Remembrance Day

Tomorrow, November 11, is Veteran’s Day in the US, Remembrance Day in the Commonwealth countries, formerly known as Armistice Day to commemorate the end of hostilities in “The Great War” (WWI). Today’s show features music on the theme of soldiery, from light-hearted songs to grim takes on death. The Scottish experience of WWI was intense; although Scots made up only about 10% of the British forces, they suffered nearly 20% of the casualties. A significant fraction of the eligible male population went overseas and a large fraction of those never returned. Inevitably, this experience found expression in poetry and song.

9:03 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:08 AM Dick Hensold & Patsy O’Brien “Braes of Balquidder” on Independent

9:12 AM Dick Hensold & Patsy O’Brien “Jigs” on Independent


9:17 AM The ClancyBrothers & Tommy Makem “The Minstrel Boy” from Irish Songs Of Drinking and Rebellion on Black & Partner Licenses LLC

9:20 AM Conor Lamb, Brendan Mulholland & Deirdre Galway “The Wounded Hussar” from Music in the Glen on 773743 Records DK

9:22 AM Usher’s Island “Felix the Soldier” from Usher’s Island on Vertical Records

9:25 AM Jake James “For All That You Do” from Firewood on 909217 Records DK


A set from the amazing 2008 double-CD release with poetry, songs, and tunes from what came to be known as World War I.

9:34 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Your King and Country Need You” from Far, Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings

9:35 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Keep Right on to the End of the Road” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:38 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “I’ll Make a Man of You” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:39 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Fred Karnos Army” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:39 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Raining” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:40 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “If the Sergeant Steals Your Rum” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:41 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Oh It’s a Lovely War” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:42 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “Forward Joe Soaps” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:44 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “The Old Battalion” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

9:46 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “When This Bloody War Is Over” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited


A short respite from the grimness!

9:51 AM Breabach “The Last March” from Astar on Breabach Records

9:55 AM Còig “Mary and the Soldier” from Five on Còig


Another set of WWI music.

10:06 AM Iain Anderson “In Flanders Fields” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

10:08 AM The Scottish Pals Singers “The Flowers of the Forest” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

10:09 AM The Corries “The Green Fields of France” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited

10:15 AM Iain Anderson “Cha Till MacCruimen” from Far Far from Ypres on Greentrax Recordings Limited


Battle of the Somme:

10:20 AM The Tannahill Weavers “Sunset Over the Somme” from Òrach (The Golden Anniversary) on Compass Records

10:24 AM Julie Fowlis “Air an Somme” from Allt on Machair Records Ltd

10:28 AM Ar Skloferien “Battle Of The Somme Set Medley” from Keltia on Keltia Musique

10:32 AM Mànran “An Eala Bhàn” from Mànran on Mànran Records


Finishing up with more modern takes. For a truly heartbreaking story, look up “The Iolaire.”

10:42 AM Steeleye Span “Fighting For Strangers” from Spanning The Years on Parlophone UK

10:46 AM Skipinnish “The Iolaire” from The Seventh Wave on Skipinnish Records

10:52 AM The Imagined Village “My Son John” from Empire & Love on ECC Records



Maire Breatnach-The Swans at Coole-Fiddler’s Green-Blix St

Jacqui McShee-JardinD’Amour-Passe Avant-PRKCD

Liz Carroll-Lament of the First Generation-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet


Jim Malcolm-Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane

Kevin Crawford-The Dear Irish Boy-Carrying the Tune-Brooklyn 1

Arcady-The Rocks of Bawn-A Celtic Tapestry-Shanachie

The Press Gang-Naomi’s-The Press Gang-TPG


Solas-Adieu Lovely Nancy-Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers-Shanachie

Theo Paige-John Kelley’s /The Lilac Reel-Theo Paige-Antar Records

The Outside Track-Get me Through December-Light up the Dark-Alba

Connla-Blue Lagoon-River Waiting-Connla


The High Kings-Marie’s Wedding-High Kings

Johnny Hardie and Gavin Marwick-Goa Way-KRL

Gillian Frame-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-Cheeryoos

Open House-The Okarina/The Tattoo-Hoof and Mouth


The Outside Track-Canadee-I-O-Light up the Dark-Alba

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-Bold Doherty/Bill Harte’s Jig-Noctambule

Reeltime-Hayes and Hayes-Live it Up

McKasson and McDonald-Brooke Leigh-Harbour


Outside Track-Drilling-Light up the Dark-Alba

Ron Kavana-Johnny Go Easy-Home Fire-Green Linnet

Calum Stewart-Looking at a Rainbow-Celtic Cafe-Putamayo

Lissa Schneckenburger-The Irish Girl-Fiddle and Vocals


T with the Maggies-Wedding Dress-T with the Maggies

Malinky-Follow the Heron-3 Ravens-Green Trax

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks-Rachel Hair

Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin-6/8 Marches-Birl-Esque-Alba




Aidan O’Rourke-Alyth-Sirius-Vertical

Altan-An Mhaighdean Mhara-Compass

Shelly Phillips-The Wood Between the Worlds-The Wood Between the Worlds-Gourd


Julie Fowlis-A Chatrion’ Og-Uam-Machair

Tony McManus-Port na bPucal/The Crooked Road-Porqoui Quebec?

Niamh Parsons-Poor Irish Stranger-The Old Simplicity-Green Linnet

Kim Robertson-Glenburnie Rant-Highland Heart


Jim Malcolm-The Train from Perth to Lochearn-The First Cold day

Catriona McKay-Eira-White Nights-McKay/Stout Music

Cathie Ryan-We Dreamed Our Dreams-The Music of What Happens-Shanchie

Martin Hayes/Dennis Cahill-The Lobster-The Gloaming-Real World


Daimh-Donald Macleod Reels-The Rough Bounds-Daimh

Nuala Kennedy-His Bonnet so Blue-Behave the Bravest-Under the Arch

The Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press gang

The Paul McKenna band-Indiana-Elements-Compass


JohnDoyle, Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O’Leary-Lovely Nancy-The Alt-Under the Arch

Altan-Fermangh Highland-Island Angel-Green Linnet

Ed Miller-My Bonnie Border Lass-Lowlander-Wellfield

Genticorum-D’Espagne-Avant L’Orage-Genticorum


The Chieftains and Rankin Family-An Innis Aigh-Celtic Tides-Putamayo

MaryJane Lammond and Wendy MacIssac-Oran an t-Saighdier-Seinn-Factor

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-The Cloone/March Reel-Noctambule-Noctambule

Danny Carnahan and Robin Petrie-Glenlogie-Journeys of the Heart-Celtoid Records


Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks

John Doyle-Blue Diamond Mines-Evening Comes Early-Shanachie

Open the Door for Three-The Gift of Falling-Open the Door for Three

Osian-The Carrying Stream-The Carrying  Stream






Alasdair Fraser-Common Ground-Dawn Dance-Culburnie

Maighread ni Dhomhnaill-An Cailin Gaelach-No Dowry-Shanachie

Rachel Hair-Carol and Coins-Sparks-Rachel Hair


Colleen Raney-I Live not Where I Love-Lark-Raney

Open the Door for Three-Snug in the Blanket-Open the Door for Three-ODT

Aleander, Sefton, Parks–Bywater-Bywater

Niall and Cillian Valleley-The Humours of Tullcrine-Valleley


Niamh Parsons-No Half Measures-The Old Simplicity-Green Linnet

The McGuffins-Toss the Feathers-The Old Simplicity-Green Linnet

The Voice Squad-The Sheep Stealers-Good People All-Shanachie

Ian Carr and Karen Tweed-Eilidh-Fyace-Compass


Steve Tilson-Blue Heron’s Eye-Solorubato-Tilson

Hanneke Cassel-De Oppresso Liber-Trip to Walden Pond-Hanneke

Teresa Horgan and Matt Griffin-Brightest Sky Blue-Brightest Sky Blue-H&G

Cassie and Maggie-The Sally Garden Set-The Willow Collection-C&M


Capercaille-Ailein Duinn-At the Heart of it All-Compass

Joe McKenna-The Stone in the Field-The Irish Low Whistle-Shanachie

Mary Jane Lammond-Air a Ghile Tha Mo Run-Seinn-Factor

Jerry Holland-Boo Baby’s Lullaby-Fiddler’s Choice-Odyssey


Andre Marchand and Grey Larsen-Qui me passera le Bois-The Orange Tree

The Paul McKenna Band-Darcy and Erins-Stem the Tide-Mad River

Connla-Sail On-The Next Chapter-Connla

Andrew Finn Magill-Horizons-Branches-Magill


Jim Reid-Daft Donal-Yont the Tay-Green Trax

Connla-Blue Lagoon-River Waiting-Connla music

Niamh Parsons-The Briar and the Rose-Loosen Up-Green Linnet

Grada-Five Jumps-Natural Angle-Compass




Duncan Chisholm-Chi Mi’ a Geambradh-Door of Saints-Copper Fish

Cherish the Ladies-The Green Fields of America-woman of the Hopuse-Rounder

Deborah Henson-Conant-The Nightingale-Harpestry-Imaginary Road


Cara Dillon-Jimmy Mo’ Mille Stor-Hill of Thieves-Proper

Danu-Road to Cashel-All Things Considered-Shanachie

Dougie MacLean-Scythe Song-Riof-Dunkeld

Steve Baughman-Farewell to Orkney-Farewell to Orkney-Baughman


Jim Malcolm-Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane

Burt Jansch-Daybreak-A Rare Conundrum-EMW

Open the Door for Three-The Gift of Falling-Open the Door for Three


Susan McKeown-Bride on Brigid’s-BLackthorn-Reveal Records

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks-Rachel Hair

Kris Drever-Green Grows the Laurel-Blackwater

McKasson and mc Donald-Brooke Leigh-Harbour-McKasson and McDonald


Colleen Raney-Queen of Argyll-Lark-Raney

Liz Carrol and john Doyle- Lamment for Tommy Makem/ The Slippery Slope-Double Play-Compass

The Poozies-Another Train-Celtic Compass-Compass

Sue Richards- The Celt-The Mystic and the Muse-Dorian Records


Genticorum-The Brandy Culotte-La Bibournoise-Musication

Gillian Frame-Rothe’s Colliery-Pendulum-Cherryoos

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Carole and Coins-Sparks-Rachel Hair

Niamh Parsons and The Voice Squad-Rambling Irishman-Voices of Celtic Women-Shanachie


Cathy Ryan-Ned on the Hill-Celtic Love Songs-Shanachie

Gilliam Frame-Pendulum/Grace’s-Pendulum-Cherryoos

Open the Door for Three-Beeswing-Open the Door for Three-ODT

John McCusker-Air for Jakes-Magic Mystery-Temple Records





Labour Day Special

9:00 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar on Copperfish Records

9:03 AM Various artists – Paddy Keenan, Tommy Peoples, Teada and more “The Factory Girl/Man of the House” from Live from the Katharine Cornell Theater – Traditional Irish Music on kct concerts

9:07 AM The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem “The Work of the Weavers” from The Best Of on Legacy International

9:08 AM The Chieftains “The Job Of Journeywork” from The Chieftains 8 on Columbia

9:13 AM The Dubliners “Paddy On The Railway” from The Very Best Of on Parlophone UK

9:21 AM Pete Coutts “Casting the Peat” from Northern Sky on Fit Like Records

9:24 AM Sean Keane “Tunnel Tigers” from Turn a Phrase on Kells

9:28 AM The House Band “An Erminig Hag an Greskenn/The Anti-Social Worker” from The House Band on Topic

9:31 AM The Tannahill Weavers “The Great Ships” from Epona on Green Linnet

9:38 AM Solas “A Miner’s Life” from The Hour Before Dawn on Shanachie

9:43 AM Mozaik “Pony Boy / Never Tire of the Road” from Live from the Powerhouse on Compass Records

9:51 AM Brian McNeill “Sell Your Labour Not Your Soul” from If It Wisnae For the Union on Greentrax

9:54 AM The House Band “Pharaoh” from Green Linnet Records: The Twentieth Anniversary Collection Vol. II on Green Linnet

10:05 AM Paddy Ryan “The Man That Watered the Workers’ Beer” from Voice & Vision on Topic

10:07 AM Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny “Monday Morning” from At It Again on Green Linnet

10:12 AM Stan Rogers “The White Collar Holler” from Between the Breaks…Live! on Borealis Records

10:14 AM The Dubliners “The Sick Note” from Milestones on Sanctuary

10:20 AM Solas “Labour Song” from Shamrock City on THL Records

10:26 AM Sean McKeon “Maurice Scanlon’s / The Miners of Wicklow (feat. John Blake)” from To the City on Sean McKeon

10:29 AM D Steele “The Colliers Way” from Celtic Collections, Vol. 7 – Songs Of East Lothian And The Forth on Greentrax Recordings

10:35 AM Ceolbeg “Working Shifts” from Cairn Water on Greentrax Recordings

10:41 AM Maddy Prior “Honest Work” from Flesh and Blood on Park Records

10:44 AM Bodega “Crooked Jack” from Bodega on Greentrax Recordings

10:49 AM Paul Mounsey “Work Song” from City of Walls on Iona

10:53 AM The Imagined Village “The Hand Weaver And The Factory Maid” from Empire & Love on ECC Records



Duncan Cholm-Mo run geal Og-Canaic-Copperfish

Mary Black-Lay Down Your Burden-The Holy Ground-Gift Horse

Ossian-The Carrying Stream-The Carrying Stream-Green Trax


Old Blind Dogs-Earl O’ Marches Daughter-Room with a View-OBD

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Eira-White Nights-MSM

Connemara-Dublin Lady-Siren Song

Kathryn Tickell-St. Kilda Wedding-The Gathering-Park Records


Susan McKeown-The Hare’s Lament-Lowlands-Green Linnet

Orion-Polska from Sweden-Blue Room-Keltia Musique

Cassie and Maggie-Buan A’ Choirce-Sterling Road-C&M

Michael Black-Mo Mhadu Beag-Michael Black


Runa-Seinn O Ho Ro-Somewhere Along the Road-Runa Music

The Outside Track-Trouble in the Fields-Light Up the Dark-Alba

Jim Malcolm-Glenlogie-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane

Kevin Crawford-Joy of My Life-The Drunken Gaugers-Brooklyn Boys 1


Lissa Schneckenberger-Lovely Jamie-Song-Footprint

Sharon Shannon-Mouth of the Tobique-Each Little Thing-Compass

Sean DoyleCarmin Faire-The Light and the Half Light-Compass

Mike and Mary Rafferty-Augmore/Rafferty’s-The Dangerous Reel-Original


Maddy Prior-The Grey Funnel Line-Memento-The Best of Maddy Prior-Park Records

Kim Robertson-Merrily Kiss the Quaker’s Wife-Treasures of the Celtic Harp

Niamh ni Charra-Cailleach an Airgid-Happy Out

Aidan O’Rourke-Mangersta Beach-Sirius-Vertical


Old Blind Dogs-Lads O’ the Fair-The Gab o May-OBD

Cythara-PJ Cunningham’s Odd dance-Plucked and Hammered

The Paul McKenna Group-The Lea Rig-Between Two World’s-Mad River

Jenna Moynihan-Woven-Hearth PR