Maire ni Chathasaigh-Gander in the Pratie Hole-Live in the Highlands

Moya Brennan-Citi nagCunann-Nadur-Arc Music

Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley-Rohan/Keenan’s Welcome-Voices of Celtic Women-Cd Trax


Niamh Parsons and the Voice Squad-The Rambling Irishman-Voices of Celtic Women-Shanachie

Ceoltoiri-Kilarney Boys of Pleasure/Oro si Do-Silver Apples of the Moon-Maggie’s Music

Anna Murray-Finbarr Sauders-Into Indigo-Lochshore

Karen Casey-The King’s Shilling-Absolutely Irish-Compass


David Curley-The Pleasure will be Mine-A Brand New Day

Martin Simpson-Bantry Girl’s Lament-A Celtic Tapestry-Shanachie

Eilis Kennedy-Nead na Lachan-Gaelic Ireland-Arc Music

Open the Door for Three-The Boy in the Tree-The Joyful Hour-OTDFT


Rita Connally-Venezuela-Rita Connally-Tara Records

Karen Ashbrook-Good Morning to Your Nightcap-Celtic Mist-Maggie’s Music

Mick West- Will ye go to Flanders-Ultimate Guide to Scottish Folk-Arc Music

Caitlin Warbelow-The Gallowglass-Warbelow


Natalie Merchant-The Lowlands of Holland-Tears of Stone-Chieftans

Soig Siberil-Leolena/March de Roskonual-Celtic Fiddle Festival

Eliza Carthy-Sheath and Knife-Heat Light and Sound-Topic

David Wilke and the McDades-Lady in Green-Cowboy Celtic-Red House


Altan-Molly na gCuah ni Chuillenain-Faire Celts

Cady Finlayson-Buttermilk Mary/Speed the Plough-Shines Like Silver

The Paul McKenna Band-Between Two Worlds-Between Two Worlds-Mad River

John Williams-The Humors of Kilcloger-Steam-Green Linnet


The Outside Track-Sweet Lover of Mine-Rise Up-Alba

Cythara-Women of Ireland/Morrison’s Jig-Plucked and Hammered-KRL

Pat Broaders and Open the Door for Three–Clyde Waters-The Joyful Hour

Open the Door for Three-An Bhean Dubh-The Joyful Hour

Playlist 11 September 2022

9:04 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

An hour celebrating my wedding anniversary:

9:08 AM The Johnstons “The Frog’s Wedding” from The Very Best of Irish Folk

9:11 AM The Family Carr “The Wedding Reel/the Green Fields of America” from The Family Carr

9:15 AM The Knowe O’Deil Band “Woo’d and Married An’ A'” from Orcadia

9:18 AM Lá Lugh “The Wedding Jig/Aunt Lizzie’s” from La Lugh

9:23 AM Skyhook “Wedding At the Mill / the Trippers” from Skyhook

9:27 AM Back of The Moon “Maybe I’ll be Married” from Fortune’s Road

9:31 AM Session A9 “The Real Mackay Wedding, Struy Lodge,trip to the Market” from Bottlenecks & Arm-breakers

9:37 AM Fàrsan “A’ Bhanais Ainmeil” from Fàrsan

9:44 AM Jerry Holland “The Auld Wife Around the Fire/Miss Katie Trotter/The Dismissal” from A Session with Jerry Holland

9:47 AM Còig “The Capable Wife” from Ashlar

9:50 AM Dawn & Margie Beaton “Just Jigs” from Taste of Gaelic

9:54 AM Iona “Fosgail An Daras Dhan Tailleir Fhidleir” from A Celebration of Twenty

A celebration of whiskey:

10:03 AM Ed Miller “More Than Just a Dram” from Lowlander

10:07 AM Claire Mann & Aaron Jones “Bottle of Whisky” from Secret Orders

10:12 AM Brian Ó hEadhra/Fionnag NicChoinnich “Copper Kettle” from Càirdeas

10:15 AM Dan Houghton “Drink, Debauchery and 200 Euros” from Borderpipe Personality Disorder

New music:

10:25 AM The Wilderness Yet “Old Brock” from What Holds the World Together

10:28 AM Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira “Fleur Reels” from All It Brings

10:32 AM Dominique Dodge “Puirt Chruinne” from Canan na Teud (The Language of the Strings)

10:37 AM Ross & Ryan Couper “The Lucky Child” from An Dan Dey Made Tae

“Gaeltronica” from the west Highlands and Isles of Scotland:

10:43 AM Valtos “Beinn” from Valtos

10:48 AM Binky Blue “Antisocial Behaviour” from Antisocial Behaviour

10:52 AM Maeve Mackinnon “Bodachan a’ Ghàrraidh” from Strì

10:55 AM Hò-rò “Spot On” from Spot On

Outro music from Ireland:

10:59 AM Jiggy “Music for a Found Harmonium” from Hypernova



Duncan Chisholm-Craskie-Canaich-Copperfish

Daimh-Oran Bhaghy a chaise-The Rough Bounds-Daimh

Grey Larsen-The Frozen Beach-The Gathering-Sugar Hill


Back to the Moon-The Final Trawl-Celtic Women-Valley Entertainment

Lissa Shneckenburger-The River-Lissa Schneckenburger

Colleen Raney-The Boys of Mullaghbawn-Here This Home-Raney

Pierre Bensusan-So Long Michael-Intuite


Jig Jam-Tullamore I Miss You-Pheonix-Jig Jam

Innishear-Crested Hens/Brenda Stubbert/The Musical Priest-Rainbands

Idir-Aird Ui Chuain-At First Light-Compass

Marla Fibish & Bruce Victor-Paddy Canny’s Toast-Noctambule


Julie Fowlis-Winward Away-Alterum-Lochshore

Imar-Into the Light-After Light-Imarband

Fay Heild-Sir Orfeo-Hurricane Party\

Chris Norman-Lend Me your Loom Lass-The Caldonian Flute


Andy Stewart-Patrick Sheehan-By yhe Hush-Green Linnet

Idir-The Magnificent Six-At First Light-Compass

Tim Shelton & Niamh Parsons-Farewell my Love and Remember me-Beyond the Bog-

Mary Jane Lammond & Wendy MacIsaac-Yellow Coat-Seinn-Factor


Pat Broaders-The Brave Chadalier-Pat Broaders

String Sisters-G Strings-String Sisters-Live

Julie Fowlis-Dance Little Dun Colored Slattern-Every Stay-Lochshore

Grada-A L’envers-The Landing Step-Compass


Gothard Sisters-The The Boatman’s Call-Mountain Rose-Gothard

Patrick St-Music for a found Harmonium-Live

Roisin Elsafty-An Phaillistin-Libertango-Sharon Shannon-Compass


Playlist 28 August 2022

9:04 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:08 AM Skara Brae “Caitlín Óg” from Skara Brae

9:10 AM Clannad “Fairly Shot Of Her” from An Diolaim

9:12 AM Planxty “Cunla” from The Well Below The Valley

9:16 AM The Bothy Band “The Salamanca/The Banshee/The Sailor’s Bonnet” from 1975: The First Album

9:23 AM Silly Wizard “Broom o’ the Cowdenknowes” from Caledonia’s Hardy Sons

9:29 AM Silly Wizard “The Auld Pipe Reel/The Brolum” from Caledonia’s Hardy Sons

9:32 AM The Tannahill Weavers “Birnie Bouzle” from Are Ye Sleeping Maggie

9:35 AM The Tannahill Weavers “The Deil’s Awa’ Wi’ Th’Exciseman” from Old Woman’s Dance

9:41 AM Battlefield Band “Bonny Barbry-o” from Home Is Where The Van Is

9:44 AM Battlefield Band “Major Malley’s March & Reel / Malcolm Currie” from Home Is Where The Van Is

9:47 AM Clannad “Mhórag’sNa Horo Gheallaidh” from Fuaim

9:48 AM Altan “A Bhean Udaí Thall” from Horse with a Heart

9:52 AM Altan “Con Cassidy’s And Neil Gow’s Highlands/Moll And Tiarna/McSweeney’s Reels” from Horse With A Heart

10:00 AM Isla Ratcliff “Kilts on Fire” from The Castalia

10:04 AM Ben Miller “Alasdair Nan Stòp” from South Haven

10:07 AM Thomas Harrington “The Song of the Chanter” from Carving Roots EP

10:12 AM Còig “Am Bothan a bh’ aig Fionnghalla” from Rove

10:20 AM The Jeremiahs “Passage West” from The Femme Fatale of Maine

10:25 AM The Jeremiahs “A Summer Night” from The Femme Fatale of Maine

10:29 AM Last Night’s Fun “Next Market Day” from Dubh

10:35 AM Last Night’s Fun “The Miltown Set” from Dubh

10:44 AM Valtos “Beinn” from Valtos

10:49 AM John Mulhearn “The Pipe Factory” from The Pipe Factory

10:53 AM Niteworks “Gura mise tha fo Èislein feat. Ellen MacDonald” from Gura mise tha fo Èislein feat. Ellen MacDonald

10:56 AM Hò-rò “Spot On” from Spot On



Cady Finlayson-Humours of Granny White-Shines Like Silver-Finlayson

Capercaille-Aignish-The Blood is Strong-Surmval Records

There Mile Stone-Old Innishowan-Irish Music from SF


Celia Ramsey and Shay Black-Leatherwing Bat-Singer’s Request-Black

Cady Findlayson-Paddy Ryan’s Dream-Shines Like Silver

Steve Johnston-Prince Charlie Stuart-Lowlands

Al Petteway-Branches-Caledon Wood-Maggie’s Music


House Band-William Taylor-Another Setting-Green Linnet

Rankin Family-Mo Run Geal Dileas-The Rankin Family

Gillian Frame-Pendulum/Grace’s-Pendulum-Cherryoos-

The Jeremiahs-Hogeye Man-The Jeremiahs


Cathy Jordan-All the way Home-All the Way Home-Blix

Give Way-Wee Michaels-Inspired-Green Trax

Jim Malcolm-Queen Amang the Heather-Still-Beltane

Gate House-Jack Rowes-Heather down the Moor-Gael Linn


Robbie O’Connel-There were Roses-Green Linnet 20th Anniversary Collection

Jeremiah’s-The Luggites-The Jeremiah’s

Deirbhile-Cailleach an Airgid-Starlight Falling

Sharon Shannon-Sandy River Belle-Out the Gap-Green Linnet


Genticorum-La Bibournoise-La Bibournoise-Musication

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy-Looking at a Rainbow-Sparks-R. Hair

Rankin Family-Chi mi na Morbheana-The Rankin Family-Capital




Goitse-Trip to Dixie-Tall Tales and Misadventures

John Doyle-The Arabic-Shadow and Light-Compass

The Outside Track-Drilling-The Outside Track-Alba

Playlist 14 August 2022

So much new music these days!

9:05 AM The Wilderness Yet “The Banks of the Bann” from What Holds the World Together

9:09 AM Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll “Tie the Petticoat Tighter / The Triumph” from Cold Light

9:12 AM Téada “The Snowy-breasted Pearl” from Coisceim Coiligh / As the Days Brighten

9:17 AM Fintan Vallely;Caoimhín Vallely;Sheena Vallely “The Three Sisters (feat. Caoimhín Vallely & Sheena Vallely)” from Merrijig Creek

9:25 AM Daoirí Farrell “Windmills” from A Lifetime of Happiness

9:30 AM Caroline Keane & Tom Delany “Return to Burton Road / The Inishbofin Jig / Brother John” from Never Say Goodbye, Say Good Luck

9:34 AM The Jeremiahs “The Wild Barrow Road” from The Femme Fatale of Maine

9:38 AM Fourwinds “Con Carthy’s Favourite / Comb Your Hair and Curl It / The Templehouse” from Fourwinds

9:43 AM Ellen MacDonald and Innes White “Gura mise tha fo eislein” from Gura mise tha fo eislein – Single

9:47 AM James Duncan Mackenzie “Fìbhig” from Fìbhig

9:50 AM Calum Alex Macmillan “Oran an Fheoir” from Till

9:54 AM Bruce Macgregor “Road to Tyranny” from Road to Tyranny

10:03 AM Fergal McAloon/Kevin Burke/Seamie O’Dowd “He Tells of a Valley Full of Lovers” from I Am of Ireland / Yeats in Song

10:06 AM Shelta “Rocking the Boat (waltz/jig)” from Twenty

10:10 AM Clann Mhic Ruairí “Máire Bhruinneal” from Súile

10:14 AM Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira “Last Train to Glasgow” from All It Brings

10:22 AM Rachel Walker “Oran na Cille” from Oran na Cille

10:26 AM Tina Jordan Rees “Erik’s / Cooking 6/4” from Beatha

10:31 AM Kim Carnie “Chan eil a’ Chùis a’ Còrdadh Rium (feat. Kadialy Kouyate & Megan Henderson)” from And So We Gather

10:34 AM Eabhal “Aoideal” from Aisling

10:41 AM Calum Alex Macmillan “Mo Nighean Donn” from Till

10:45 AM Valtos “Air a’ Mhuir” from Valtos

10:49 AM Old Blind Dogs “Highland Lassie, Pt. 2: Nigel Richard Of Pathhead / Lupin Drive” from Knucklehead Circus

10:52 AM Jiggy “Sadhbh” from Hypernova

10:56 AM Valtos “STW” from Valtos



Alasdair Fraser-Sitting on the Stern- of a Boat-Return to Kintail-Culburnie

Catherine-Ann MacPhee-Draw Close and Let us Sing-Gaelic Women-Green Trax

Planxty-Taimse Im Chadadlt-A Celtic Tapestry-Shanachie


Cherish the Ladies-The Green Fields of Canada-Woman of the House-Rounder

John Doyle and Nuala Kennedy-Geese in the Bog/Covering ground-Alt-Under the Arch

Meav-The Newry Boat Song-Silver Sea-Celtic Collection

Hanz Araki-Crock of Gold/Palmer’s Gate-Little Fires-Araki


Jacqui McShee-Jardin D’Amour-Passe Avant-Park

Lunasa-Sean in the Fog-The Kinnitty Sessions-Compass

JIm Malcolm-Jeannie Reid’s House-Tam O’Shanter and Other Tales-Beltane

Wendy Stewart-MacLeod of Mull-About Time 2-Green trax


Pat Kilbride-October Song-Rock and More Roses-Temple records

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Laebrack-Laebrack

Karen Casey-The King’s Shilling-Absolutely Irish-Compass

Cythara-PJ Cunningham’s Odd dance-Plucke’d and Hammered


Shoormal-Woods in Winter-Turning Tide-Green Trax

Jenna Moynihan-Haven-Woven-HearthPR

Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy MacIssac-The Blue Mountain Lullaby-Seinn-Factor

Troy Macgillivray-Pressed for Time-Live at the Music Room-Trolly Mac Music


Cyril Tawney-The Broken Token-English Traditional Voices-Pangea

Niamh Parsons-Clohinne Winds-Joyful Noise-Green Linnet

Catriona McKay-Eira-White Nights-Mckay and Stout

Paul McKenna Band-Cold Missouri Waters-Elements-Compass


Sean Doyle-The Carmin Fair-The Light and the Half light-Compass

Maire Breatnach-Tyhe Mystic’s Slip Jigs-Fiddler’s Green-Blix Street

Kris Drever-Isle of France-Story Map-Compass

The Cast-Ye banks and Braes-Auld Lang Syne-Culburnie

Sing to the Sea

Going out on a pelagic excursion this afternoon, so the sea is on my mind!

9:05 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:08 AM The McCalmans “Men of The Sea” from The Greentrax Years

9:12 AM Kevin Burke and Mícheál O’Domhnaill “The Rolling Waves/The Market Town/Scatter The Mud” from Portland

9:16 AM The Dubliners “Go to Sea No More (1993 Remaster)” from Original Dubliners

9:20 AM Mary Jane Lamond “Seudan A’ Chuain (Jewels Of The Ocean)” from Seinn

9:27 AM The McCalmans “Seagull Cry” from McCalman Singular

9:31 AM Alasdair Fraser “On the Wings of a Skorrie” from Abundance

9:34 AM Garefowl “Hion Daila Horo Ri Ho Hion Daila Là” from Cliffs

9:39 AM paddy keenan “Out On The Ocean” from Na Keen Affair

9:44 AM Stan Rogers “Make and Break Harbour” from The Very Best of Stan Rogers

9:48 AM John & Maggie Carty “Youghall Harbour / Lad O’beirne’s” from Settle out of Court

9:51 AM Clannad “Ar a ghabhail ‘n a ‘chuain damh” from In a Lifetime

9:55 AM Molly’s Revenge “Collier’s/Tommy Gunn/In And Out The Harbour” from Four

10:03 AM Rum Ragged “The Thing About Fish” from The Thing About Fish

10:07 AM The Outside Track “Fishcakes and Brandy” from Flash Company

10:14 AM Bodega “Balaich an lasgaich (The Fishery Boys)” from Under The Counter

10:18 AM The Bothy Band “The Morning Star” from Out of the Wind, Into the Sun

10:26 AM Stacey Giermann & The Fire “The Black Boat Of Bragar” from Meòrachadh

10:30 AM Liz Knowles “Boy in the Boat: An Buachaill sa Mbád/Rothaí an Domhain (feat. Pat Broaders)” from Making Time

10:34 AM Barrule “The King of the Sea (Ree Ny Marrey)” from Manannan’s Cloak

10:37 AM Fiddlers’ Bid “Apo Fetlar Top” from All Dressed In Yellow

10:46 AM Michael Mcgoldrick “The Fisherman in the Wardrobe/Goodbye Grant” from Fused

10:49 AM Boreas “North Sea Holes” from Ahoy Hoy

10:51 AM Flook “The Bunting Fund / Ocean Child” from Ancora

10:55 AM Skipinnish “Home on the Sea” from The Seventh Wave



Alasdair Fraser-Lady Louise Gordon Strathsbey-Return to Kintail

Clannad-Nean Mhile Gra-A Celtic Tapestry-Shanachie

Cherish the Ladies-Paddy O’ Snap/Roin Kellegher-Woman of the House-Rounder


Kathy McMahon-The Land of Erin-After the Morning-Paradigm

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill-Tell her I am/Gallagher’s Frolics-The Lonesome Touch-Green Linnet

Archie Fisher-Speak your Name-Windward Away-Red House

John Whelan-Chicago Reel-Chicago Reel/Toss the Feathers-Spirit of dance-Narada


Arcanadh-Ho Ro Johnny-Celtic Compilation 2

Jena Moynihan-Pipe Major Jimmy MacGregor-Woven-Hearth Pr

Fairport Convention-Fotheringay-Troubadours of British Folk

Matt and Shannon Heaton-Brad’s Honeybees-Rhino


The High Kings-Galway to Graceland-The High Kings-Manhatten

Rory Campbell and Malcolm Stitt-John Griffin-Field of Bells

Shannon Heaton-Where the Moorcocks Crow-Lover’s Well-Rhino

Billy McComsky-Keoughs/Maggie Lynnes-Outside the Box-Compass


Hannah Rarity-The Moon Shined on my Bed Last Night-Neath the Gloaming Stars

Battlefield Band-Togail-Curs Air Leadnas-Magic and Mystery-Steeple

Pat Broaders-John Kelly

The Gothard Sisters-The Bandits-Mountain Rose-Gothard


Diedra Connolly-For Ireland I’d not tell her Name-The Nashville Sessions

Victory Sings at Sea-Jack Monroe-Victory Sings at Sea

Mary Jane Lammond-O’ran an t-Saighdier-Sienn-Factor

Grey Larsen-Oldenfjord-The Gathering-Sugar Hill


Emily Smith-Fair Helen of Kirkconnel-Celtic Women 4

The House band-Frog in the Well-Rockwell-Green Linnet

Dougie MacLean-Banks and Braes-Tribute-Dunkeld

Troy Macgillvray-Pressed for Time-Live at the Music Room-Compass

Playlist 17 July 2022

Some old favorites, some little-known tracks, and some new favorites.

9:04 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:07 AM Clannad “Bacach Shile Andai” from Crann Ull

9:10 AM The Bothy Band “The Kid on the Mountain” from Old Hag You Have Killed Me

9:14 AM Battlefield Band “Bonny Barbry-o” from Home Is Where The Van Is

9:17 AM Silly Wizard “The Auld Pipe Reel/The Brolum” from Caledonia’s Hardy Sons

9:23 AM Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny “Heart Of The Home” from Dublin Lady

9:28 AM Capercaillie “Marc’s Set” from Cascade

9:31 AM Arthur Cormack “Ruith Na Gaoith (Chasing The Wind)” from Ruith Na Gaoith

9:35 AM Alasdair Fraser & Paul Machllis “Calliope House / The Cowboy Jig” from The Road North

9:42 AM Clann Mhic Ruairí “Dúlamán” from Súile

9:47 AM The Iron Horse “The 8-Step Waltz” from Five Hands High

9:51 AM Old Blind Dogs “Tibbie Fowler / Breton Dance Tune” from Legacy

9:55 AM Ceolbeg “Zito The Bubbleman” from An Unfair Dance

10:02 AM Sian “Chan Eil Mi Gun Nì Air M’ Aire” from Sian

10:05 AM Rant “Sir Ronald McDonald’s Reel / Johnny D’s” from The Portage

10:11 AM Còig “The Capable Wife” from Ashlar

10:14 AM The Outside Track “Dark Reels” from Rise Up

10:21 AM Connla “Sail On” from The Next Chapter

10:24 AM Mairi Rankin “3 Peaks” from The Cabin Sessions

10:29 AM Maeve Mackinnon “Bodachan a’ Ghàrraidh” from Strì

10:32 AM Bruce Macgregor “Essich” from Road to Tyranny

10:38 AM The Jeremiahs “Hogeye Man” from The Jeremiahs

10:42 AM The Fretless “Waiving to Ryan (The Rolling Waves / The North Star / Sean Ryan’s Jig)” from The Fretless

10:47 AM Mary Jane Lamond “If You Were Mine” from Seinn

10:50 AM Sprag Session “An Drò” from Sprag Session

10:56 AM Duncan Chisholm “Haze Across the Sun” from Sandwood