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Playlist April 18

Tomorrow being my birthday, today I’m playing some of my current favorite music – new and old. It’s my gift to all of you listeners and fans of Oak & Thorn! I feel very fortunate indeed to have this opportunity every other week to share my enthusiasm for this music with all of you.  

Artist – Tune – CD – Label

Duncan Chisholm – The Rose of St Magnus/The Farley Bridge – Live at St Andrews
MacGregor, Brechin, O’hEadhra – Tladh na Beinne Guirme – Sonas – Brechin All Records
Bruce MacGregor – The Highlander’s Revenge – 101 Reasons to Do Nothing – MacMeanmna
James Graham – Air an Tràigh – Greisean Grèine – Skipinnish

Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid – Sios dhan an Abhann (Down to the River) – Na Seòid – Watercolour Music
Cliar – Ingy’s Jigs – Gun Tabh – MacMeanmna
Dàimh – Oran a Mhagaraine (The Margarine Song) – Crossing Point – Greentrax
Fiddler’s Bid – Fiddlers Bid Ode to Joy – All Dressed in Yellow – Hairst Blinks Music

Four Shillings Short – Foxhunter’s Jig – Of Labout & Love- Four Shillings Short
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas – Opening Set – Live in Ukiah

Andy M. Stewart – The Echo Mocks the Corn-crake – Man in the Moon – Green Linnet
Stan Rogers – The White Collar Holler – Between the Breaks… Live! – Fogarty’s Cove Music
Andy M. Stewart – The Errant Apprentice – Man in the Moon – Green Linnet

Horslips – Daybreak – The Book of Invasions – Outlet Recording
Clannad – An Gabhar Ban (The White Goat) – Ring of Gold – Celtic Music
Paddy Keenan & Tommy O’Sullivan – Jigs: The Lost and Found/The Hag at the Churn/The Wind off the Lake – The Long Grazing Acre – Compass
Steeleye Span – Cam Ye O’er Frae France – Parcel of Rogues – Shanachie

The Red Hot Chilli Pipers – We Will Rock You/Eye of the Tiger/The Clumsy Lover – REL Records
Runrig – An Toll Dubh/Rubh nan Cudaigain – Recovery – Ridge
Hevia – Busindre Reel – Tierra de Nadie – EMI-Odeon

Wolfstone – Here is Where the Heart Is – Unleashed – Iona Records
Runrig – Hearts of Olden Glory – Once in a Lifetime – Chrysalis Records

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John Whelan/Eileen Ivers-Trip to Sky-Celts Rise Again-Green Linnet

Orla-Cad e Sin Don te Sin-The Water is Wide-Manhatten Records

Andrea Piazza-Leap-Harpestry-Imaginary Road


Rachel Walker-Air Failirinn Iu-Air Chall

Tony McManus-The Lochaber Dance/Chloe’s Passion-The Maker’s Mark-Compass

Archie Fisher-Winward Away-Winard Away-Red House Records

Michael Rooney/June McCormack-Gort na Mona-Draiocht-Draiocht music


Jim Malcolm-Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders-Live in Glenfarg-Belatne

Jez Lowe-Here’s the Tender Coming-Tenderhooks-Green Linnet

Niall Valley-First of August-Buille-Vertical Records

Calum Alex MacMillan-Mo Run-sa Mhaighdean-The Deluxe Highland Music-Skipinnish


Karen Casey/John Doyle-Exile’s Return-Exile’s Return-Compass

Duncan Chisholm-250 to Vigo-Farrar-Copperfish Records

The House Devils-Naomi Wise-Adieu to Old Ireland-Arc Music


Bruce MacGregor-The Shambles-Loch Ness

Sylvia Barnes-Lonely Waterloo-The Color of Amber-Green Trax

Kathryn Tickell-Raincheck-The Gathering-Park Records

Archie Fisher-Star of Belle Isle-Winward Away

Jim Malcolm-Neptune-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane


Joe McKenna-Contentment is Wealth-The Irish Low Whistle-Shanachie

Connie Dover-Fear a Bhata-If Ever I Return-Taylor Park Records

Le Vent du Nord-Rosette-Dans les Airs-Musicaction Canada

Old Blind Dogs-Rolling Home-The Gab o Mey-Green Linnet


Patrick St-Music for a Found Harmonium-The Celts Rise Again-Green Linnet

Sean Doyle-Let Mr Maguire Sit Down-The Light and the Half Light

Gary Innes-The Dougal Set-The Delux Highland

William Coulter-Sliabh Russel/Come West Along the Road-Celtic Voyage-Gourd

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Playlist 4-4

Artist – Tune – Album/CD – Label


The Black Irish Band – The Foggy Dew – Twenty –

The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem – Freedom’s Sons – Freedom’s Sons – Columbia (LP)

The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem – The Rising of the Moon – Ain’t it Grand Boys – Columbia Legacy

The Dubliners – The Fairmoye Lasses/Sporting Paddy – The Best of the Original Dubliners – EMI

Chieftains & Sinead O’Connor – The Foggy Dew – The Long Black Veil – RCA Victor


Kevin Burke – The Bus Stop Reel/Miss McCloud’s Reel/Lost Indian – Open House – Green Linnet

Relativity – Mo Gile Mear – Relativity – Green Linnet

Kevin Burke – The Long Acre/Clyde’s Banks – Open House – Green Linnet

Karan Casey & John Doyle – Madam I’m a Darling – Exiles Return – Compass


The Tannahill Weavers – Are Ye Sleeping Maggie – Are Ye Sleeping Maggie – Hedera Records

Tommy Makem – To Welcome In the Spring – Ancient Pulsing – Red Biddy Records

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham – Spring the Summer Long – The Best Of Aly & Phil – Compass

Julie Fowlis – Wind and Rain – Uam (from Me) – Shoeshine Records

Leahy – Chasing Rain – In All Things – Narada


Ceolbeg – The Big Parcel/Not the Bunnhop – Not the Bunnyhop – Greentrax

Griogair Labhruaidh – Oran do’n Mhorairne – Dail-riata – Dunach Records

Duncan Chisholm – Chi Mi’n Geamhraidh – The Door of Saints – duncanchisholm.co.uk

Daimh – Oran a Mhagaraine – Crossing Point – Greentrax


Kevin Burke & Micheal O Domhnaill – Maudabawn CHapel/The Wild Irishman/The Moher Reel – Portland – Green Linnet

Kammen & Swan – Chi Mi Na Morbheanna – Wild Wood – Evil Twin Music

Solas – A Waltz for Mairead – The Turning Tide – Compass

Dervish – The Cat She Went A-Hunting – Travelling Show – WHirling Discs

Nuala Kennedy – Footsteps – Tune In – Compass


Steeleye Span – One Misty Moisty Morning – Parcel of Rogues – Shanachie

Black 47 – James Connolly – Fire of Freedom – SBK Records (EMI)

Sinead O’Connor – Oro se do Bheatha Mhaile – Sean-nos Nua – Vanguard Records

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