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MANY, MANY THANKS to all our generous, wonderful listener-members who called in with their pledges or went online to KZYX.ORG to pledge their support for our community radio station!   Colleen and I always enjoy doing these shows, it’s fun for us and very gratifying to see the community response to our efforts.   I really like getting musicians to do some of the pitching for us, and it was especially gratifying to hear from listeners who found those compelling enough to make a pledge.  Hope everybody enjoyed Duncan Chisholm’s wee joke as well!

Artist – Tune – CD – Label

String Sisters – Shetland Fiddle Diva/Kinyon’s Jig/Kinyon’s Reel/Lad O’Beirne’s – String Sisters Live – Compass

Old Blind Dogs – Tae the Beggin’ I Will Go – The World’s Room – Compass

Claire Mann & Aaron Jones – McElvogue’s – Secret Orders – tradmusic

Pitch break with Aaron Jones


Old Blind Dogs – Terror Time – Four on the Floor – Compass

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham – Waiting for the Federals – Best of Aly & Phil – Compass

Ed Miller – Room for us All in the Dance – The Edinburgh Rambler – Wellfield Records

Pitch break with Phil Cunningham


Karan Casey & John Doyle – The False Lady – Exiles Return – Compass

The Bothy Band – The Butterfly – Afterhours – Mulligan Records (now Compass)

Planxty – The Jolly Beggar – Planxty – Shanachie

Pitch break


The Tannahill Weavers – The Geese in the Bog/The Jig of Slurs – The Tannhill Weavers – Hedera Records


Robin Williamson – The Man Who Never Dreamed At All – Five Humorous Tales of Scotland and Ireland

Silly Wizard – The Parish of Dunkeld – Live Wizardry – Green Linnet

Pitch break with Phil Cunningham


Alasdair Fraser – Eilidh’s Frolic – Dawn Dance – Culburnie

Joe Aitken – Cock-a-Doodle-Doo – recorded live at the Universal folk club, Glasgow

Alasdair Fraser  & Natalie Haas – Alien Ceilidh – In the Moment – Culburnie Records

Pitch break with Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas


Wolfstone – Here is Where the Heart Is – Unleashed – Iona Records

Pitch break with Duncan Chisholm

Wolfstone – The Dinners Set – Year of the Dog – Green Linnet

out to WOB

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Belatedly catching up on the last two shows.  It’s really hectic in the studio during Pledge Drive so it’s hard to get these done on time – apologies to anyone who was looking for information.   Many, many thanks to everyone who called in or pledged on-line, helping to make the Pledge Drive shows fun to do!  (And it’s never too late to pledge on-line, just look for the “Support KZYX&Z” tab at http://www.kzyx.org.)

Artist – Tune – CD – Label


Duncan Chisholm – Lorient Mornings/250 to Vigo – recorded live at St Andres in the Square, Glasgow

MacGregor, Brechin, O’hEadhra – A Chailinn Ailinn – Sonas – Brechin All Records

Bruce MacGregor – The Highlander’s Revenge – 101 Reasons to Do Nothing – MacMeanmna

Pitch Break with Jim Malcolm


Karan Casey and John Doyle – The False Lady – Exiles Return – Compass

Altan – Gweebarra Bridge/Comb Your Hair and Curl It – 25th Anniversary – Compass

Pitch break with Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh


Slide – Spry Slides – OverNeath – Slide Music

Dervish – Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves – Travelling Show – Whirling Discs

Paddy Keenan & Tommy O’Sullivan – jigs: Kitty O’Neill’s/The Kerry Jig – The Long Grazing Acre – Compass

Pitch break with Paddy Keenan, Eamonn deBarra, Daire Bracken


Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham – The Waltz of the Little Girls – Best of Aly & Phil – Compass

Andy M. Stewart – The Gaberlunzie Man – Man in the Moon – Green Linnet

Phil Cunningham – Funky Ceilidh – The Palomino Waltz – Green Linnet

Pitch break with Phil Cunningham


Dougie MacLean – All Together – Marching Mystery – Dunkeld

Duncan Chisholm – The 303 – Farrar – Copperfish

Pitch break with Duncan Chisholm


Karan Casey & John Doyle – Madam I’m a Darling – Exiles Return – Compass

Altan – Bog an Lochain /The Margaree Reel / The Humours of Westport – 25th Anniversary Celebration – Compass

Pitch break with Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh

Dervish – The Coolea Jigs – Travelling Show – Whirling Discs

out to WOB

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Continuing the post-Celtic Connections roundup with more smashin’ tunes and Gaidhlig vocals!


Duncan Chisholm – Canan nan  Gael/Bok Espok – Live at St Andrews – bootleg

Calum ALex MacMillan – Cha teid mise thobair tuilleadh – Taladh nan Cuantan – Skipinnish

Bruce MacGregor – Robin the Diplomat – Loch Ness – BirnamCD

MacGregor, Brechin, OhEadhra – Taladh na Beinne Guirme – Sonas – Brechin All Records


Doris Rougvie – Lassie of Fashion – My Joy of You – Red Barn Studios

Catriona Macdonald – Gibbie’s Reel set – Over the Moon – Peerie Angel Productions

Irene Watt – Fisherman’s Lassie – Tide of Change – Irene Watt

Altan – Comb Your Hair and Curl It/Gweebarra Bridge – 25th Anniversary Celebration


Skipinnish – Gay Gordons – Live from the Ceilidh House – Skipinnish

James Graham – Air an Traigh – Greisean Greine – Skipinnish

Skipinnish – 6/8 Pipe March and Reels – The Deluxe Blend of Highland Music – Skipinnish

Rachel Walker – Marcreach an Each Dubh a Sasainn – Air Chall :Lost – Skipinnish


Cliar – ‘Si Nighean mo Ghaoil, an Nighean Donn Og – Grinn Grinn – MacMeanmna

Bruce MacGregor – Liza Mulholland – 101 Reasons to Do Nothing – MacMeanmna

Mary Ann Kennedy and Na Seoid – Chunna Mise mo Leannan – Watercolour Music


Rachel Hair – I Lost My Harp in Barcelona – The Lucky Smile – March Hair Records

The Shee – Chilly Winds – A Different Season – Shee Records

Fiddler’s Bid – Midnight – All Dressed in Yellow – Hairst Blinks Music

Na h-Oganaich – Canan na Gael – Gun Stad – MacMeanmna


Norrie MacIver & Ruadhri Sutherland – Peurt-a-Beul – recorded live at Ceol ‘s Craic

Pennou Skoulm – Plin Ha Plom I – Trinkan – Innacor Records

Michael McGoldrick with Karan Casey – Sixteen Come Sunday – recorded live at O2 ABC Glasgow

Michael McGoldrick – Freefalling – Aurora – Vertical Records


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