Playlist April 30

Brian MacNeill, Lori Watson, Jennifer Port, Rosie Morton, Calum MacCrimmon “Jamie Come Try Me” from No. 1 Scottish (2002) on RSAMD

Archie Fisher “Lord of the May” from A Silent Song (2015) on Red House Records

RSAMD Students “The Brides and Tartars Set” from No. 1 Scottish (2002) on RSAMD

Alistair Ogilvy “Earl Richard” from Leaves Sae Green (2012) on Greentrax

Ceolbeg “The Sleeping Tune” from An Unfair Dance (1993) on Greentrax Recordings

Set break

Malinky “The Brisk Young Lad” from Far Better Days (2015) on Malinky Music

Phil MacLennan Smillie “Finavon Castle” from Sound of Taransay (2013) on Hedera Records

Silly Wizard “The Queen of Argyll (Live)” from Live Again (2012) on Birnam CD

Duncan Chisholm “The Desert Road” from Canaich (2010) on Copperfish

Set break

Andy M. Stewart “The Echo Mocks the Corncake” from The Man In the Moon (2006) on Green Linnet

Battlefield Band “Blackhall Rocks” from Home Is Where the Van Is (2008) on Temple Records

Ed Miller “Room Fur Us A’ In The Dance” from The Edinburgh Rambler (1997) on Greentrax Recordings

The Tannahill Weavers “Interceltic Set” from Epona (2006) on Green Linnet

Set break

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Robin Williamson “The Man Who Never Dreamed At All” from Five Humorous Tales on Pig’s Whisker

Set break

Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid “Chunna Mise Mo Leannan” from Mary Ann Kennedy & Na Seòid (2008) on Watercolour Music Ltd

Duncan Chisholm “Farewell to Uist” from Farrar (2008) on Copperfish

Brian O’ hEadhra, Bruce MacGregor & Sandy Brechin “Taladh Na Beinne Guirme.” from Sonas on Brechin All Records

Bruce MacGregor “101 Reasons” from 101 Reasons to Do Nothing (2001) on MacMeanmna

Set break

Daimh “Dhannsamaid Le Ailean” from The Hebridean Sessions (2015) on Ostaig

The Iron Horse “The 8-Step Waltz” from Five Hands High on KRL Lochshore

Breabach “Bha Mise Raoir air an Airigh” from Ùrlar (2013) on Breabach Records

Set break

Bodega “The Stamping Ground” from Under the Counter (2008) on Mad River Records

Ceolbeg “Zito the Bubbleman” from The Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk (2015) on ARC Music

Mànran “Puirt” from Mànran (2011) on Manran Records



Calan Bridge and Cillian Vallely-The Humors of Tullycrine-Calan Bridge
Runa-Amhran Mhuighinse-Somewhere Along the Road-Runa
Hanneke Cassel-These 30 Years-Trip to Walden Pond-Cassel


John Doyle and Nuala Kennedy-One Morning in May-The Alt- Under the Arch
Cythara-Women of Ireland-Plucked and Hammered- KRL
Battlefield Band-The Long Trip Home-Gentle Giants-Green Trax
Matt and Shannon Heaton-Redwoods in Winter-Blue Skies Above


Cara Dillon- P Stands for Paddy-Hill of Thieves-Proper
Anna Murrey-O Co Thogas-3 Things-Lochshore
Dick Hensold-First Leaves of May-North Umbrian Small Pipes
Vishten-Ma mie J’ai Fait un Reve-Musique Acaienne-Musication


Christa Burch-The Lady Mary Sails-Love of the Land-Burch
John Doyle and Nuala Kennedy-Geese in the Bog-The Alt
Old Blind Dogs-Bedlam Boys-Four on the Floor-Compass
Teresa Horgan and Matt Griffin-Brightest Sky Blue-Brightest Sky Blue


Capercaille-Ailein Duinn-A the Heart of it All-Compass
Andrew Finn Magill-Horizons-Branches
Brian O’Headhra-Caldil Ri Mo Thaobh-An t Ailx-Brechin
Rory Cambell and Malcolm Stitt-John Griffin’s-Field of Bells-KRL


Le Vent du Nord-Rosette-Dans les Airs-Musication
Galen Fraser-The Turning Point-Mischief Management-Culburnie
Archie Fisher-Lord of the May-A Silent Song-Red Horse Records
Cady Finiayson-Bundle up and Go-Cady


Le Vent du Nord-Rosette-Dans-Dans Les Aires-Musication
Galen Fraser-The Turning Point-Mischief Managed-Culburnie
Archie Fisher-Lord of the May-A Silent Song-Red House Records
Cady Finlayson-Bundle up and Go-Cady


Billy McComisky-Keogh’s/Maggie Lynns-Outside the Box-Compass
North Gregg-There was a Maid in her Father’s Garden-Summer at my Feet-CD Trax
Matt and Shannon Heaton-Brad’s Honey Bees-Lover’s Well- Heaton
Karen Casey-Little Drummer Girl-Exile’s Return-Compass

Easter Sunday special

First hour dedicated to the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin, Ireland, featuring spoken-word including an interview with one of the participants.

The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem “A Medley Commemorating the Easter Rising of 1916” from Freedom’s Sons on Columbia Legacy

Seamus Begley “Wrap the Green Flag Round Me Boys” from The Bold Kerryman on IRL

Feature — https://youtu.be/NOelQgxvJug

The Dubliners “A Nation Once Again” from The Best of the Original Dubliners (2003) on EMI

Set break

Set break — Helena Moloney, Cumann na mBan

Martin Hayes “O’Connell’s March / Galway Bay Hornpipe / The Banshee’s Wail / Over the Mangle Pit” from Under The Moon (2006) on Green Linnet

Sibeal “Mise Eire” from Mise Eire – Single (2016) on Unknown

Set break

The Blarney Pilgrims “James Connolly’s Last Speech” from James Connolly’s Last Speech on Unknown

The Wolfe Tones “James Connolly” from Live Alive-Oh on Shanachie

Set break

The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem “Oro Se do Bheata Mhaile” from In Person At Carnegie Hall on columbia

Sinead O’Connor and The Chieftains “The foggy Dew” from The Long Black Veil (2004) on Circa Rea Teo

Set break

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Second hour dedicated to the 260th anniversary of the Battle of Culloden (Drumossie Moor), the end of The Jacobite Rebellion, famed in story and song.

Gillebride MacMillan “thogainn ort fonn” from thogainn ort fonn (2006) on MacMeanmna

Daimh “Oran Eile Do’n Phrionnsa – Song” from Moidart To Mabou on Dàimh

Silly Wizard “The Secret Portrait/Wha’ll Be King but Charlie?” from A Glint of Silver on Green Linnet

Set break

Steeleye Span “Cam Ye O’er Frae France” from Parcel of Rogues (2005) on Shanachie

Relativity “Gile Mear” from Relativity (2006) on Green Linnet

Natalie Haas & Alasdair Fraser “Highlander’s Farewell to Ireland / Farewell to Ireland / O’er the Water to Charlie / Highlander’s Farewell (Version Info)” from Highlander’s Farewell on Culburnie Records

The Tannahill Weavers “Johnnie Cope/The Atholl Highlanders” from IV (1993) on Hedera

Set break

Eddie Reader “Ye Jacobites” from Sings the Songs of Robert Burns (2003) on Compass

Deanta “Culloden’s Harvest” from Ready for the Storm (1994) on Green Linnet

Daimh “He’m Eille’s Na Ho Ro” from Diversions (2010) on Green Trax

Runrig “Loch Lomond (live)” from Once In a Lifetime (Live) (1988) on EMI Records

Next week, April 16 is the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden, the last of the Jacobite uprisings in Scotland.
I’ve included the stirring compositions of Bear McCreary who created a soundtrack for the series Outlander, a musical escalation of the events leading up to the Battle of Culloden.


Wendy Stewart-Love and Loss-Standing Wave
Jim Malcolm-Logan Bares-Aquaintance
Eileen Ivers-Humors of Ballyloughin-Traditional Irish Music


Archie Fisher-Yonder Banks-SunsetsI’ve Galloped Into
Syncopaths-Will You Marry Me?-Five Gears
Niamh Parsons-The Briarand the Rose-Loosen Up
Steve Baughman-Trip to Ballshannon-Farewell to Orkney


Deanta-Culloden’s Harvest-Green Linnet 20th
Bear McCreary-Je Suis Prest-Outlander 2
Bear McCreary-The Uprising-Oulander 2
Bear McCreary-Prestonpans-Outlander 2
Bear McCreary-Moch sa Mhadainn-Outlander 2


Manus Lunny-The Mousekin Shoes-The Best of Donald Lunny
Colleen Raney-Craigie Hill-Here This is Home
Shannon Heaton-Grandfather’s Thoughts-The Blue Dress
Karan Casey and John Doyle-False Love John-Exile’s Return


Dave Curley and Mick Broderick-One April Morning-A Brand New Day
Cillian Vallely-The Bull’s March-The Raven’s Rock
Niamh Parsons-Green Fields of America-Beyond the Bog
MaryJane Lammond and Wendy MacIssac-Oran an t-Saighdeir-Seinn-Factor


Robin Laing-The Union Canal-Edinburgh Skyline-Green Trax
Niamh ni Charra-Top it Off-Happy Out
Julie Fowlis-Catriona Og-Uam-Machair
Cassie and Maggie-The Sally Garden Set-The Willow Collection
Eileen Ivers-Crossroads-Beyond the Bog

Playlist April 2

Spring is in the air – flowers are blooming, fields are green!

Tommy Makem “To Welcome in the Spring” from Ancient Pulsing on Red Biddy

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham “Spring the Summer Long” from The Best of Aly & Phil (2005) on Compass Records

Stan Rogers “The Field Behind the Plow” from Northwest Passage (1981) on Borealis Records

Andrew Finn Magill “What Bloomed in April” from Branches (2016) on Vestido Verde Productions

Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy “Rambles of Spring” from The Makem and Clancy Collection (2005) on Shanachie Entertainment

Set break

The Green Fields of America “Across the Western Ocean (SONG)” from The Green Fields of America (2009) on Compass Records Group

Dick Hensold “First Leaves of Spring” from Big Music for Northumbrian Smallpipes on Ten Thousand Lakes

The Paul McKenna Band “The Lambs on the Green Hills” from Stem The Tide (2011) on Mad River

Andrew Finn Magill “The Green Fields of America / Tommy Coen’s” from Roots (2016) on Independent

Set break

Welsh set:

Carreg Lafar “Ysbryd y Werin/Mae’r Ddaear yn Glasu” from Goreuon Canu Gwerin Newydd (The Best of New Welsh Folk Music) (1997) on Sain SCD 2146

Saith Rhyfeddod “Hyd y Frwynwen/Rhuad Teirw’r Dyffryn” from Celtic Folk from Wales on ARC Music

Julie Murphy & Dylan Fowler “Y Ddau Farch” from The Rough Guide to the Music of Wales on Rough Guide

Gwerinos “Cefn Du / Ymdeithgan Gwyr Dyfi / y Derwydd” from Celtic Wales (1997) on ARCMUSIC

Set break

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English Nu-Folk

Faustus “Death Goes a Walking” from Death and Other Animals (2016) on Westpark Music

Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party “The Lover’s Ghost” from Orfeo (2012) on Topic

The Imagined Village “My Son John” from Empire & Love (2010) on ECC Records

Set break

Breton set:

Tri Yann “An alarc’n” from Triple Best of Tri Yann on Universal Music Division Mercury Records

Rozaroun “Laridé gavotte” from Le Fest-Noz d’Eog on Coop Breizh

Annie Ebrel-Noluen Le Buhe “An Dezertour (Dastum Kreizh Breizh)” from Fest-Noz (1999) on Ouest France

Set break

Galician/Asturian set:

Gatos del Fornu “La Fontona” from Gatos del Fornu on Fono Astur

Asturiana Mining Company “Suite 0f Mountain Songs” from Patrimoniu (2011) on Lochshore

Carlos Nunez “Aires de Pontevedra” from The Burren Backroom on Independent

Hevia “Busindre reel” from Tierra de Nadie (1999) on EMI

singer-song-recording and label


Andrew Finn Magill-Horizons-Branches-Magill
Teresa Horgan and Matt Griffin-Five flowers of the Valley-Brighest Sky Blue-Horgan and Griffin
Aidan O’Rourke-Alyth-Sirius-Vertical


Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy MacIssac-Oran an t-Saighdeir-Seinn-Factor
Steve Baughman-Leitrim Queen-Farewell to Orkney-Baughman
Dave Curley and Mick Broderick-The Pleasure will be Mine-A Brand New Day-Curley/Broderick
Tipsy House- The Rainy Day-Sets in the City-Tipsy House


Ian Bruce-The Stoutest Man in the Forty Twa-Hodden Grey-CD Trax
Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill-Bucks of Orinmore-Joyful Noise-Green Linnet
Susan McKeown-The Moorlough Shore-Lowlands-Green Linnet
John Williams-The Deer’s March-Steam-Green Linnet


Whirligig-The Nobelman’s Wedding-Spin-Prime
Shannon Heaton-Dennis Watsons-The Blue Dress
Robbie O’Connell-There were Roses-2oth Anniversary Collection-Green Linnet
Ensemble Galilei-The Oyster Catcher and the Actress-Mystic and the Muse-Dorian


Cassie and Maggie-Down in the Willow Garden-Willow Collection-Cassie and Maggie
Solas-A Sailor’s Life-The Turning Tide-Compass
Susan McKeown-An Nigheen Dubh-Lowlands-Green Linnet
Hanneke Cassel-Dot the Dragon’s Eye-Dot the Dragon’s Eye-Cassel


Dervish-Jim Coleman’s Set-At the End of the day-Kells
Capercaille-Turas an Anraidh-Roses and Tears-Capercaille
Michael Rooney and June McCormick-Sonny’s Return-Draiocht-Draiocht
Jim Malcolm-Jeannie Reid’s Hoose-Tam O’Shanter and Other Tales


Genticorum-Le Gromdeuse Opossum-La Bibournaise-Musication
Capercaille-Fainne An Dochais-At the Heart of it All-Vertical
Billy McComiskey-Keogh’s / Maggie-Outside the Box-Compass
Connla-The Enchanted-River Waiting

Equinox playlist

Spring is officially here – today is longer than last night!


Oak Ash & Thorn “The Wind and the Rain” from Old Enough to Drink (2001) on Tosspot Records


Ed Miller “spring song” from Many’s the Fine Tale (2002) on Wellfield

Celtic Fiddle Festival “Louis’ Waltz/Schottische” from Equinoxe (2008) on Loftus Music

Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy “Rambles of Spring” from The Makem and Clancy Collection (2005) on Shanachie Entertainment

Craobh Rua “The Hornless Cow Reel -John Naughtons -The Galway Rambler.” from No Matter How Cold & Wet You Are on Lochshore

Set break

The Bothy Band “Tiocfaidh an Samhradh (Summer Will Come)” from Old Hag You Have Killed Me (1976) on Compass

Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham “Spring the Summer Long” from The Best of Aly & Phil (2005) on Compass Records

T with the Maggies “Thugamar Fhein An Samhradh Linn” from T with the Maggies (2011) on TWM

Leahy “Chasing Rain / Otis” from In All Things (2003) on EMI Music Canada

Set break

Christa Burch “Gloomy Winter’s Noo Awa’” from Love of the Land (2009) on Christa Burch

Battlefield Band “The Prince of Wales / Angst Agus Angus / Let There Be Drams” from New Spring (2008) on Temple Records

Dallahan “When the Day Is On the Turn” from When the Day Is On the Turn (2015) on Dallahan

Duncan Chisholm “Chasing Daylight” from Canaich (2010) on Copperfish

Set break

Station ID


Moya Brennan & Cormac De Barra “Cruiscin Lan” from Affinity (2013) on Beo Records

Cillian Vallely “Boys of Ballycastle” from The Raven’s Rock (2016) on Cillian Vallely

Na Mooneys “Máire Mhór – Song / Amhrán” from Na Mooneys (2016) on Na Mooneys

John McSherry “Sunrise at Bealtaine (with Seán Óg Graham & Niamh Dunne)” from The Seven Suns (2016) on Compass Records

Set break

Daoirí Farrell “Van Diemen’s Land” from True Born Irishman (2016) on Daoirí Recordings

Cúig “New landscapes” from New Landscapes (2016) on Cúig

Skipper’s Alley “Buachaillín Deas Óg Mé” from Skipper’s Alley (2015) on Independent

FullSet “Miss Ramsay’s” from Notes Between the Lines (2015) on FullSet Records

Dennis Cahill & Martin Hayes “Rolling In the Barrel / The Morning Dew” from The Lonesome Touch (1997) on Green Linnet

Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas “Jig Runrig / The Ramnee Ceilidh” from Highlander’s Farewell (2011) on Culburnie Records

Andy M. Stewart “The Land o’ the Leal” from The Man In the Moon (2006) on Green Linnet

Davy Spillane “Equinox” from Shadow Hunter on Tara Music Company Ltd.