Oak and Thorn will be cut short an hour this morning to transfer to the Mendocino County Fair and the Sheep Dog trials. Accordingly the hour will be filled with songs about country fairs, both sheep shearing and sheep stealing and the hills of home.



Sue Richards-Leaving St Kilda-Grey Eyed-Morn-Maggie’s Music

Connie Dover-Somebody-Somebody-Taylor Park Music

Liz Carroll-See it There-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet


Jim Malcolm-The Shearing-The First Cold Day-Beltane

Daimh-Happy Fish-The Rough Bounds-Daimh

Carolyn Robson-Bonny at Morn-The Northumberland Collection-Park Records

William Coulter-Banish Misfortune/The Kesh Jig-Celtic Crossing-Maggie’s Music


Cathie Ryan-Mother Will You let me go to the Fair?-The Music of What Happens-Shanachie

Liz Carroll-Letter to Peter Pan-Lost in the Loop-Green Linnet

The Voice Squad-The Sheep Stealers-Good People All-Shanachie

Carla Sciaky-Sheep Stealers-Spin the Weavers Song-Green Linnet

Gillian Frame-Hug Air a Bhonaid Mhair-Pendulum


Sean Doyle-The Carmin Fair-The Light and the Half Light-Compass

Jim Malcolm-Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane

Ed Miller-My Bonnie Border Lass-Lowlander

Steve Baughman-Trip to Ballshannon-Farewell to Orkney

Playlist 12 September 2021

9:06 AM The Chieftains “Sea Image” from The Chieftains 8

9:12 AM The Clancy Brothers “Heave Away My Johnny (with Tommy Makem)” from Sing of the Sea (with Tommy Makem)

9:15 AM Randy Miller “Life Like a Sea in Constant Motion” from The Fiddler’s Throne

9:17 AM The Dubliners “Go to Sea No More (1993 Remaster)” from Original Dubliners

9:24 AM McGinty “Let Them Build Ships” from Sea Songs

9:27 AM Molly’s Revenge “Seasick Dee” from The Lucky Set

9:30 AM The McCalmans “Men of The Sea” from The Greentrax Years

9:34 AM Kevin Burke and Mícheál O’Domhnaill “The Rolling Waves/The Market Town/Scatter The Mud” from Portland

9:40 AM Trian “The Air Tune/The Cliff Dwellers/Cutting The Waves” from Trian II

9:45 AM Silly Wizard “The Ferryland sealer” from Caledonia’s Hardy Sons

9:48 AM Mary Jane Lamond “Seudan A’ Chuain (Jewels Of The Ocean)” from Seinn

9:54 AM Barrule “The King of the Sea (Ree NY Marrey)” from Manannan’s Cloak

10:02 AM Clannad “Ar A Ghabhail ‘N A ‘Chuain Damh” from Crann Ull

10:06 AM Skipinnish “Waltz” from Skipinnish Live From The Ceilidh House

10:11 AM Maighread and Triona ni Dhomhnaill “Ar A Dhul Chun An Chuain Dom” from Between the Two Lights

10:13 AM Battlefield Band “Cearcall A’ Chuain (The Ocean’s Cycle) / the Kaimes Lassies / The Night We Had the Goats / Calum Fhionnlaigh (Calum Finlay)” from New Spring

10:21 AM Skipinnish “Land Below the Waves” from Steer by the Stars

10:25 AM Téada “Ríleanna: Bonnie Ann/ John Kelly’s/ the Boy In the Boat” from Inné Amárach

10:28 AM Great Big Sea “Lukey/Lukaloney” from Fire In The Kitchen

10:31 AM Flook “The Bunting Fund / Ocean Child” from Ancora

10:38 AM Hauler “The Widow’s Vow” from Hauler

10:42 AM Boreas “North Sea Holes” from Ahoy Hoy

10:45 AM Garefowl “Hion Daila Horo Ri Ho Hion Daila Là” from Cliffs

10:50 AM WHɎTE “Leis a’ Bhàta” from Fairich

10:56 AM Runa “The Jewels of the Ocean / Michael Connell’s Reel (Live)” from Live



Ensemble Galilei-The Celt-The Mystic and the Muse-Dorian

Colleen Raney -Down by the sea-Lark-Raney

Duncan Chisholm-The White Bird-Sandwood-Copperfish


The Cast-Smile or Cry-Green Gold-Green Trax

Shantella-Inisheer-Shantella-Green Linnet

Jim Malcolm-Logan Braes-Acqaintance-Beltane

Gillian Frame-Pendulum-Pendulum-Cheeryoos


Caswell and Carnahan-Madam I’m a Darlin-Borderlands/New Leaves on an Old Tree-Gargoyle

Reel Time-Torc Waterfall-Reeltime-Green Linnet

Gillian Frame-The Echo Mocks the Corncrake-Pendulum-Cheeryoos

Solas-The Big Reel of Ballynacally–Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers’


Jig Jam-Sail Away-Pheonix-JigJam

Anna Murray-Finbar Sauders-Into Indigo-Lochshore

The House Band-October Song-October Song-Green Linnet

Kevin Crawford-The dear Irish Boy-Carrying the Tune-Brooklyn Boy


Caswell and Carnahan-The Peeler and the Goat-Boderlands/New Leaves on an Old tree-Gargoyle

Connla-Blue Lagoon-River Waiting-Connla

Anna Murray-An Deidh’s Mo Mhealladh-Into Indigo-Lochshore

Archie Fisher-The Presence-Sunsets I’ve Galloped Into-Snow Goose


Colleen Raney and Colm Maccerthaigh-Lord Franklin-Cuan

Pierre Bensusan-So Long michael-Intuite

Fay Hield-The Lover’s Ghost-Orfeo

McKasson and McDonald-Brook Leigh-Harbour


Steve Tilson-Night Visiting Song-Solorubato

Connemara-Dublin Lady-Siren Song-Blix

Niamh ni Charra-Top it Off-Happy Out

Playlist 29 August 2021

9:05 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar


9:08 AM Cruinn “Hò Rò Mo Bhàta” from Cruinn

9:11 AM Là Lugh “The Mummers’ March, Highland, Reels” from Senex Puer

9:15 AM The Corries “The Skye Boat Song” from Scottish Love Songs

9:18 AM Skipper’s Alley “The Flowers of Red Hill” from Skipper’s Alley


9:29 AM Joe Aitken “The Wild Geese” from Festival Favorites

9:31 AM Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford “The Birds” from On Common Ground

9:34 AM The Syncopaths “Follow the Heron Home” from Live at Eagles Hall

9:39 AM Molly’s Revenge “Birds of Cape Breton” from The Lucky Set

Boats again:

9:46 AM Gillian Frame, Angus Lyon, Ali Hutton, Ross Kennedy “The Arran Boat Song” from Eilean Mo Ghaoil

9:48 AM Stacey Giermann & The Fire “The Black Boat Of Bragar” from Meòrachadh

9:53 AM Liz Knowles “Boy in the Boat: An Buachaill sa Mbád/Rothaí an Domhain (feat. Pat Broaders)” from Making Time

9:56 AM Skipinnish “Home on the Sea” from The Seventh Wave


10:02 AM Jenny Sturgeon “Culan” from From the Skein

10:07 AM Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas “On the Wings of a Skorrie” from Abundance

10:10 AM Garefowl “Hion Daila Horo Ri Ho Hion Daila Là” from Cliffs

10:16 AM Fiddler’s Bid “Apo Fetlar Top” from All Dressed In Yellow

Canadian set:

10:26 AM McGinty “The Ballad of St. Anne’s Reel” from Atlantic Favourites

10:30 AM Brad Reid “Trip to Peggy’s Cove” from New Scotland

10:33 AM Rum Ragged “The Thing About Fish” from The Thing About Fish

10:37 AM Beòlach “Annie’s New Heart” from All Hands

Final set:

10:44 AM Moya Brennan “Cruiscin Lan” from Affinity

10:48 AM Donal Lunny “Glentown (Medley) Miss Monaghans/The Man Of The House/The Green Field Of Glentown/The Mountain Lark” from Coolfin

10:53 AM Boreas “North Sea Holes” from Ahoy Hoy

10:56 AM Paul Mounsey “Dunfermline” from City of Walls



John Renborn-At the Break of day-Traveler’s Prayer-Shanachie

Pauline Scanlon-Molly Ban-Red Colour Sun-Compass

Rachel hair and Ron Jappy-Jurby Jigs-Sparks-Hair


Maggie Boyle and Steve Tilson-If I Were a Blackbird-Of Moor and Mesa-Green Linnet

Lissa Schneckenburger-Aoife’s/Coleman’s March-Fiddles and Voices-Footprint

Colleen Raney-I Live Not Where I Love-Lark-Raney

Michael Rooney-Gort na Mona-Draiocht-Ossian


Robbie O’Connell, Mick Moloney, John Doyle-Across the Western Ocean-Green Fields of America-Compass

Al Petteway-A Waltz for Rebecca-Caledon Wood-Maggie’s Music

Clannad-Eirigh Suas A Stoirin-Celtic Love Songs-Shanachie

Gatehouse-On the Edge-Heather Down the Moor-Gael Linn


Wendy Stewart-The January Man-About Time 2-Green Trax

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-Paddy Canny’s Toast-Noctambule

Jim Malcolm-Jimmy’s Gone to Flanders- Live in Glenfarg-Beltane

Eileen Ivers-Maudabawn Chapel-Wild Blue-Green Linnet


Bill Jones-The Holland Mistress-Two Year Winter-Compass

John Whelan and Eileen Ivers-Trip to Sky-Joyful Noise-Green Linnet

Adam Holmes and Gillian Frame-Silver Tassie-Pendulum-Cheeryoos

Bill Jones-Night Time Jigs-Two Year Winter-Compass


June Tabor and Martin Simpson-Flash Company-A Cut Above-Green Linnet

Heritage-Fornethy House-Magic and Mystery-Temple

Old Blind Dogs-Battle of Waterloo-The World’s Room-Green Linnet

Jeremiahs-Mayday-The Jeremiahs


Capercailie-Urnaigh a Bhan Thigreach-CelticMystery-Arc

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Looking at a rainbow-Sparks

Steve Johnson-The labouring Man’s Daughter-South Music

Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor-The Cloone/March Reel-Noctambule

Playlist 15 August 2021

9:07 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:10 AM Arthur Cormack “Tionndaidh Am Bat (Turn The Boat)” from Ruith Na Gaoith

9:13 AM Cliar “The Para Handy Set” from Cliar

9:18 AM Brian Ó hEadhra/Fionnag NicChoinnich “Ho Rò Gun Togainn air Hùgan Fhathast” from Càirdeas

9:20 AM Dòchas “Jeenie’s Set” from Dochas

9:27 AM Ciaran O’Kane “Belfast Lass” from Round & Round

9:29 AM Altan “The Gap of Dreams / Nia’s Jig / The Beekeeper” from The Gap of Dreams

9:37 AM Niamh Ní Charra “Donnelly’s Arm / Pretty Peggy / Julia Delaney’s (Reels)” from Donnelly’s Arm

9:44 AM Robin Williamson “The Man Who Never Dreamed At All/Eleanor Plunkett” from Five Humorous Tales

9:51 AM Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny “The Humours Of Whiskey” from Dublin Lady

9:57 AM Calasaig “Humours Of Whisky – Thief Of Lochaber” from Near & Far

10:04 AM Garefowl “Hion Daila Horo Ri Ho Hion Daila Là” from Cliffs

10:09 AM Anna Mhoireach (Murray) “Doctor McInnes’ Fancy / The High Level” from Out of the Blue

10:13 AM Loreena McKennitt “Stolen Child” from Elemental

10:18 AM The Iron Horse “The 8-Step Waltz” from Five Hands High

10:25 AM Brian Ó hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich “Càit’ na Dh’fhàg Thu ‘n Fhichead Gini?” from Càirdeas

10:28 AM Ciarán Cooney “First Fall of Winter/The Kirky Dancer” from Red

10:30 AM Various Artists “I Am of Ireland” from I Am of Ireland / Yeats in Song

10:33 AM JigJam “Red Paddy on the Ridge” from Phoenix

10:40 AM Skipinnish “Land Below the Waves” from Steer by the Stars

10:44 AM James Harper “Eiggmare” from Culzean

10:49 AM Rachel Walker “Caisteal Ghaoilean” from Gaol

10:55 AM The Tweed Project “The Gasworks” from The Tweed Project



Grey Larsen and Paddy League-Sweet Inniscara-Sleepy Creek Music

Maighread and Triona-Donall-Between the Two Lights-Green Linnet

Aureole-O’Carolan’s Dream-Celtic Grace-Koch


Cathie Ryan-As the Evening Declines-The farthest Wave-Shanchie

Julie Fowlis-I’ll go to Lochaline-Alternum-Machair

Ed Miller-The Shearin’s No for You-Traditional Love Songs Vol. 2

Steve Baughman-Leitrim Queen-Farewell to Orkney-Baughman


Jim Malcolm-The Lovely Lass of Inverness-Robert Burns Vol 5

Ken Koldner-Father Kelly’s/Farrel O’Gara’s/Richard Dwyer-Walking Stones

Cathy Ryan-Follow the Heron-The farthest Wave-Shanchie

Mick McAuley-Doireann’s Waltz-Highs and Bellows-McAuley


Julie Fowlis-Winward Away-Alterum-Machair

Grey Larsen and Andre Marchand-The Road to Cashel-Orange Tree-Sugar Hill

Hans Araki-The Road to Drumleman-At Next Meeting

Tim O’Brien-Mick Ryan’s Lament-Two Journey”s-Howdy Skies


Ian Melrose-The Sigh of Awakening-Between the Sighs-inakustik

Aoife Clancy-High Germany-Soldier’s and Dreams-Rego

The Paul McKenna Band-P Stands for Paddy-Between the Two Worlds-Mad River

Christian LeMaitre-The Dispute-Equinox-The Celtic Fiddle Festival


Jim Malcolm-Train from Perth to Lochearn-Perth-Beltane

Johnny B Connolly-The Bush on the Hill/Buddy Casey’s-Bridgetown-Green Linnet

Deirbhile ni Bhrolchain-Cailleach an Airgid/Charlie’s Glowing Fiddle

Mick McAuley-Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy-Serenade-Compass


Patsy O’Brien-Good Times Coming-Irish Guitar-O’Brien

John Whelan-New York Jig/Geese in the Bog-Spirit of dance-Narada

Brian O’hEadhra=-Cha Tig Mor Mo Bhean Dhachaigh-Ant Alt

Anna Murray-Finbarr Saunders/Gaol Na H Oige-Lochshore

Playlist 1 August 2021

9:04 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:08 AM Hannah Rarity “Scotland Yet” from Scotland Yet – Single

9:12 AM Vicky Gray “Atlaness / Paul Chamberlain’s Reel” from Atlaness

9:15 AM Ellen MacDonald and Innes White “Gura mise tha fo eislein” from Gura mise tha fo eislein – Single

9:18 AM Staran “Casino” from Staran

9:24 AM Fiona Hunter “The Braes O’ Gleniffer” from Fiona Hunter

9:29 AM Rant “One for Us” from Rant

9:34 AM Gillian Frame “Lovely Molly” from Pendulum

9:38 AM Westward the Light “Reels” from Westward the Light

9:45 AM Ishbel MacAskill “Thig An Smeorach As T-Earrach (The Thrush Comes In The Spring)” from Rough Guide To Scottish Folk

9:48 AM Julie Fowlis “Reels: John O’Groats House / Traditional Irish Reel / The Ladies Pantalettes” from Mar a Tha Mo Chridhe (As My Heart Is)

9:51 AM Cliar “Nighean donn a’ chuailein rìomhaich” from Gun Tàmh

9:55 AM Daimh “Bog An Lochan” from The Hebridean Sessions

10:04 AM Clann Mhic Ruairí “Máire Bhruinneal” from Súile

10:08 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Light of Tuscany” from Sandwood

10:12 AM Garefowl “Hion Daila Horo Ri Ho Hion Daila Là” from Cliffs

10:23 AM Yann-Fanch Kemener “Tri Martolod” from Si je savais voler, chants de Bretagne et d’Occitanie

10:27 AM Strobinell “Dans kof ha kof” from An Aotrou Liskidri

10:31 AM Annie Ebrel Quartet “Dañs ar c’hi” from Roudennoù

10:34 AM Denez Prigent/Kevrenn Alre “En avel a-benn” from Stur an avel

10:44 AM Faustus “Slaves” from Death and Other Animals

10:47 AM Shooglenifty “Caravan up North” from Acid Croft, Vol. 9

10:52 AM Jiggy “Séamaisín” from Hypernova

10:55 AM Jiggy “Music for a Found Harmonium” from Hypernova



Eileen Ivers-Maudabawn Chapel-Wild Blue-Ivers

Susan McKeown-Sweet Liberty-Sweet Liberty

Hanneke Cassel-Coilsfield House-Trip to Walden-Cassel


Malinky-Follow the Heron Home-Three ravens-CD Trax

Bua-The Munster rake/Horseshoe Bay-An Spealadoir-Mad River

Christa Burch-Keg of Brandy-Love of the Land-Burch

Franco Morone-Respiro di un Vecchia Foresta-Strandlandia


Kate Rusby-The fairest of all Yarrow-Sleepless-Compass

Warbelow Range-The Gallowglass-Warbelow Range

Bua-Dobbin’s Flowery Vale-An Spealadoir-Mad River

The Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press gang


Sean Doyle-Carmin Fair-The Light and the Half Light-Compass

McKasson and McDonald-Brooke Leigh-Harbour

Capercaille-Hoireann O-Celtic Crossroads-Putumayo

Altan-Fermanagh Highlands/Donegal Highlands-Island Angel-Green Linnet


Jim Malcolm-The Bonny Ship the Diamond-Sparkling Flash-Beltane

Wendy Stewart-Macleod of Mull-About Time 2-Green Trax

Lissa Schneckenburger-The fair Maid by the Sea Shore-Song-Footprint

Wilderness Yet-Queen and Country-The Wilderness


Lasairfhiona Ni Chonaola-Casadh an tSugain-Putumayo

Open the Door for Three- Open the Door for Three-Open the Door for Three

Jim Malcolm-Jeanie Reid’s House-Tom O’Shanter and Other Tales-Beltane

Peter Ostroushko-Trip to Donegal-Coming Down from Red Lodge


Fay Hield-The Weaver’s daughter-Hurricane Party

Bill McComiskey-Keogh’s/Maggie Lynn’s-Outside the Box-Compass

Connla-Blue Lagoon-River Waiting-Connla

McKasson and McDonald-Theme for Scotland-Harbour

Playlist 18 July 2021

All Irish music today. Last week was the centenary of the partition of Ireland, an event which continues to reverberate and is still very much in question. Today’s show explores the range of Irish music and erases the artificial boundary.

9:04 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:10 AM Rún “Beidh Aonach Amárach​​” from Beidh Aonach Amárach​​/​​There’s a fair tomorrow

9:10 AM Saileg Ní Cheannabháin “The Connacht Drifters / Spraoi an Spidéil” from Roithleán

9:15 AM Ye Vagabonds “Bacach Shíol Andaí” from The Hare’s Lament

9:17 AM Brían Ó Laoi “Better Text Zoe (Jigs)” from Ag Iascaireacht

9:22 AM Dàibhidh Stiùbhard “The Overgate” from An Sionnach Dubh

9:24 AM Conor Lamb, Brendan Mulholland & Deirdre Galway “The Wounded Hussar” from Music in the Glen

9:27 AM REALTA “Máire Iní Mhic Ailpín (Song)” from Clear Skies

9:32 AM Connla “Cosmo’s” from The Next Chapter

9:40 AM Fintan Vallely;Dáithí Sproule “Roving Rhythm (feat. Dáithí Sproule)” from Merrijig Creek

9:44 AM Dominic Mac Giolla Bhride “Seachran Charn tSail” from Saol na Suailce

9:46 AM Chris McMullan “Downfall of Paris (Set Dance)” from Uilleann Tales

9:49 AM Caitlín & Ciarán “Mo Ghloine Uisce Beatha, Eklunda Polska” from The High Seas

9:58 AM Clann Mhic Ruairí “Máire Bhruinneal” from Súile

10:02 AM Lúnasa “Pontivy” from Cas

10:07 AM Dàibhidh Stiùbhard “Vines on the Mountain” from An Sionnach Dubh

10:11 AM Connla “Escaldárium” from River Waiting

10:20 AM The Wilderness Yet “A Bruton Farmer” from The Wilderness Yet

10:23 AM Conor Crimmins “The Chandelier/Ships Are Sailing/Valerie” from Avalla

10:27 AM The Outside Track “The Banks of Sweet Dundee” from Rise Up

10:33 AM Nua “The Dark Road” from Bold

10:40 AM Eithne Ní Uallacháin “Óró” from Bilingua

10:44 AM Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh “And Dro/Imeall” from Imeall

10:50 AM Jiggy “Sadhbh” from Hypernova

10:53 AM Jiggy “Music for a Found Harmonium” from Hypernova