli Alainn-The Water is Wide-Manhatten Records


Kevin Burke-The Okarina/The Tatoo-Hoof and Mouth-Green Linnet

Dougie MacLean-Broken Wings-Marching Mystery-Dunkeld

Jeff Moore-The Dove’s Perch-The Dove’s Perch-Fleagull Records

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Playlist 7-18-2101

Artist – Tune – CD – Label

Duncan Chisholm – The Farley Bridge – Farrar – Copperfish

Daimh – He ‘m eille ‘s na ho ro – Diversions – Greentrax

Rua MacMillan – Kitchen Criminals – Tyro – Greentrax

James Graham – Air an Traigh – Greisean Greine – Skipinnish


Solas – Sadhbh ni Bhruineallaigh – The Turning Tide – Compass

Lunasa – Fruitmarket Reels – La Nua – Compass

Liz Carroll & John Doyle – A Pound a Week Rise – Double Play – Compass

John McSherry – Atlantic Drive – Soma – Compass


Lewis MacKinnon – An Toll Dubh – A’ Seo [Here] – self

Troy MacGillivray – Stilring Castle – Eleven – Trolleymac Music

Mary Jane Lamond – Mo Ghille Mor Foghain ‘each – Lan Duil – turtlemusik

Ahsley MacIsaac – Spoonboy – hi how are you today? – A&M Records


SIlly Wizard – A Scarce o’ Tatties/Lyndhurst – So Many Partings – Shanachie

Boys of the Lough – An Spailpin Fanach/The One-Horned Buck – Farewell and Remember Me – SHanachie

Michael McGoldrick – mackerel & tatties – Aurora – Vertical Records

Old Blind Dogs – Tatties and Herrin’ – Fit? – Green Linnet


Steeleye Span – The Ups and Downs – Parcel of Rogues – Shanachie

Steeleye Span – Reels: The First House in Connaught/Sailor’s Bonnet – Tempted and Tried – Shanachie

Steeleye Span – Little Sir Hugh – Commoner’s Crown – Shanachie


Cerreg Lafar – Ysbryd y Werin (Spirit of the People)/Mae’r ddaear yn glasu (The Earth is Getting Greener) – Celtic Folk from Wales – Arc Music

Gwerinos – Cefn Du (the Black Hillside)/Ymdeithgan Gwyr Dyfi (The March of the Men of Dyfi)/Y Derwydd (The Druid) – Celtic Folk from Wales – ARC Music


Bodega – Crooked Jack – Bodega – Greentrax

Wolfstone – Erin – Unleashed – Iona

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Eileen Ivers-Maudabawn Castle-Wild Blue-Green Linnet-3:03

Kate Rusby-Fairest of all Yarrow-Sleepless-Compass-3:03

Tony McManus-Coast River-The Maker’s Mark-Compass-3:20


Malinky-The Road Tae Drumleman-Flower and Iron-Mad River-4:45

John McSherry/Donald O’Conner-Anton-Tripswitch-Compass-3:23

Jim Malcolm-The Shearing-The First Cold Day-Beltane-3:27

Lunasa-Lady Ellen-Redwood-Green Linnet-3:10


John Doyle-Sally Grier/Exile’s Return-Compass-4:16

Manus Lunny-Nil si ‘n GRA-Fire in the Glen-Shanachie-4:07

Colm O’Donnell-A Lover’s Heart-Rocks of Bawn-5:19

JSD Band-Unknown Polka-Pastures of Plenty-Lochshore-3:11


Solas-La Bruxa-The Words hat Remain-Compass

Mark Dunlop-The Three Huntsman-Islands on the Moon-Green Trax-3:00

Lissa Schneckenbuger-The Fair Maid by the Sea Shore-Song-Footprint-3:25

Katie McMahon-Nil se’n la-After the Morning-Paradigm


Annie Grace-Bonny at Morn-Take me out Drinking Tonight-Green Trax-4:16

Jim Malcolm-Jeannie Reid’s Hoose-Tam O’Shanter & Other Tales-Beltane-4:33

Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill-The Bucks of Oranmore-The Lonesome Touch-Green Linnet-5:43


The High Kings-Marie’s Wedding-The High Kings-Blue Note-3:05

Chris Norman-Lend me your Loom Lass-The Caledonian Flute-7:39

Dougie MacLean-Stepping Stones-Riof-Dunkeld-5:21

Patrick Street-Music for a Found Harmonium-Live-Green Linnet-3:52


Cannach-Twa Corbies-The Moons of Glenloy-KRL-3:23

Anam-The Next Market Day-First Footing-3:21

Old Blind Dogs-Culifionn-Fit-Green Linnet-3:08

Dervish-Swallow’s Tail-Spirit-Compass-4:11

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All-American program: Celtic music performed by Americans, though I did cheat a little with some expats now living in America.  Hey, that’s how this music came here in the first place! 

Artist – Tune – CD – Label

Broceliande – The Joy of My Life/Out on the Ocean/Star Above the Garter – Broceliande – Flowinglass Music

Oak, As, & Thorn – TO Anacreon in Heaven – Out on a Limb – Tosspot Reords

William Coulter – Jerome’s Farewell to Gibraltar/Washington’s March – The Road Home – Gourd Music

Pam Swan – He Mandu – Dance to your Shadow – Evil Twin Music


Hillbillies from Mars – North Carolina Breakdown – Hillbillies from Mars – HFM

Kristine Robin – Tha mi Sgith – Everchanging Tides – Cedar Tree Music

Danny Carnahan with Robin Petrie – The Bailiff/s Daughter of Islington/The Mad Otter’s Holt – Journeys of the Heart – Celtoid Records

Distant Oaks – Lilting Banshee/Scatter the Mud/Bonaparte Crossing the Rocky Mountains – Dance to Bright Steel – Northern Wind Recordings


Colcannon – Mollai na gCuach Ni Chuilleanain (Curly-haired Molly Hollywood) – Trad. – Oxford Road Records

John Williams – Micho’s Jig/Mikey’s Reel – Hidden Treasures: Irish Music in Chicago – Big Chacago Records

Yankee Celtic Consort – Star of the County Down – Wander the Wood – Grandma Katherine’s Music

Molly’s Revenge – The Western Shore – The Western Shore – Molri Music


Black 47 – Livin’ in America (Fordham Road 8:00 AM) – Fire of Freedom – SBK Records

Karan Casey & John Doyle – Sailing Off to the Yankee Land – Exiles Return – Compass

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – Alien Ceilidh – In the Monent -Culburnie

Liz Carroll & John Doyle – A Pound a Week Rise – Double Play – Compass


Black 47 – Livin’ in America (Bainbridge Avenue 2:00 AM) – Fire of Freedom – SBK

Keep it Reel – Wake Up Irishman – Keep it Reel –

Scythian – Drums of Belfast – Aidan’s Orbit –

Boiled in Lead – Spanish Lady – From the Ladle to the Grave – Atomic Theory

Mantis – Graves Lament – Mystic –


Culann’s Hounds – Twin Peaks – Year of the Dog –

Solas – Seven Curses – For Love and Laughter – Compass

Tempest – Cabar Feidh – Prime Cuts – Magna Carta

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