Playlist August 2, 2015

09:05:00 Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer “The Long F Set” from The Fire (2015) on Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer: The Fire

09:10:00 Set break

09:14:41 Oak, Ash, and Thorn “All Among the Barley” from Two Album CD on Tosspot

09:16:50 Faustus “Thrashing Machine” from Broken Down Gentlemen (2013) on Navigator Records

09:19:56 Brocelïande “The Banshee Set” from Barley Rigs (feat. Margaret Davis, Kristoph Klover, Kris Yenney & Karl Franzen) on Studio634

09:24:54 Dervish “Midsummer’s Night” from Midsummer’s Night on Compass Records

09:31:00 Set break

09:35:34 Stan Rogers “The Field Behind the Plow” from Northwest Passage (1981) on Borealis Records

09:40:05 Lúnasa “The Miller of Drohan” from Otherworld (1999) on Green Linnet

09:43:09 Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy “The Garden Song” from The Makem and Clancy Collection (2005) on Shanachie Entertainment

09:46:28 Lúnasa “Ryestraw” from La Nua (2010) on Lunasa Records

09:51:00 Set break

09:53:57 Ceolbeg “Seeds To The Wind” from Seeds to the Wind on Greentrax

09:59:00 Station ID

09:59:00 PSA

09:59:00 Interview

10:05:48 Men of Worth “The St Kilda Wedding / Connemara Girl” from The Pattern Dance on Mahog Music

10:11:14 Men of Worth “A’ Suathadh / Out On the Ocean” from Culmore on Mahog Music

10:14:36 Men of Worth “Nelson Mandella’s Welcome to the City of Glasgow” from Harvest Moon on Mahog Music

10:18:00 Set break

10:23:45 Sean Keane “The Man from Connemara” from THE BURREN BACKROOM SERIES (2014) on Independent

10:27:45 Hanneke Cassel “The Marathon (for Boston)” from Dot the Dragon’s Eyes (2013) on Cassel Records

10:30:50 Altan “Má Théann Tú ‘un Aonaigh (with Alison Brown, Natalie Haas & Jim Higgins)” from The Widening Gyre (2015) on Compass Records

10:33:30 Cassie & Maggie MacDonald “Stop, Drop, and Reel” from Fresh Heirs (2011) on MacSis Music

10:38:00 Set break

10:41:45 The Tannahill Weavers “The Rigs O Rye” from Leaving St. Kilda (1996) on Green Linnet

10:46:42 Paddy Keenan & Tommy O’Sullivan “Dinny O’brien’s, The Garden of Daisies the Cork Hornpipe Harvest Home” from The Long Grazing Acre (2003) on Compass

10:51:04 Runa “The Maid that sold her Barley” from Somewhere Along the Road (2012) on Runa

10:54:33 Runrig “Harvest Moon (Live)” from Transmitting Live on Parlophone UK

Oak and Thorn Presents Men of Worth in a House Concert August 7th

Oak and Thorn Presents Men of Worth in a House Concert August 7th



Duncan Chisholm-Mo run geal Og-Canaic-Copperfish

Mary Black-Lay Down Your Burden-Holy Ground-Gift Horse

De Temps Anton-La Fee des dents-Les Habits de Papier-Musication


Maighread ni Dhomhnaill-Is Fada Liom Uaim I’-No Dowry-Shanachie

Franco Morone-Respiro di una Vecchia Forrestra-Stranlandia

Kate Rusby-A Rose in April-Hourglass-Pure Records

Kathryn Tickell-Penquin Notes-The Side-Resilient


Orion-Blue Room-Keltia Musique

Susan McKeown-Sweet Liberty-Sweet Liberty-World Village

Cassie and Maggie-Jimmy’s Sterling Road-Hearth PR

Michael Black-The Willow Tree-Michael Black-Compass


Shannon Heaton-Red Molly-The Blue Dress

Jim Malcolm-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-The Corncrake-Beltane

Kathryn Tickell-Raincheck-The Gathering-Park Records

De Temps de Aton-Adieu Marguerite-Les Habits de Papier-Musication


Peter Ostoushko-Trip to Donegal-Coming Down from Red Lodge

Cathie Ryan-We Dreamed Our Dreams-The Music of What Happens-Shanachie

Patrick Street-The Winding Stairs-Made in Cork-Green Linnet

John Doyle-Captain Glen-Wayward Son-Compass


Hanneke Cassel-Dot the Dragon’s Eye-Dot the Dragon’s Eye-Cassel Records

De Temps de Aton-Grand amusuer de filles-Musication

Colleen Raney-Canadee-I-o-Here this is Home-Little Sea Records

Colum O’Donnell-Dilin O’ Deamhas-Rocks of Bawn


Sharon and Matt Heaton-First Date-Lover’s Well-Heaton

Wendy MacIsacc and Mary Jane Lamond-Hoireann o’ Rathill iu-Seinn-Factor

Laurie Riley and Friends-Humors

Tony McManus-Lady Ann Montgomery’s Reel-Ceol More

Maighread ni Dhomhnaill

Playlist July 19, 2015

09:04:00 David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky “John Stephen’s” from The Fire (2015) on Independent

09:09:00 Set break

09:12:07 Men of Worth “raglan road” from Culmore on Mahog Music

09:16:34 Men of Worth “A’ Suathadh / Out On the Ocean” from Culmore on Mahog Music

09:19:56 David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky “Dave MacDondald’s” from The Fire (2015) on Independent

09:23:00 Set break

09:25:21 Colm Phelan “Colonel Frazier’s (feat. Stephen Doherty)” from full circle (2012) on Colm Phelan

09:28:12 Danu “Muirisín Deas Set” from Buan (2015) on Danu

09:32:06 Ronan Le Bars & Nicolas Quemener “The Leitrim Lilter the Twelves Pins Jim Donoghue’s” from Bímís Ag Ol on L’oz Production

09:36:16 Runa “Eppie Morrie” from Somewhere Along the Road on Runa

09:39:00 Set break

09:41:00 PSA

09:44:35 Tri Yann An Naoned “An alarc’h (Bretagne)” from Tri Yann An Naoned (1998) on Universal Music Division Mercury

09:46:33 PSG “Andro PSG” from Marzin, Siberil, Guichen on Coop Breizh

09:51:15 Anne Auffret & Florian Baron “Setu: Dansez le plinn” from Bretagne Muzik e Breizh on Coop Breizh

09:54:23 Ar Re Yaouank “M-a-l (An-dro)” from Breizh Positive on Aztec musique

10:00:00 Set break

10:00:00 Station ID

10:01:00 PSA

10:07:46 Genticorum “Genticorum” from La Galarneau (2002) on Roues et Archets

10:11:29 Le Vent du Nord “Le winnebago” from Tromper le temps (2012) on Borealis Records

10:14:38 Vishtèn “cœur en mer” from Terre rouge on Productions Takashoun

10:18:21 De Temps Antan “Mépriseuse de garcons” from Ce monde ici-bas on L-A be

10:21:00 Set break

10:25:40 Breabach “Bha Mise Raoir air an Airigh” from Ùrlar (2013) on Breabach Records

10:30:21 Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas “On the Wings of a Skorrie” from Abundance (2014) on Culburnie

10:33:28 Cruinn “Oran an t-Slaightear” from Storas (2014) on Cruinn

10:36:31 Daimh “Banjo’s Favorite” from Tuneship on Independent

10:42:00 Set break

10:45:01 Annie Ebrel Quartet “Dans ar C’hi” from Roudennou (2008) on Coop Breizh

10:48:01 Duo Descofar “An Dro Sidwell” from Finis Terrae (2013) on Mercier Musique

10:51:53 Denez Prigent “Gortoz a Ran (J’attends)” from Irvi (2000) on Barclay

10:57:45 Gilbert Hervieux & Jacques Beauchamp “Laride 6 Temps” from Le Fest-Noz d’Eog on Coop Breizh



Pierre Bensusan-Heman Dubh-Nice Feeling-Zebra ACoustics

Runa-Amhran Mhuighinse-Somewhere along the Road-Runa

Three Mile Stone-Old Innishowan-Three Mile Stone


Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy MacIsaac-Air a Ghille Tha Mo Run-Sein-Factor

Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry-Trip to Ireland-At First Sight-Compass

Niamh Parsons-Briar and the Rose-Loosen Up-Green Linnet

Goitse-619-Tall Tales and Misadventures-GSE


Three Mile Stone-Heather on the Moor-Three Mile Stone

Shelly Phillips-The Wood Between the Worlds-The Wood Between…-Gourd usic

Steve Tilson-Night Visiting Song-Solorubato-Fellside

The Maggies-Wedding Dress-T with the Maggies-TWM


Altan (Double Disc Green Linnet) Fermangh Highland-Green Linnet 2 Disc Collection

John Doyle and Nuala Kennedy-Lovely Nancy-The Alt-Under the Arch

Martin Hayes-Paddy Fahy’s Reel-The Lonesome Touch-Green Linnet

Julie Fowlis-Ged a Sheol Mi Air m’Aineal-As My Heart Is-Machair


Jim Malcolm-Jeanie Reid’s Hoose-Tam O’Shanter and Other Tales-Beltane

Anna Murrey-6/8 Marches-Three Things-Lochshore

The Maggies-Biodh Orm Anocht-T with the Maggies-TWM

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Thady Casey’s/Reel of Rio-Blue Skies Above-ESL


Colleen Raney-Queen of Arqyll-Lark-Colleen Raney

Dervish-Swallow’s Tail-Spirit-Compass

Heidi Talbot-High Germany-Distant Future-Compass

Ed Miller-Heather on the Moor-Lowlander-Wellfield


Open House-Drag her ‘Round the Road-Hoof and Mouth-Green Linnet

Mark Dunlop-The Three Huntsman-Islands on the Moor-Green Trax

John McSherry and Donald O’Connor-Tripswitch-Compass

Joe McKenna-Echo’s Calling-Shanachie-The Irish Low Whistle-Shanachie

Independence Days!

July 1 was Canada Day, and July 4 is of course American Independence Day, so today’s show jumped back & forth across the border.


09:04:10 Oak, Ash, and Thorn “To Anacreon in Heaven” from Two Album CD on Tosspot

09:06:00 Set break

09:10:27 Seumas Gagne “Is Truagh Leam Ar Sgaradh” from Baile Ard (2012) on Seumas Gagne

09:13:43 Lisa Lynne and the Elfin Love Tribe “Song of Good Cheer” from Instrumental Songs of Good Cheer (2013) on Lavender Sky Music

09:18:43 Runa “The Maid that sold her Barley” from Somewhere Along the Road on Runa

09:22:00 Set break

09:24:12 Stan Rogers “Northwest Passage” from Northwest Passage (1981) on Borealis Records

09:29:02 Troy MacGillivray “Pressed for Time” from Live At the Music Room (2010) on Compass

09:34:54 Jeff MacDonald “distance” from Celtic Colours Volume XIV (2010) on Odyssey Records

09:40:16 Chrissy Crowley “Hillbilly Lullabilly” from Last Night’s Fun (2013) on Independent

09:44:00 Set break

09:45:11 Christa Burch “giant” from Love of the Land (2009) on Christa Burch

09:49:29 Brocelïande “Broken Pledge / Shoemaker’s Daughter” from Jig of Life on Flowinglass Music/SUGO Music Group

09:53:02 Colleen Raney “Lassie Wi’ the Yellow Coatie” from Here This is Home (2013) on Little Sea Records

09:56:00 Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer “The Very Last Straw” from The Fire on Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer: The Fire

09:59:00 Set break

09:59:00 Station ID

10:04:33 De Temps Antan “La bizoune” from De temps Antan À l’année (2007) on L-A be

10:07:47 De Temps Antan “Roma au lac Bell” from Les habits de papier on L-A be

10:12:00 Set break

10:14:27 Vishtèn “Terre rouge” from Terre rouge on Productions Takashoun

10:18:00 Vishtèn “P’tit jean” from Mosaik on Vishtèn Music

10:21:00 Set break

10:25:00 Boiled In Lead “Spanish Lady” from From the Ladle to the Grave (1989) on Omnium

10:30:02 Keep it Reel “freedom” from Keep It Reel on Independent

10:33:45 Wicked Tinkers “Radar Love” from Hammered (2000) on Thistle Pricks Productions

10:37:00 Set break

10:40:05 Mary Jane Lamond “Mo Nighean Donn as Boidhche” from Storas (2005) on turtlemusik

10:44:32 Slainte Mhath “Foxhunter’s” from VA on MapleMusic

10:47:26 Loreena McKennitt “As i Roved Out” from The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2010) on Quinlan Road Records

10:52:00 Set break

10:54:00 PSA

10:54:21 Black 47 “Fire of Freedom” from Fire of Freedom (1993) on SBK

The next Oak and Thorn concert on July 25th.  Email brhconcerts@gmail.com for information.

Dynamic Celtic duo David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky are the Fire

Dynamic Celtic duo David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky are the Fire


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