Celtic Connections special

We’re not there this year, but today’s show features many of the bands and musicians performing at the huge music festival in Glasgow, Scotland right now.

Time  Song Artist  Release Label
9:06 AM The Farley Bridge Duncan Chisholm Farrar Copperfish Records
9:11 AM Nighean Donn Nan Gobhar / Brenda & Bill’s Jenna Moynihan, Màiri Chaimbeul One Two Jenna Moynihan
9:16 AM Winter Winds Breabach Frenzy of the Meeting Breabach Records
9:20 AM Prince’s Strand Breabach Frenzy of the Meeting Breabach Records
9:24 AM The Swan Swims Iona Fyfe Away from My Window CPL-Music
9:33 AM ‘S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan Daimh The Rough Bounds Goat Island Music
9:37 AM Freedom Come All Ye Alasdair Fraser Ports of Call Culburnie Records
9:43 AM Amadan Gòrach Saighdeir Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid Watercolour Music Ltd
9:46 AM Double Rise Blazin’ Fiddles The Key Blazin’ Fiddles
9:58 AM Van Diemen’s Land Daoirí Farrell True Born Irishman Daoirí Recordings
10:03 AM The Half Century Set Usher’s Island Usher’s Island Vertical Records
10:09 AM Felix the Soldier Usher’s Island Usher’s Island Vertical Records
10:12 AM Into the Light Ímar Afterlight Big Mann Records
10:24 AM Sweet Lover of Mine The Outside Track Rise Up Lorimer
10:27 AM Dark Reels The Outside Track Rise Up Lorimer
10:38 AM Gur Milis Mòrag Kathleen MacInnes Cille Bhrìde Kathleen MacInnes
10:41 AM Miss Rosa Sermanni Holms / Vintage Pals / Upside Down Under Fara Times from Times Fall CPL-Music
10:47 AM A Ribhinn Og Bheil Chuimn Agad Norrie Tago MacIver The Road Dance Tago Records
10:49 AM Plough on the Cross-Beam James Duncan Mackenzie Sròmos James Mackenzie Music
10:57 AM Duan an fhògarraich Gillebrìde Macmillan Freumhan Falaichte Gillebride MacMillan




Kim Robertson-Mist Covered Mountains of Home-Highland Heart

Lissa Schneckenburger-Lovely Jamie-Song-Footprint

Grada-Seven of Eight-The Landing Step-Compass


The Birnam Witch Project-Tibby-Harem Scarem-Vertical

Grey Larsen and Andre Marchand-Thr Road to Cashel-The Orange Tree-Sugar Hill

Mairi MacIness-Uibhist nam neann arda-Green Trax

Martin Hayes-Bony Crossing the Alps-Under the Moon-Green Linnet


Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Laebrack-Laebrack-Green Trax

Jim and Susie Malcolm-Fiddle and Bow-Spring will Follow on-Beltane

Billy McComiskey-The Diamond/Sleepless Night-Outside the Box-Compass

Litha-Gypsy-Dancing of the Light-Rough Trade


Runa-Suill a Run-Stretched on your Grave-Runa

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Brad’s Honeybees-Lover’s Well-Merril

Robin Laing-The Union Canal-Edinburgh Skyline-Green Trax

Andrew Finn Magill-The Greenfields of Glentown-Roots-Magill


MaryJane Lammond and Wendy MacIsaac-Air a Ghille-Factor

Caitlin Range-O’Roukes-Warbelow Range-Warbelow

Gillian Frame-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-Pedulum

The Outside Track-Dark Reels-Rise Up-Alba


The Outside Track-Sweet Lover of Mine-Rise Up – Alba

Billy McComiskey-Keogh’s/Maggie Lynne’s-Outside the Box

North Cregg-There was a Maid in her Father’s Garden-Summer at my Feet

Troy Macgillivray-Pressed for Time-Live at the Music Room


Colleen Raney-Canadee-I-O-Here This Home-Little Sea

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-Paddy Cnny’s Toast-Noctambule

Billy McComiskey-Grainne’s Grace-Outside the Box

Grada-Manaku Swing-The Landing Step-Compas



All About Birds!

Well, almost all. Weather first, then birds, with a detour to preview the RUNA concert on January 18!

Spinitron playlist here

Time Song Artist Release Label
9:05 AM The Farley Bridge Duncan Chisholm Farrar Copperfish Records
9:08 AM Lorient Mornings Duncan Chisholm Farrar Copperfish Records
9:12 AM The Wind And The Rain Oak, Ash & Thorn Old Enough To Drink Tosspot Records
9:15 AM The First of Winter FullSet Notes Between the Lines Fullset Records
9:19 AM Cold Blow and the Rainy Night Ian F. Benzie So Far KRL
9:21 AM Rain on the Roof/The Blue Mountains of New South Wales Andy Irvine Rain On The Roof AK (2)
9:22 AM Wind and Rain String Sisters Between Wind and Water String Sisters
9:31 AM Of All the Birds Tim Hart & Maddy Prior Heydays Sanctuary
9:32 AM The Birds Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford On Common Ground BallyO Records
9:35 AM The Hawk and the Crow Christa Burch Love of the Land Singular Voice
9:38 AM Swallows Trail Dervish Spirit Whirling Discs
9:44 AM The Yellow Bittern Seamus Heaney The Poet & The Piper Claddagh Records
9:47 AM The Yellow Bittern:The Broken Pledge Liam O’Flynn The Poet & The Piper Claddagh Records Limited
9:50 AM Follow The Heron McCalmans Scots Abroad Greentrax Recordings
9:53 AM The Curlew/McDermott’s/Three Scones Of Boxty Altan Horse With A Heart Magnetic Music
10:04 AM A Stór, A Stór, A Ghrá (Live) Runa Live RUNA Music
10:08 AM The Jewels of the Ocean / Michael Connell’s Reel (Live) Runa Live RUNA Music
10:12 AM Fionnghuala (Live) Runa Live RUNA Music
10:17 AM Blackbirds and Thrushes The Outside Track Curious Things Given Wings Lorimer Records
10:22 AM The Blackbird / Corney Is Coming Andrew Finn Magill Roots Vestido Verde Productions
10:27 AM The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale Silly Wizard A Glint of Silver Green Linnet
10:31 AM The Blackbird The Bothy Band Out of the Wind, Into the Sun Compass Records
10:40 AM She’s Like the Swallow Salt House Lay Your Dark Low Make Believe Records
10:44 AM On the Wings of a Skorrie Alasdair Fraser Abundance Culburnie Records
10:47 AM Raven Jenny Sturgeon From the Skein Tamarach Records
10:51 AM Apo Fetlar Top Fiddlers’ Bid All Dressed In Yellow Hairst Blinks Music

The Last Oak and Thorn of 2018. I’ve included, I hope, some thoughtful pieces for reflecting on the passing year and hope for the next. Happy New Year.



Michael McGoldrick-Trip to Ireland-At First Light-Compass

Mary Black-Farewell Farewell-By the Time it gets Dark-Gift Horse

Michael McGoldrick-Doinna-At First Light-Compass

Lissa Schneckenburger-The Drowsy Sleeper-Song-Footprint


Jim Malcolm-Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders-Live in Glenfarg-Beltane

Caitlin Warbelow-The Pretty Girl Milking her Cow-Warbelow

Rod Patterson-Auld Lang Syne-Songs from the Bottom Drawer-Green Trax

Steve Baughman-Bonny Crossing the Alps-Drop of the Pure-Tall Tree


Daimh-A Nighneag a Ghraidh-The Rough Bounds

Archie Fisher-The presence-Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into-Snow Goose

Gillian Frame-Silver Tassie-Pendulum-Cheeryoos

Ensemble  Galilei-The Celt-The Mystic and the Muse-Dorian Records


Maryjane Lamond-Air a Ghile Tha mo Run-Seinn-Factor

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-Paddy Canny’s Toast/The Tempest-Noctambule

Archie Fisher-The Parting Glass-A Silent Song-Red House Records

Open the Door for Three-Open the Door for Three-OTDFT


Old Blind Dogs-Gaelic Song-Four on the Floor-Compass

Wendy Stewart-The January Man-About Time 2-CD Trax

Tannahill Weavers-Wild Mountain Thyme-Collection-Green Linnet

Lissa Schneckenburger-Aoife’s/Coleman’s March-Fiddle & Voice-Footprint

Paul Kamm and Elenor MacDonald-Queen of Northern Lights-Calling on Love-Free Wheel


Alistair Ogilivy-Crowdie/Wantoness-Leaves Sae Green-Green Trax

Patrick Street-The Winding Stairs-Made in Cork-Green Linnet

The Cast-Smile or Cry-Green Gold-CD Trax

William Coulter-Rose in the Heather-Celtic Crossing-Gourd







A celebration of instrumentals and song from the Celtic culture. A rich assortment to brighten the cold winter with music. Happy Yule.



Eileen Ivers-Apples in Winter-An Nollaig-Musical Bridge

Fiona Mackenzie-Oran na Nollaig-Duan Nollaig-Green Trax

Chieftans-Planxty Brown-Celebration-RCA


Heidi Talbot and Joanie Madden-The Castle of Dromore-On Christmas Night-Rounder

Druidstone-Christmas Capers-Comfort and Joy-Rounder

Aoife ni Fhearraig-Seacht suailcin ne Maighdine Muire-The Best of Celtic Christmas

Maddy Prior-The Boar’s Head-Comfort and Joy-Rounder


John Whelan-Ceol Na Nolag-The Best of Celtic Xmas

Maighread ni Dhomnahil-Wxford Lulaby-Traveler’s Prayer-Shanachie

John Fitzpatrick-Ga Greine-A Celtic Christmas-Windham Hill


Loreena McKennit-Snow-To Drive the Cold Winter Away

Eileen Ivers-The Time is Approaching-An Nollaig-Musical Bridge

Doran-Magic of the Night-The Night Before

Artisan-The Gramound Wassail-The Holly and the Ivy


Night Heron Consort-Sen Can-A Xmas Soujourn-Rounder

William Pint-The Woodcutter’s Song-When I See Winter Return-Waterbug

Aine Minoque-Good Night to You-Xmas Soujourn-Rounder

Poor Clares-Remember the Poor-Ny Kirriee Fo Niaghtey-Songs of Midwinter


Doran-Leambh Ghil Mhils-A Xmas Soujourn-Rounder

Tommy Sands-A Christmas Chilhood/A Call to Hope-To Shorten the Winter-Green Linnet

Fiona McKenzie-Bha Buachaileach an-Duan Nollaig-Green Trax

Michael O’Dhomhnaill and Kevin Burke-The Star of the County Down-Celtic Xmas II


Maighread ni Dhomhnaill and Donald Lunny-Third Carol for Christmas Day-Celtic Christmas-Windham Hill

Liam O’Flynn-The Winter’s End-Celtic Xmas-Windham Hill

The Poor Clares-Ny Kirriee Fo Niaghty-Songs for Midwinter-Centaur

Malcolm Dalglish-Boys of Ballisadare/Stolen Apples-Flying Fish







Songs and tunes about winter, weather, and just a touch of holiday music – Oak & Thorn style.

Time Song Artist Release Label
9:06 AM Drive the Cold Winter Away Horslips Drive the Cold Winter Away (Bonus Version) Horslips Records
9:10 AM The Wind And The Rain Oak, Ash & Thorn Old Enough To Drink Tosspot Records
9:10 AM Winter Solstice Dordán The Night Before… A Celtic Christmas Narada Productions, Inc.
9:17 AM Rain on the Roof/The Blue Mountains of New South Wales Andy Irvine Rain On The Roof AK (2)
9:22 AM Snowdrops In The Rain Ivan Drever The Lewis Blue Iona
9:26 AM Rain on Rannoch Alasdair Fraser Dawn Dance Culburnie Records
9:30 AM Wind and Rain String Sisters Between Wind and Water String Sisters
9:36 AM Chasing Rain/Otis Leahy In All Things EMI Music Canada
9:43 AM Cider Apples/The Angels Hornpipe Robin Huw Bowen Telyn Berseiniol fy ngwlad (The Sweet Harp of My Land) Flying Fish Records
9:47 AM Sugar Wassail Waterson:Carthy Holy Heathens And The Old Green Man Topic
9:49 AM Apples in Winter Dervish Harmony Hill Dervish
9:53 AM Apple Tree Wassail Shira Kammen The Castle of the Holly King Magnatune
9:56 AM Harvest Home/Apples in Winter Sileas File Under Christmas Green Linnet
10:09 AM Kanomp Yann raoul Noz an nedeleg L’oz Production
10:13 AM Sing, Nowell Robin Huw Bowen A Celtic Christmas Saydisc
10:17 AM The Frost is All Over/A Christmas Childhood/Christmas Day in the Morning/The Holly Tree Jig/The Wren/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Hallalujah/Jingle Bells Bohola A Childhood Christmas Independent
10:27 AM Waltz into Winter Archie Fisher A Silent Song Greentrax Recordings
10:31 AM The First of Winter FullSet Notes Between the Lines Fullset Records
10:34 AM Winter Winds Breabach Frenzy of the Meeting Breabach Records
10:40 AM The Unfortunate Snow Incident Johnny Cunningham A Winter Talisman Sheila-na-Gig Music
10:44 AM Soul Cake Runa Soul Cake RUNA
10:48 AM Fairytale Of New York as Gaeilge TG Lurgan Christmas Independent
10:52 AM Carol of the Celts Còig Carols Còig



Kim Robertson-Polish Lullaby/Cold is the Morning-Christmas Lullaby-Gourd

Julie Fowlis-I Arise Early on a Misty Morning-Alterum-Machair

Maggie Sansone-Galician Waltz-Mist and Stone-Maggie’s Music


Malinky-The False Lover won Back-Three Ravens-Green Trax

Doran-The Night Before-The Night Before-The Night Before-

Deirbhile-Bog Bran-Starlight Falling-dnbmusic

Joanie Madden-The Turning of the Rope-Song of the Irish Whistle-Hearts O Space


Jim Malcolm-Maggie’s Bairn-The First Cold Day-Beltane

Innishear-Rakes of Kildare-Rainbands-Amerisound

Mary Black-Once in a Very Blue Moon-By the Time it gets Dark-Gift Horse

Duncan Chisholm-Bonny at Morn-The Door of Saints-Copperfish


Gillian Frame-Silver Tassie-Pendulum-Cheeryoos

Cherish the Ladies-The Cat Rambles to the Child’s Saucepan-Out and About-Green Linnet

John Doyle-Sally Grier-Exile’s Return-Compass

Artisan-Grampound Wassail-Holly and the Ivy

Kim Robertson-The Snow Lay on the Ground-Christmas Lullaby-Gourd Music


Capercaille-Puirt a Beul-Gaelic Voices-Green Linnet

John Whelan-Ceol Na Nolag-The Best of Celtic Xmas

Gillian Frame-The Echo meets the Corncrake-Pendulum-Cheeryoos

Anna Murray-Finbarr Sauders-Indigo-Lochshore


Dougie MacLean-Caledonia-Craigie Dhu-Dunkeld

Natalie McMaster-Hey Johnny Cope-My Roots are Showing-Rounder

Jenny Sturgeon-The Wren and the Salt Air-The Wren and the Salt Air-

Liz Carroll-Lament of the First Generation-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet


Joanie Madden-Bantry Girl’s Lament-Song of the Irish Whistle-Hearts O Space

Laois Kelly-Carolan’s Farewell-A Celtic Xmas-Windham Hill

Colleen Raney-I Live not Where I Love-Lark-Raney

Maggie MacInness-Flora and the Primroses-A Woman’s Song-Scottish Art’s Council