All-American edition of Oak & Thorn this morning!

  • Playlist Title: Oak and Thorn
  • DJ Name: Tim Bray
  • Playlist Start Date: Jul 5, 2020
  • Playlist Start Time: 9:00 AM
  • Playlist End Time: 11:00 AM
  • Show Description:Traditional & Contemporary Celtic Music

9:05 AM Oak, Ash & Thorn “To Anacreon in Heaven” from Sowing Wild Oats

9:08 AM Shelley Phillips and Friends “The Wood Between the Worlds_The Thrush” from The Wood Between the Worlds

9:12 AM Shira Kammen “Chi Mi Na Morbheanna” from Wild Wood

9:16 AM Lisa Lynne and the Elfin Love Tribe “Into the Forest” from Instrumental Songs of Good Cheer

9:20 AM Pam Swan “He Mandu” from Dance to Your Shadow

9:24 AM Seumas Gagne “Oran Do Bhaile Ard” from Baile Ard

9:27 AM Molly’s Revenge “Jerry Holland Reels” from The Lucky Set

9:31 AM Stacey Giermann & The Fire “The Mavis Of Clan Donald” from Meòrachadh

9:34 AM McKasson and McDonald “The Cheese Closet Set” from Harbour

9:42 AM Christa Burch “Giant” from Love of the Land

9:46 AM The Fire “Dark Lowers the Night” from Radiance

9:50 AM Danny Carnahan “The Bailliff’s Daughter of Islington / The Mad Otter’s Holt” from Journeys Of The Heart

9:55 AM Syncopaths “Fifth Gear” from Five Gears

10:04 AM Patrick Ball “Son Ar Chistr” from The Wood of Morois

10:07 AM Colleen Raney “The Granemore Hare” from Here This Is Home

10:10 AM Liz Carroll & Jake Charron “Compliments to Jimmy Keane / Fasten Your Seatbelts” from Half Day Road

10:15 AM Giant’s Dance “Pills of White Mercury” from Giant’s Dance

10:22 AM Patrick Mangan “Queen Tamar’s Court” from Departures

10:26 AM Runa “The Banks of Newfoundland” from Ten: The Errant Night

10:31 AM Open the Door for Three “The Joyful Hour” from The Joyful Hour

10:35 AM Eileen/Immigrant Soul Ivers “Go Lassie Go” from Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul

10:42 AM Boiled In Lead “Spanish Lady” from From the Ladle to the Grave

10:47 AM Brizeus “Stella Splendens” from Brizeus

10:49 AM Black 47 “Livin’ In America” from Fire of Freedom

10:55 AM Scythian “Blair Athol” from Dance at the Crossroads

10:58 AM Jenna Moynihan “Rise Ye Lazy Fellow / The Mill Stream / The Night We Had the Bears” from Woven



Kim Robertson-Mist Covered Mountains of Home-Highland Heart-Gourd

Manus Lunny, Andy Stewart, Phil Cunningham-Nil si n Gra-Fire in the Glen-Shanachie

Paddy Keenan-Barbara Allen-Keenan-Hot Conya Records


Mary Jane Lammond and Wendy MacIssac-Oran ant-Saighdeir-Seinn-Factor

Eileen Ivers-Crossroads-Beyond the Bog Road-Ivers

Karen Matheson-O Mhairis tu mo Mhari-Down River-Compass

Grey Larsen-First Snow-The Orange Tree-Sugar Hill


Mick McAuley-Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy-Serenade-Compass

Jenna Moynihan-Haven-Haven-Hearth PR

Susan McKeown-Caledonia-Sweet Liberty-World Village

Lunasa-Ballyogan-The Kinnitty Sessions-Compass


Bill Jones-The Barley and the Rye-Panchpuran-Compass

Liz Carroll and John Doyle-Lament for Tommy Makem-Double Play-Compass

Cathy Ryan-Follow the Heron-The Farthest Wave-The Farthest Wave-Shanachie

Grainne Murphy-The New Mown Meadow/The Maids of Mount Kisco-Short Stories


JSD Band-Pastures of Plenty-Pastures of Plenty-Lochshore

Maire ni Chathasaigh and Chris Newman- The Gander in the Pratie Hole/Queen of the Rushes-In the Highlands-Bridge

Gate House-Sean Ban-



Burach-Born Tired-Born Tired-CDTRAX

Mary and Frances Black-Song of the Irish Whistle-Hearts O’ Space

Distant Oaks-Ho’ Hoiligean-Music of Carmina Gadelica


Clannad-Rhapsody na gCrann-Na’du’r-Arc Music

Franco Morone-Kitty Wave-Stranlandia

Carla Sciaky-Waulking Song-Spin the Weavers

The Outside Track-Happy Reels-Rise Up-Alba


John Doyle-Willie Riley-Evening Comes Early-Shanachie

Tabache-The Quiet Place-Waves of Rush-Lochshore

Outside Track-Sweet Lover of Mine-Rise Up

Patsy O’Brien-Matt Peoples/Tripping Down the Stairs-Irish Guitar


Colleen Raney-Lark in the Clear Air-Lark-Raney

Capercaillie-The Haggis-Crosswinds-Green Linnet

Jez Lowe-The Galloway Lad-Galloways-Amicus

Steve Baughman-A Drop of the Pure-Tall Tree


Cathie Ryan-The Wild Flowers-The Farthest Wave-Shanachie

Daimh-Barra to Balloch-Tuneship-Alba

Caswell/Carnahan-Madame I’m a Darlin-New Leaves on an Old Tree

Hanneke Cassel-Coisfield House-Trip to Walden Pond


Daoiri Farrell-Valley of Knockanure-True Born Irishman

Outside Track-Hurry Up and Wait-Light up the Dark-Alba

Connla-The Boatman-River Waiting-Connla

Open the Door for Three-On a beautiful Morning-The Penny Wager


Pat Broaders/Open the Door for Three-Ye Lovers All-The Joyful Hour

Press Gang-Crossing the Shannon-The Press Gang

Susan McKeowan-The Wee Birds All have Gone-Sweet Liberty

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Smugglers-Laebrack-Green Linnet

Playlist 7 June 2020

  • Playlist Title: Oak and Thorn
  • DJ Name: Tim Bray
  • Playlist Start Date: Jun 7, 2020
  • Playlist Start Time: 9:00 AM
  • Playlist End Time: 11:00 AM
  • Show Description:Traditional & Contemporary Celtic Music

9:04 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:10 AM The Clancy Brothers “Cruiscin Lan” from Come Fill Your Glass With Us

9:12 AM The Chieftains “Lord Mayo” from The Chieftains 4

9:14 AM The Dubliners “Whiskey On A Sunday” from An Hour With The Dubliners

9:17 AM Planxty “Junior Crehan’s Favourite – Corney Is Coming” from Planxty

9:22 AM Capercaillie “Alasolair Mhic Cholla Ghasda – Alasolair, Son Of Gallant Coll” from Heritage Songs

9:25 AM Battlefield Band “Major Malley’s March & Reel / Malcolm Currie” from Home Is Where The Van Is

9:27 AM Silly Wizard “The Queen of Argyll” from Kiss The Tears Away

9:31 AM The Tannahill Weavers “The Geese in the Bog / The Jig of Slurs” from The Tannahill Weavers

9:38 AM Robin Williamson “The Man Who Never Dreamed At All” from Five Humorous Tales

9:43 AM Frankie Gavin, Malachy Bourke & Brian Bourke “The Blackthorn Stick/Humours of Milltown” from The Master’s Return

9:46 AM The Dubliners “The Sick Note” from Milestones

9:49 AM Calasaig “Humours Of Whisky – Thief Of Lochaber” from Near & Far

9:57 AM The Black Brothers “Grace O’malley” from Glackanacker

10:00 AM Fodhla “La Valse Matique/Bouree Longue” from Notes from Mill Pond

10:05 AM Stephen Doherty, David Doocey, Anne Brennan, Shane McGowan “Sailor Boy” from Blas

10:09 AM Oisín Mac Diarmada “Jackie Coleman’s / Mayor Harrison’s Fedora (feat. Samantha Harvey)” from The Green Branch

10:18 AM The Trousers “Speed the Plow” from EP

10:21 AM Dàibhidh Stiùbhard “The Overgate” from An Sionnach Dubh

10:23 AM Caroline Keane & Tom Delany “Return to Burton Road / The Inishbofin Jig / Brother John” from Never Say Goodbye, Say Good Luck

10:27 AM John Doyle “Teelin Harbour (Song)” from The Path of Stones

10:36 AM Tempus Mutatur “Son Ar Chistr” from Qui Sumus

10:40 AM Calum Stewart “The Hurricane” from Hunter’s Moon

10:43 AM Mike Vass,Findlay Napier,Gillian Frame “Burnie Bushel” from Burnie Bushel

10:45 AM Eileen Ivers “Zero G (And I Feel Fine)” from Scatter the Light

10:52 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Light of Tuscany” from Sandwood

10:55 AM Daimh “Oran Eile Do’n Phrionnsa – Song” from Stopped in our Tracks

10:58 AM Rant “Jt’s” from Reverie



Pierre Benusan-L’Alchimiste-Intuite

Mary Black-Lay Down Your Burden-Holy Ground-Gift Horse

Shelley Phillips-Cold Frosty Morning-The Butterfly-Gourd


Daimh-Donald McCleod’s Reels-The Rough Bounds-Daimh

Cillian Vallely and Kevin Crawford-Man from Moyasta-on Common Ground

John Doyle and Kate Rusby-Bitter the Parting-Wayward Son-Compass

Nuala Kennedy-Hop Jigs-The New Shoes-Compass


Lissa Schneckenburger-The Drowsy Sleeper-Song-Footprint

Patsy O’Brien-Matt People’s/The Macroom Lasses/Trpping Down-Irish Guitar

Karen Matheson-An Fhideag Airgid-Celtic Dreamland-Putumayo

Colm O’Donnell-Cunla/The Frieze Breeches-Farewell to Evening


Cathie Ryan-The Farthest Wave-The Farthest Wave-Shanachie

Davy Spillane-Midnight Walker-Celtic Twilight-Hearts ‘ Space

Danu-The Wee Lass on the Brae-All Things Considered-Shanachie

Franco Morone-Kittywave-Stranlandia


Maddy Prior-The Blacksmith-Voices of English Traditional Song

Celtic Voyage-Citi na Cumman-Celtic Voyage-Gourd

Malinky-Billy Taylor-Three Ravens-CD Trax

Seamus Egan-Farewell to Glasgow-A Celtic Tapestry


Susan McKeown-Sweet Liberty/Promenade-Sweet Liberty

Patrick Street-Music for a found Harmonium-Joyful Noise-Green Linnie

Robbie O’Connell-Keg of Brandy-The Celts Rise Again-Green Linnit

Seamus Egan-John Doherty’s/Crowly’s-Joyful Noise-Green Linnit

Playlist 24 May 2020


9:03 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:06 AM Oisín Mac Diarmada “Bright May Morning / Fowler On the Moor (feat. Samantha Harvey)” from The Green Branch

9:10 AM Archie Fisher “Lord of the May” from A Silent Song

9:13 AM Conor Lamb “May Day” from Music in the Glen

9:18 AM The Tannahill Weavers “Last May A Braw Wooer” from Leaving St. Kilda

9:26 AM Bucca “May Day Carol” from The Hole in the Harper’s Head

9:28 AM The Chieftains “The Musical Priest/The Queen of May” from The Chieftains 1

9:32 AM Oak, Ash & Thorn “The Swinton May Song” from Out on a Limb

9:34 AM Celia Ramsay “One Morning in May (feat. Shira Kammen & Maureen Brennan) feat. Shira Kammen,Maureen Brennan” from Songs of My Father’s People

9:36 AM Caladh Nua “Reels: Tie the Ribbon / The Queen of May (feat. Caoimhín Ó Fearghail)” from Honest to Goodness

9:42 AM Dàibhidh Stiùbhard “Kin of Cú Chulainn” from An Sionnach Dubh

9:46 AM John Doyle “Elevenses (Tune)” from The Path of Stones

9:51 AM The Black Brothers “Fiach an Mhadra Rua” from Glackanacker

9:55 AM Calum Stewart “Lough Gowna” from Hunter’s Moon

10:04 AM Ewen Henderson “Òran a’ Bhranndaidh” from Steall

10:08 AM Talisk “Crooked Water Valley” from Beyond

10:13 AM Stacey Giermann & The Fire “The Black Boat Of Bragar” from Meòrachadh

10:18 AM Rant “Rosemarkie Man” from The Portage

10:23 AM Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll “Boscastle Breakdown” from Cold Light

10:26 AM Fay Hield “Mad Family” from Looking Glass

10:29 AM The John Renbourn Group “The Battle Of Augrham, 5 In A Line” from A Maid In Bedlam

10:34 AM Faustus “Slaves” from Death and Other Animals

10:40 AM Mike Vass “Brianainn an t-Seòladair” from Tuath: Songs of the Northland

10:44 AM Eileen Ivers “Zero G (And I Feel Fine)” from Scatter the Light

10:46 AM Jiggy “Hypernova” from Hypernova

10:51 AM John Kettle “We Need Each Other Now” from Bloodlines

10:55 AM Niteworks “Air Fàir An Là” from Air Fàir an Là



Burach-Born Tired-Born Tired-GreenTrax

Heidi Talbot-High Germany-Distant Future-Compass

Deanta-Let the Hare Sit–Ready for the Storm


Daimh-A Nighneag a Ghroidh-The Rough Bounds-Daimh

Cassie and Maggie-Jimmie’s-Sterling Road-Hearth PR

Paul McKenna-Smiling Tears-Stem the Tide-Mad River

Andy Shanks and Jim Russel-St Andrew in the Window-Diamonds in the Night-Culburnie

Paul McKenna-Darcy and Rin’s-Stem the Tide-Mad River


Cathie Ryan-What will you do Love?-The Farthest Wave-Shanachie

Eilidh Shaw and Ross Martin-The Sound of Sleat-Birl-Esque-Alba

Lissa Scheneckenburger-Lovely Jamie-Song-Footprint

Shannon Heaton-44 Mill St-The Blue Dress


Susan McKeown-Caledonia-Sweet Liberty

FrancoMorone-Respiro di una Forestra-Strandlandia

Manran-An Eala Bhan-Manran-Manran

Joanie Madden-The Black Rose-Song of the Irish Whistle-Hearts O’ Space


Colm O’Donnell-Erin Gra Mo Chroi-Farewell to Erin

Dermot Byrne-Pigeon on the Gate-Dermot Byrne

Cathie Ryan-Follow the Heron-The Farthest Wave-Shanachie

Catriona McKay and Chris Stout-Smugglers-Laebrack-Green Trax


June Tabor and Martin Simpson-Flash Company-A Cut Above-Green Linnet

Peter Ostoushko-Trip to Dongal-Coming Down from Red Lodge

The Paul McKenna band-P Stands for Paddy-Between the Two Worlds-Mad River

Tanas-Caitlin-Suilean Dubh-KRL


The Outside Track-The Banks of Sweet Dundee-Rise Up-Alba

Patsy O’Brien-The Roaring Barmaid/Ivan’s-Irish Guitar

Slyvia Herold-Courting is a Pleasure-Celtic Voices

Wendy Stewart-Reel Set-Standing Wave-Green Trax




Liz Carroll and John Doyle-Near bye Long Ago-Double Play-Compass

Mary Black-Lay Down your Burden-The Holy Ground-Gift Horse

Duncan Chisholm-The Pilgrimage-Sand Wood


Maighead ni Dhomhnaill-An Cailin Gaelach-No Dowry

Steve Baughman-Coleman’s March-Farewell to Orkney

Colleen Raney-Lark in the Clear Air-Lark-Raney

Paddy Keenan-Kelldevil Air-Na Keen Affair-Conya Records


Kate Rusby- Sir Eglamore-Hourglass-Compass

Open House-The Okarina and the Tatoo-Hoof and Mouth

Jim Malcolm-The Shearing-The First Cold Day-Beltane

Altan-Gweebarra Bridge-Blue Idol-Narada


Jenny Sturgeon-The Wren and the Salt Air-The Wren and the Salt Air

Michael Rooney and June McCormick-Sonny’s Return/Grady’s Visit-Draiocht

Daimh-Nuair a chi Thu Calleag Bhoidheach-Crossing Point

Patsy O’Brien-My Lagan Love/Maids of Mitchelstown-Irish Guitar


Andy Stewart-Queen Amang the Heather-Donegal Rain

Gillian Frame-Pendulum/Grace-Pendulum-Cheeryoo

Connie Dover-Shenandoah-Somebody-Taylor Park

Marla Fibish, Erin Schrader, Richard Mandel-La Valse des Pastouriaux/Will you come Home-Three Mile Stone


Grada-The Hutt Reels-Natural Angle-Compass

Nomos-Rinn na Mara-I won’t be afraid anymore-Solid Records

Gatehouse-On the Edge-Heather Down the moor-Gael Linn


Katie McMahon-Till the Sun Comes Up-After the Morning-Paradigm

De Temp Antan-Les jumrllres au camp-Les Habits de Papier-Musication

Deanta-Waltz of the White Lilies-Whisper of a Secret

Jim Malcolm-The Valley of Strathmore-The First Cold day-Beltane

Alasdair Fraser-Theme for Scotland-Dawn Dance


Playlist 26 April 2020



9:03 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar

9:08 AM Beòlach “Prayerful Hymn” from All Hands

9:13 AM Stan Rogers “Northwest Passage” from The Very Best of Stan Rogers

9:17 AM Cassie and Maggie “The Willow Lullaby” from The Willow Collection

9:21 AM Andrea Beaton & Troy MacGillivray “Leather Breeches (Live)” from Face the Music

9:26 AM Jeff MacDonald “distance” from Celtic Colours Volume XIV

9:32 AM Mairi Rankin “3 Peaks” from The Cabin Sessions

9:36 AM Sarah MacInnis “O Ìosa, Bi ‘n Còmhnaidh Air M’aire Gach Uair (Live) [feat. Mary Elizabeth MacInnis]” from Celtic Colours Live, Vol. 5

9:38 AM Ashley MacIsaac “My Home/The Contradiction/Julia Delaney” from Fire In The Kitchen

9:46 AM Chrissy Crowley “The Departure” from The Departure

9:50 AM Lewis MacKinnon “Alasdair MacColla Ur” from Here

9:54 AM Fàrsan “Pronn An Caoran” from Fàrsan

9:57 AM Colin Grant “Drive ‘er like ya stole ‘er!” from Colin Grant

10:06 AM The Dubliners “A Nation Once Again” from Original Dubliners

10:09 AM The Wolfe Tones “Padraic Pearse” from Spirit of the Nation

10:12 AM Seán Keane “Dublin’s Burning” from Dublin’s Burning

10:17 AM The Chieftains “The Foggy Dew” from The Essential Chieftains

10:27 AM The New World String Project “Ante Sundin’s” from unreleased

10:31 AM Molly’s Revenge “Birds of Cape Breton” from The Lucky Set

10:35 AM Kevin Crawford “Padraig O’keefe’s / Broken Windscreen / Sailor’s Cravat” from The Drunken Gaugers

10:38 AM Andrea Beaton & Troy MacGillivray “One for the Record (Live)” from Face the Music

10:45 AM Runrig “The Greatest Flame” from The Best Of Runrig – Long Distance

10:50 AM Brian O hEadhra & Fiona MacKenzie “Iseabail” from Tuath: Songs of the Northland

10:54 AM Skipinnish “Anchors of the Soul” from Steer by the Stars

10:58 AM James Duncan Mackenzie “Land Raiders” from Sròmos

Exploring a few different themes for this Easter morning.

9:05 AM Duncan Chisholm “The Farley Bridge” from Farrar


9:08 AM Tommy Makem “To Welcome in the Spring” from Ancient Pulsing

9:09 AM Andrew Finn Magill “What Bloomed in April” from Branches

9:16 AM In Harmony’s Way “One April Morning” from In Harmony’s Way

9:20 AM Phil Cunningham and Aly Bain “Spring The Summer Long” from Spring the Summer Long

9:23 AM Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy “Rambles Of Spring” from The Makem and Clancy Collection

Lambs and Bunnies for Easter…

9:28 AM Rachel Walker “Tha na h-Uain air an Tulaich” from Fon Reul – Sholus

9:33 AM The Outside Track “Swerving for Bunnies” from Curious Things Given Wings

9:36 AM The Paul McKenna Band “The Lambs on The Green Hills” from Stem The Tide

9:41 AM Session A9 “The Rabbit, Duncan the Gauger, Jig O’ Beer” from Bottlenecks & Arm-breakers

Spring again!

9:49 AM Ishbel MacAskill “Thig An Smeorach As T-Earrach (The Thrush Comes In The Spring)” from Rough Guide To Scottish Folk

9:53 AM Kathryn Tickell “April Frolic” from Air Dancing

9:56 AM Connla “Wayfaring Stranger” from The Next Chapter

10:00 AM The Jeremiahs “Spring Fling” from The Femme Fatale of Maine

Some favorites from last year’s releases:

10:08 AM Mairi Rankin and Eric Wright “Isle Inspired” from The Cabin Sessions

10:11 AM Còig “The Capable Wife” from Ashlar

10:15 AM Rant “Rosemarkie Man” from The Portage

10:18 AM Skipinnish “Coire Bhreacan” from Steer by the Stars

Emotional songs about the heart…

10:26 AM Andy M. Stewart and Manus Lunny “Heart Of The Home” from Dublin Lady

10:30 AM Beòlach “Annie’s New Heart” from All Hands

10:35 AM Wolfstone “Lily the Pict/Here Is Where The Heart Is” from Unleashed

10:40 AM Runrig “Hearts Of Olden Glory” from The Cutter And The Clan

And finally, since we’re all home now…

10:45 AM Dervish “Heading Home” from Traveling Show

10:50 AM Dougie MacLean “All Together” from Marching Mystery

10:54 AM The Outside Track “Safe Home” (recent online release)