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Robert Burns Birthday



Tony McManus-Ye Banks and Braes-Ceol More

Dougie MacLean-Ca’ the Yowes-Tribute

Eddie Reader-Ae Fond Kiss-Songs of Robert Burns

Alasdair Fraser/Paul Machlis-Chapel Keithack/Belmont-Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle


Rod Patterson-Ye Banks and Braes-Songs from the bottom Drawer

James Malcolm-AuldRob Morris-Robert Burns Vol 6

Ian Benzie-A Man’s a Man for A’ That-Robert Burns Vol 5


Ossian-The Carrying Stream-The Carrying Stream

Elspeth Cowie-Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie- Robert Burns-Vol 5

Malinky-Gone to the Bower-3 Ravens


James Malcolm-Rantin Rovin Robin-Acquaintance

Elspeth Cowie-Braw braw lad’s on Yarrow Braes-Burns Vol 5

Alasdair Fraser-Lady Louisa Gordon’s Strathspey-Return to Kintail

Dougie MacLean-Scot’s Wha’ Hae-Tribute


Poem-Tam O’Shanter-Performed by Rod Cameron

Eddie Reader-Ye Jacobites by Name-Songs of Robert Burns

Jim Malcolm-Parcel O’ Rouges-Acquaintance

Battlefield Band-Time and Tide-Time and Tide

Dick Gaugin-Now Westlin Winds-Handful of Earth


Rod Patterson-Gae Bring to Me a Pint O Wine-Songs from the Bottom Drawer

James Malcolm-Highland Mary-Acquaintance

Alasdair Fraser-Mrs. McPherson -Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle

The Cast- Auld Lang Syne-The Winnowing

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Playlist Jan. 18, 2009

Celtic Connections “Pity-Party” show (cuz I’m not in Glasgow, waaah!)

Artist – Tune – CD

Calliope Creek – Haste to the Wedding/Kesh Jig/Morrison’s Jig – Another Jig Will Do
Battlefield Band – Major Malley/s March & Reel/Malcolm Currie – Home is Where the Van Is
Battlefield Band – Bonny Barbry-O – Home is Where the Van Is
Battlefield Band – Look Across the Water/Mrs Garden of Troup/The Keelman Ower Land – Home is Where the Van Is
Battlefield Band – The Lads o’ the Fair – Home is Where the Van Is
Lay Bain & Ale Moller – The Full Rigged Ship/The New Rigged Ship – Fully Rigged
Daimh – Mo Nighean Cruinn Donn – Crossing Point
Duncan Chisholm – Leire’s Welcome to Cozac – The Door of Saints
Old Blind Dogs – Bedlam Boys
Cathal McConnell – The Hurricane of Reels – Long Expectant Comes at Last
Shannon, Gavin, McGoldrick and Murray – The Cappataggle Shuffle – Tunes
Dervish – An Spailpin Fanach – Live in Palma
Lunasa – The Dingleberries – Se’
Mary Jane Lamond – Mi Nighean Donn Boidheach – Storas
String Sisters – Rumble Thy Bellyful – Live
Bodega – Puirt – Under the Counter
Mollys Revenge – The Western Shore – The Western Shore
Genticorum – La Bibournoise – La Bibournoise
Le Vent du Nord – La Traversee – Dans les Airs
La Bottine Souriante – Sur le Pont d’Avignon – La Traversee de l’Atlantique
Llan de Cubel – Muneira d’Ibias – Deva
Alan Stivell with Youssou N’Dour – A United Earth I – Dublin to Dakar (Putomayo)
Shooglenifty – Excess Baggage – Troots
Salsa Celtica – Cumbia Celtica/El Aqua De La Vida – El Agua de la Vida

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Celtic Connections 2009 began yesterday and will continue through the end of the month. The financial meltdown took my travel fund with it, so we’re not in Glasgow right now for the world’s biggest Celtic music festival. Sunday’s show will therefore be my pity-party: I’ll play a selection from the immense lineup (several hundred artists and groups) performing at CC this year. Should be fun, if not quite as much fun as actually being there!

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Oak & Thorn 1/11/09 by Colleen



John Whelan/Eileen  Ivers-Trip to Sky-Celts Rise Again

Maighread ni Dhomhnall-Pilla Ruin-Between the Two Lights

Kim Robertson-Mist Covered Mountains of Home-Highland Heart


Carolyn Robson-Bonny at Morn-The North Umberland Collection

Hidden Fermanagh-Eddie Duffy’s Monaghan Twig-Sound Neighbors

Anam-Westlin Winds-Riptide

Danny Carnahan-Breton Dances-Journey’s of the Heart


Jim Malcolm-Lochs of the Tay-Live in Glenfarg

Sileas-Laill Leatbag-Play on Light

Liz Carrol &  John Doyle-The Island of Woods-In Play

Mairead ni Dhomhaill–Is Fada Lion Uaim i-No Dowry


Brendan Power-The Sailor’s Bonnet/The Banshee-The New Irish Harmonica

Meav-Newry Boat Song-SilverSea

The McGuffins-Toss the Feathers-Wake Amusements


Karen Casey-The King’s Shilling-Absolutly Irish

Ron Kavanaugh-Fermoy Regatta-Homefire

Cathie Ryan-Somewhere Along the Road-Somewhere Along the Road

John Doyle-(Reels) The Morning Dew and the Morning Star-Evening Comes Early

William Pint -The January Man-When I see Winter Return


Dougie MacLean-Stepping Stones-Riof

Athena Tergis-(Jigs) Will You come Down to Limerick?/The Arragh Mnts. A Letter Home

Kate Rusby and Katheryn Roberts-Courting is a Pleasure

Lunasa-Absent Friends-Se


Cathie Ryan-Ta Se na La-Somewhere Along the Road

John Doyle-Old Bush/Expect the Unexpected-Wayward Son

Susan McKeown-After Aughrim-Bushes and Briars

Lunasa-Black River-Se

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Playlist 01-04-09

Bird-themed show, inspired by the fun I had at the Audubon Christmas Bird Count yesterday.

Artist- Tune – Album
Calliope Creek – Molly in the Big Bed/Get Up Old Woman and SHake Yourself/Low Tide in the Morning – Another Jig Will Do

Martin Hayes – Tommy Coen’s Reel/The Swallow – Martin Hayes
(Birdcall: Barn Swallow)
Silly Wizard – If I Was a Blackbird – Wild & Beautiful
Molly’s Revenge – New Toss the Feathers Set – Mollys Revenge Four
Cliar – Ho Mo Nighean Donn Bhoideach – Grinn Grinn

Oak, Ash, and Thorn – Jolly Red Nose – Sowing Wild Oats
Liz & Yvonne Kane – The Ducks in the Oats/Jig for Jimmy/Paddy Fahy’s – Live at the Katharine Cornell Theater
(bird call: American Robin)
Broceliande – A Robyn, Gentil Robyn – Gathering May
Battlefield Band – The Golden Eagle/O’er the Moor to Maggie/The Highland Man Kissed His Grannie/Wissahickon Drive – New Spring

The Clancy Brothers – The Skye Boat Song – Save the Land
(bird call: Osprey)
Dougie MacLean – The Osprey – Fiddle
Andy M. Stewart – The Echo Mocks the Corn-crake – Man in the Moon
The Tannahill Weavers – The Geese in the Bog/The Jig of Slurs – The Tannahill Weavers

Niamh Parsons – Blackbirds and Thrushes/The Blackbird Waltz – Blackbirds and Thrushes
Dervish – Swallows Tail – Spirit
Altan – Moll Dubh A’ Ghleanna – The Red Crow
Altan – The Curlew/McDermott’s/Three Scones of Boxty – Horse with a Heart

Susan McKeown – The Wee Birds All Have Come and Gone/Fisherman’s – Sweet Liberty
The Boys of the Lough – Sean Bui/Tommy People’s The Lark in the Morning
Relativity – An Seanduine Doite – Flight of the Green Linnet
(bird call: Band-tailed Pigeon)
Davy Spillane – The Pigeon on the Gate – Atlantic Bridge

Capercaillie – Bonaparte – Secret People
(bird call – White-crowned Sparrow)
Sharon Shannon – The Mighty Sparrow – Out the Gap
Avalon Rising – The Lark in the Morning – Storming Heaven
Wicked Tinkers – Dean Set (An Drochaid Cluiteach/Swallow’s Tail/MacFadden’s Reel) – Rant
10:55 – wrap-up

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