Alasdair Fraser-Siting in a Stern of a Boat-Return to Kintail-Culburnie

Anna Murray-O Co Thogas-Three Things-Lochshore

John Williams-The Bright Hollow Fog-John Williams-Green Linnet


Cherish the Ladies-The Green Fields of Canada-Woman of the House-Rounder

John Doyle-The Geese in the Bog/Covering Ground-The Alt-Under the Arch

Cara Dillon-The verdant Braes of Skreen-Hill of Thieves

Niall and Cillian Vallely-Muireann’sJig-Callan Bridge-Crow valley


John Spillane-Seachtain-Celtic Voices-Green Linnet

Wendy Stewart-Macleod of Mull-About Time 2

Paula Scalon-What put the Blood-Red Colour Sun-Compass

Ensemble Galilei-The Oyster Catcher and the Actress-The Mystic and the Muse-Dorian


Jim Reid-Daft Donald-Yont the tay-Green Trax

Vishten-Hermine-Musique Trad Acadienne-Musication

Chanties and Songs from the North West-The Final Trawl-Victory at Sea-Victor Music

Natalie Macmaster-Fare well to Peter-Yours Truly-Rounder


Cathie Ryan-The Lights of San Francisco-The Music of What Happens-Shanachie

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Laebrack-Laebrack-Green Trax

Andy Stewart and Manus Lunny-Take her in your Arms-Joyful Noise-Green Linnet

Warbelow Range-The Mealik Team-Warbelow Range


Daoiri Farrel-Valley of Knockanure-True Born Irishman

Ron Jappy and Rachel Hair-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks

Colleen Raney-The Boys of Mullaghbawn-Here This is Home-Little Sea Records

Cillian Vallely-The Bulls march-The Raven’s Rock-Cillian


Lasar ni chonadla-Casadh an tSuqain-Gaelic Ireland

Giveway-Wee Michael-Inspired-CD Trax

Robin Laing-david and Goliath-Gentle Giants-Green Trax

Maire ni Cathasigh-The Gander and the Pratie Hole-Live in the Highlands

Playlist 22 November 2020

Lots of new music today!

9:06 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:10 AM Francy Devine “The Old Poacher’s Song” from An Ownerless Corner of Earth

9:13 AM John Doyle & Mike McGoldrick “Shoot the Crows / Hagges Reel” from John Doyle & Mike McGoldrick

9:16 AM The Black Brothers “Home by Barna” from Glackanacker

9:19 AM Pat Broaders “The Liz Effect” from Pat Broaders

9:25 AM Daoirí Farrell “Windmills” from A Lifetime of Happiness

9:29 AM Conor Crimmins “The Chandelier/Ships Are Sailing/Valerie” from Avalla

9:33 AM Dàibhidh Stiùbhard “Kin of Cú Chulainn” from An Sionnach Dubh

9:44 AM Mike Vass,Findlay Napier,Gillian Frame “The Road to Dundee” from The Ledger

9:47 AM Brad Reid “Road to Harrington” from NEW Scotland

9:50 AM Sian “Na Gamhna Geala” from Sian

9:54 AM Kevin Henderson and Neil Pearlman “Reels” from Burden Lake

10:01 AM Còig “O Luaidh” from Ashlar

10:05 AM Eric Wright “Taste of Gaelic” from The Cabin Sessions

10:08 AM Cassie and Maggie “Seileach” from The Willow Collection

10:12 AM Beòlach “Kilts on Fire” from All Hands

10:19 AM Breabach “Coisich A’ Rùin” from BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2017

10:23 AM REALTA “Bó Mhín Na Toitean / Hanley’s Reel / The Sailor’s Bonnet (March – Reels)” from Clear Skies

10:27 AM Connla “Wayfaring Stranger” from The Next Chapter

10:31 AM The Outside Track “The Wahoo Set” from Rise Up

10:37 AM Brian oHeadhra and Fiona MacKenzie “Brianainn an t-Seòladair” from Tuath: Songs of the Northland

10:41 AM Hauler “Finders Keepers” from Hauler

10:44 AM The Bonny Men “Tunnel Tigers” from The Broken Pledge

10:48 AM Genticorum “Zephyr” from Octobre

10:51 AM Skipinnish “Anchors of the Soul” from Steer by the Stars

10:58 AM Jiggy “Séamaisín” from Hypernova

Playlist 8 November 2020

9:04 AM Bruce MacGregor “The Highlanders Revenge” from 101 Reasons to Do Nothing

9:08 AM Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin & Ultan O’brien “Máirseáil Na Sióg” from Solas an Lae

9:16 AM Aoibheann and Pamela Queally “Sean Ryan’s/Jackson’s Jig/Short Grass (jigs)” from Beyond the Bellows and the Bow

9:19 AM 3’oh “Oro Johnny” from On the Go

9:22 AM Brendan Begley & Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh “The Humours of Lisheen / The Munster Jig / Seán Coughlin’s” from A Moment of Madness

9:29 AM Mike Vass,Findlay Napier,Gillian Frame “The Road to Dundee” from The Ledger

9:32 AM Project Smok “Woodlands Drive” from Bayview

9:34 AM Sian “Air Fàir an Là” from Sian

9:38 AM The Tweed Project “The Gasworks” from The Tweed Project

9:47 AM Sarah MacInnis “O Ìosa, Bi ‘n Còmhnaidh Air M’aire Gach Uair (Live) [feat. Mary Elizabeth MacInnis]” from Celtic Colours Live, Vol. 5

9:49 AM Mairi Rankin & Eric Wright “Isle Inspired” from The Cabin Sessions

9:53 AM Fàrsan “Gun Togainn Air Hùgan” from Fàrsan

9:59 AM Coig “Bad Day at the Beach” from Five

10:08 AM Gilles Le Bigot “Parrez kistinid” from Glad

10:11 AM Zonk “Huanad (Ton Simpl Plinn)” from An Daou Du

10:15 AM Scone “Fac Thu Na Feidh” from Si Morag

10:18 AM Plantec “Kosmos” from Plantec

10:25 AM The Tannahill Weavers “Sunset Over the Somme” from Òrach (The Golden Anniversary)

10:28 AM Julie Fowlis “Air an Somme” from Allt

10:32 AM Ar Skloferien “Battle Of The Somme Set Medley” from Keltia

10:36 AM Skipinnish “The Iolaire” from The Seventh Wave

10:45 AM Dougie MacLean “All Together” from Marching Mystery

10:50 AM Duncan Chisholm “Chi Mi’n Geamhradh” from The Door of Saints

10:54 AM Eithne Ní Uallacháin “Bilingua” from Bilingua

10:58 AM Shooglenifty “Caravan up North” from Acid Croft, Vol. 9



Alasdair Fraser-The Sweetness of Mary-Return to Kintail

Michael Black-The Willow Tree-Compass

Lissa Scheneckenburger-The Bottle of Brandy/The Banks of Lough Gowna-Fiddle and Vocals-Footprint


Muireann nic Amhlaoibh-An Spealadoir-Daybreak-Compass

Jonny Hardie and Gavin Marwick-The Snuff Wife-The Blue Lamp-Lochshore

Susan McKeown-In London so Fair-Bushes and Briars-Aluna

Hanz Araki-Crock of Gold/Palmer’s Gate/Bridgewater-Little Fires


Colleen Raney-Canadee-i-o-Here This is Home-Little Sea Reords

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout–Eira-White Nights-McKay

Jim Malcolm-The Echo mocks the Corncrake-The Corncrake-Beltane

Gatehouse-On the Edge-Heather Down the Moor-Gael Lin


The Outside Track-Sweet Lover of Mine-Rise Up-Alba

Idir-The Magnificent Six-At First Sight-Compass

Dougie MacLean-This Love will Carry-Singing Land-Dunkeld

McKasson and McDonald-Brook Leigh-Harbour-McKasson


Andy Stewart-I Mourn for the Highlands-Fire in the Glen-Shanachie

Anam-An Blew Treghys-Riptide-Green Linnet

Idir-The Quiet Land of Erin-At First Sight-Compass

Lunasa-Ryestraw-La’ Nua-Lunasa Records


Hans Araki-The Plains of Waterloo-Six of One Five of the Other-Araki

Lunasa-The Raven’s Rock-La Nua-Lunasa Records

North Cregg-An Raibh Tu Ag An O Carraig-The Roseland and Barndance-Green Trax

Fiddler’s Bid-Christchurch Catherdral-Naked and Bare-Green Trax


Alistar Ogilvy-The Forrester-Leaves Sae Green-Green Trax

Franco Morone-Geordie/John Barleycorn-The Road to Lisdoonvarna-Rough Trade

Cathie Ryan-We Dreamed Our Dreams-The Music of What Happens-Shanachie

Joe McKenna-Echo’s Calling-The Irish Low Whistle-Shanachie

Playlist 25 October 2020

  • Rough start to the show as iTunes wasn’t working, so you got almost an hour of fiddle music from the only CD I had with me…

9:08 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:11 AM Duncan Chisholm “Lorient Mornings” from Farrar

9:18 AM Duncan Chisholm “Farewell to Uist” from Farrar

9:22 AM Duncan Chisholm “Mallai Chroch Shli” from Farrar

9:28 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Hill of the High Byre” from Farrar

9:34 AM Duncan Chisholm “A’ Mhairead Og” from Farrar

9:37 AM Duncan Chisholm “250 to Vigo” from Farrar

9:41 AM Duncan Chisholm “The 303” from Farrar

9:45 AM Duncan Chisholm “Alasdair’s Tune” from Farrar

9:50 AM Archie Fisher “Waltz into Winter” from A Silent Song

9:53 AM REALTA “Úr-Chnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte (Slow Air)” from Clear Skies

9:56 AM The Paul McKenna Band “Greylag Geese” from Paths That Wind

10:00 AM Liam O’Flynn “The Yellow Bittern:The Broken Pledge” from The Poet & The Piper

10:05 AM Dervish “O’Raghailligh’s Grave” from Spirit

10:08 AM Daoirí Farrell “The Unquiet Grave” from True Born Irishman

10:13 AM Runa “Stretched On Your Grave” from Stretched On Your Grave

10:17 AM Mantis “Graves Torment” from Mystic

10:23 AM Stan Rogers “The Witch of the Westmorland” from Between the Breaks…Live!

10:29 AM Bruce MacGregor “Cailleach-A’Craich (Hag of the Craach)” from Loch Ness

10:32 AM Duncan Chisholm & Ivan Drever “Warm Embrace” from The Lewis Blue

10:35 AM Session A9 “Bulgarian Red/The Banshee” from The Explosive Fiddlers

10:42 AM Silly Wizard “Election Jig ” from The Early Years

10:43 AM Andy M. Stewart “Listen To The People” from The Man In The Moon

10:46 AM Dougie MacLean “All Together” from Fiona Ritchie Presents the Best of Thistle & Shamrock Volume 1

10:51 AM Alasdair Fraser “The Referendum” from Abundance

10:54 AM Ceolbeg “Stand Together” from An Unfair Dance



Pierre Bensusan-Heman Dubh-Nice Feeling-Zebra Acoustic

North Cregg-An Raibh Tu an GCarraig-The Roseland and Barndance

Grey Larsen and Paddy League-Sweet Inniscarra/The Morning Star


Jim and Susie Malcolm-Fiddle and Bow-Spring will Follow-Beltane

Steve Baughman-Marche de la Fromage Grande-A Drop of the Pure-Tall Tree

Reel Time-The Last Rose of Summer-Reel Time-Green Linnet

Ensemble Galilei-The Oyster Catcher and the Actress-The Mystic and the Muse-Dorian


Andy Stewart-Mary and the Hielan Solger-Donnegal Rain-Green Linnet

Grainne Murphy-The New Mown Meadow/The Maids of Mount Kisco-Murphy

Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts-Hunting the hare-Rusby and Roberts-Pure Records

Kim Robertson-Sleep Sound in the Morning-Highland Heart-Gourd


Steve Tilson-The Night Visiting Song-Solorubato-Fellside

Malcolm Daglish and Grey Larsen-Boys of Ballisodare/Stolen Apples-Thunderhead-Flying Fish

Orla-Aililiu na Gamhna-The Water is Wide-Manhatten Records

Franco Morone-Respiro di Una-Vecchia Forresta -Stranlandia


Cathie Ryan-Slan Abhaile-Cathie Ryan-Shanachie

Nomos-Bean Dubh an Ghleanna-Set You Free-Green Linnet

Nomos-Suile Shuibhne-Srt You Free-Green Linnet

Maddy Prior, Rose Kemp, Abbie Lathe-Rain-Bib and Tuck-Park Records

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Eira-White Nights-McKay/Stout


Slyvia Herold-Courting is a Pleasure-Celtic Voices 1

Tabache-The Quiet Place-Waves of Rush-Lochshore

Mick McCauley and Winifred Horan-Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy-Serenade-Compass

Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry-Ornette’s Trip to Belfast-At First Sight-Compass


Jez Lowe-Dark Shores-Galloways-Musica Pangea

Voice Squad-Sarah Jane-Good People All-Shanachie

Maire ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman-The Ganders in the Pratie Hole

Steve Baughman-Planxty Bong Water-Drop of the Pure-Tall Tree

Playlist 11 October 2020

9:03 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

Autumn set:

9:07 AM Lisa Lynne “Autumn Waltz” from Weaving Worlds

9:12 AM Old Blind Dogs “Song for Autumn” from New Tricks

9:17 AM Kevin Crawford “Autumn Apples/Cormac O’Lunny’s/Paddy Sean Nancy’s” from Carrying the Tune

9:20 AM Clannad “Coinleach Ghlas An Fhómhair” from In a Lifetime

Rain set:

9:28 AM Marla Fibish;Keith Murphy “The First Rain / An Choisir / Tommy Peoples’ (feat. Keith Murphy)” from The Bright Hollow Fog

9:34 AM Ivan Drever “Glasgow Rain” from Black, White & Blue

9:37 AM Leahy “Chasing Rain/Otis” from In All Things

9:41 AM The Irish Descendants “A Walk In The Irish Rain” from So Far So Good. The Best of The Irish Descendants

Harvest set:

9:47 AM Oak, Ash & Thorn “Harvest Horn” from Forty Years On

9:49 AM Gatehouse “The Harvest Knot / The Healing Stone” from Heather Down the Moor

9:51 AM Sileas “Gaelic Reaping Songs” from File Under Christmas

9:54 AM Frankie Gavin, Malachy Bourke & Brian Bourke “The harvest home / The Derry (hornpipes)” from The Master’s Return

9:58 AM Altan “Drowsy Maggie/Rakish Paddy/Harvest Storm” from Harvest Storm

New Music!

10:05 AM Eithne Ni Uallachain, Gerry O’Connor “Neilli Nic Dhonaill (Song)” from Cosa Gan Bhróga

10:07 AM Niamh Fahy;Pete Strickler;Charlie Branch;Rob Forkner;Chris Buckley “Joe Derrane’s / The Killavil / Willie Coleman’s (Jigs) [feat. Niamh Fahy, Chris Buckley & Rob Forkner]” from Some Assembly Required

10:11 AM Chris McMullan “Downfall of Paris (Set Dance)” from Uilleann Tales

10:13 AM Sian “Teann Null, Fuirich Thall” from Sian

10:17 AM Nua “The Thistle and the Daffodil” from Bold

Heart set:

10:25 AM Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny “Heart Of The Home” from Dublin Lady

10:29 AM Beòlach “Annie’s New Heart” from All Hands

10:40 AM Runrig “Hearts Of Olden Glory” from The Cutter And The Clan

Home set:

10:45 AM Lúnasa “Welcome Home” from Redwood

10:49 AM Fara “The Road Home” from Times from Times Fall

10:52 AM The Outside Track “Safe Home” from Safe Home

10:57 AM Dervish “Heading Home” from Traveling Show



Kinnel Slow Air-Donald’s Dog-KRl

Dolores Keane-Aileen’s Lament-Night Owl-Alula

Michael Rooney / June McCormack-Gort na Mona/Tir Rafartaigh-Draiocht


Karen Matheson-Laoidh Fhearchair Eoghaim-Down River-Compass

Patsy O’Brien-My Lagan Love/Maids of Mitchelstown-Irish Guitar

Deanta- Ready for the Storm-Joyful Noise-Green Linnet

Alan Kelley Gang-Breton Woods-Small Towns and Famous Nights


mairi MacInnes-Uibhist nam heann arda-Orosay-Green Trax

Jenna Moynihan-Pipe Major Jimmy MacGregor-Woven-Hearth

Dougie MacLean-She will find me-Riof-Dunkeld

Kevin Crawford, Dylan Foley and Patrick Doocey-The Broken Windscreen-The Drunken Gaugers


Sylvia Barnes-Glasgow Lassir-The Colour of Amber-Green Trax

Diamh-Happy Fish-The Rough Bounds-Daimh

Jig Jam-sail Away-Pheonix-Jig jam

Mary jane Lammond-Wendy MacIsaac-Rinn Mi Naoi mile-Seinn-Factor


John Doyle-The Wheels of the World-Evening Comes Early-Compass

Altan-Lurgy Stream-The Widening Gyre-Compass

Daimh-Barra to Ballach-Tuneship-Alba

John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy-Lovely Nancy-The Alt-Under the Arch


Cassie and Maggie-The King’s Shilling-Sterling Road-Hearth

The House Devils-Naomi Wise-Adieu to Old Ireland-Hearth

Clear-The Nameless Clan-Celtic Mystery-Arc

Celia Ramsay and Shay Black-Leatherwing Bat-Singer’s Request



Grey Larsen and Paddy League-Sweet Inniscarra

Runa-Amhran Mhuighinse-Somewhere Along the Road-Runa

Carlene Anglim-Golden Castle-Mellow Frenzy-Lochshore


Colleen Raney-The Granemore Hare-Here this Home-Little sea Records

John Doyle, Nuala Kennedy, Eamon O’Leary-Geese in the Bog/Covering Ground-The Alt-Under the Arch

Robin Laing-Andrew Lammie-Edinburgh Skyline-Green Trax

Grey Larsen Malcom Daglish-La Valse Por les petites juenes filles-Thunderhead-Flying Fish


Anam-Westlin Winds-Riptide-Green Linnet

Jeremy Kittel-The May Morning Dew-Chasing Sparks-Compass

Hanz Araki-Reynardine-6 of One-Araki

Open the Door for Three-An Bhean Dubh-The Joyful Hour


Celia Ramsay and Shay Black-Leather-Singer’s Request-Ramsay and Black

Athena Tergis and John Doyle-Paddy Kelly’s/The Drunken Tinker-Tergis

June Tabor-Belle Rosa-Rosa Mundi-Green Linnet

Gate House-Kitty got a clinking coming from the fair-Gael Linn


Open the Door for Three-Carrig River-The Joyful Hour-OTDFT

Altan-Dulaman-The Best of Altan-Green Linnet

Rura-Sorley’s-Break it Up-CD Trax

Archie Fisher-The Presence-Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into-Snow Goose


The Jeremiahs-A Summer Night-The Femme fatale of Maine

Hanz Araki-Jock O’ Hazeldean-6 of One

Three Mile Stone-Old Innishowan-Irish Music from San Francisco

Deaf Shepherd-Weepers I Shall Wear-Synergy-CD Trax


Gate House-Mo Cheallaichin Fionn-Heather Down the Moor-Gael Linn

Cythara-Women of Ireland/Morrison’s Jig/Over the Hills and far Away-KRL

Hanz Araki-The Snows-Little Fires-Wildwood

Duncan Chisholm-camhanaich air Machair-Canaich-Copperfish

Playlist September 13, 2020

9:10 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:12 AM Skyhook “Wedding At the Mill / the Trippers” from Skyhook

9:17 AM Ossian “Gie Me a Lass Wi a Lump O’Land” from St. Kilda Wedding

9:19 AM Capercaillie “The Jura Wedding Reels” from At the Heart of It All

9:23 AM Fàrsan “A’ Bhanais Ainmeil” from Fàrsan

9:29 AM Arthur Cormack “Gradh Geal Mo Chridh’ (Fair Love Of My Heart)” from Ruith na Gaoith

9:33 AM Siucra “The Anniversary Reel” from Here Among Strangers

9:36 AM Malinky “Fisherman’s Wife” from Handsel

9:40 AM Michael McGoldrick “Simon & Candy’s 50th Wedding Anniversary” from Arc

9:46 AM Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill “My Love Is In America” from The Lonesome Touch

9:50 AM Danny Carnahan “I Know My Love” from Journeys Of The Heart

9:54 AM Sean McKeon “Lucky in Love / The Dublin Lads (feat. John Blake)” from To the City

10:15 AM Còig “The Capable Wife” from Ashlar

10:20 AM Annie Kissack “Yn Maarliagh Mooar” from Gaelic Songs from the Isle of Man

10:22 AM Barrule “Kinnoull” from Manannan’s Cloak

10:27 AM Greg Joughin “Y Ven-ainshter Dewil” from Sollys: Gaelic Songs from the Isle of Man

10:31 AM King Chiaullee “Hie Mee Stiagh” from Reel:ode

10:36 AM Sian “Na Gamhna Geala” from Sian

10:40 AM Eithne Ní Uallacháin “Beo” from Bilingua

10:43 AM Project Smok “Struan’s” from Struan’s

10:49 AM The Tweed Project “B’fhearr leam fhin” from The Tweed Project

10:55 AM The Outside Track “Safe Home” from Safe Home